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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 2

Puppy Pee Pee Pads, Bird Seed Couture and College Girls out for Happy Hour...Yep, it's Episode 2 of Project RUNWAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! What Do Puppy Training Pads... College Girls at a Drinking Party... And Bird Food... Have in common? Read On kids... Last night was the second episode of Season 9 Project Runway and the challenge this week was to create a look out of Pet Shop Supplies. Yes, in the infamous "Unconventional Project Runway Challenge". Some did AMAZEEEEENG work and well, as usual there were some Pet Poo Poo Train Wrecks. Let's begin with my favorite: Anthony Ryan Auld--the "Southern Belle" of the bunch, created an outstanding and very chic mini dress out of a muslin base and bird seeds. The way he glue-gun'ed those sunflower seeds onto the neckline into a gorgeous degrade' was sublime. Not to mention the rest of the seeds on the dress looked like teeny-tiny caviar beading. Yes, it was a tad too short and I know there is chatter saying "all he did was glue seeds to a dress", but that is what is precisely so amazing! He was able to combine the conventional and unconventional into one AMAZING dress. His creation was a "mini-me" of an Alexander McQueen dress, like the one above from the Metropolitan Museum's "Savage Beauty" Exhibition. He should have won but instead Olivier I-come-from-Ohio-but-sound-like-Catherine Duchess of Cambridge won after a little bit of a judges' dispute between Miss Nina and Heidi (Miss Nina won!). Some of the others that I thought were really strong were: Viktor Luna's Wee-Wee Pad Ruched dress was definitely one of the best. He was the strongest at making a dress that completely disguised his use of "pet products". I think he was not in the top because the judges viewed his silhouette as maybe not "chic" enough. PS: "Chic" is the new "Fierce". I think the styling didn't help him either, I get that he wanted to make it more edgy with the shoes and belt, but the necklace was way too "Real Housewives of the OC" for the judges taste. This was a strong effort by Kimberly Goldson. It is a bold look, and the roping of that bustier was outstanding, but not memorable enough to get her into the Top 3. Joshua M.'s was better and if the judges were to pick one non-chic (directional) ensemble it wasn't going to be this one. Speaking of Tan-o-rexic Josh: I didn't really agree with the judges on the dislike of styling with Joshua's outfit. I thought he really made a complete look from head to toe. Yes, she probably would have looked much better with clean, almost glossy make-up, but the shoes and rest of the outfit look like they could be right off the Versus Runway (like the look from Versus Fall 2010 above). Unfortunately, there in lies the problem...Nina and Michael have a fear of funky, edgy and color (see Mondo Season 8!) and therefore poor Joshua will go far but might not make it to the end. I would love to see a Finale Collection from him...I think it could be kooky, fun and, yes, maybe great! But soooo NOT "NY Fashion Establishment". Anya Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2008 Ayoung Chee, once again, put out a great outfit. It was colorful, creative and stylish. The girl definitely has a sense of style. Let's see if she can do anything else besides a halter top before I predict her ability to make the finals! But at least we know she can SEW, GLUE and thread rope! The POO POO of the Bunch: Bryce's was the worst of the night. This is a perfect example of a outfit that got derailed and the poor designer who didn't know how to get back on the tracks. It hit all the prerequisites for being eliminated: Tacky, predictable, HORRIBLE styling and bad fit. It was a cross between a homemade Priscilla Queen of the Desert Costume and... One of those tacky Heatherette dresses from several years ago (see above). It is amazing he made it another week, although in "Project Runway Land" boring usually gets you eliminated over crazy, so Bryce is granted one more week. To me, designer/contestant Julie Tierney was lucky not to make it in the bottom 3. Yes, she used unconventional material and did her best to infuse her own style into the garment, but the point was to make the unconventional look wearable and this just looks like... She's homeless and found paper bags in the garbage and decided to create a coat-dress out of it. Pobrecita, as my mom would say. But now onto the Worst Poo Poo of this Challenge according to the judges: First off (a positive!) Joshua #2 Christensen should really take stock in the fact that his garment was not that bad. In any other week he definitely would have been in the middle, but in a challenge in which "unconventional" is the key word, judge Michael Kors was right, this ensemble just doesn't cut it. Next to very creative (good or bad) looks, his well, looked like it was from the Deep Discount Rack at Century 21. Besides being too "conventional", the silhouette seemed a bit dated (so 90's Spice Girl) and as Guest Judge "Alice + Olivia" designer Stacy Bendet also said: she could see this girl at a college bar. Ouch. See the look of "Oh Dear!" the man on the left in the photo above has? Yep, that's the same look Nina had when she saw Josh No. 2's dress standing in front of her... Below is a preview of my Blog on Episode 2: Haute Pee Pee Camel-Toe Nightmares Last week, Season 9 of "Project Runway" began with a Pajama Party BANG, as the 16 contestants designed looks from their sleepwear and a bed sheet. For some reason, most of the designers drank the "Ugly Crotch Kool-Aid" and decided that somehow we would be impressed with the results. Not so much. Hoochie-mama-too-tight-leggings designer Rafael was sent home, and I was left with one too many bad camel-toe nightmares. But, it's a new week, and new nightmares. This time involving puppies and pee-pee! Intro Redux As this week's episode begins, I am struck by the new "Intro" showcasing Miss Heidi, Nina, Michael and our beloved Tim. It was a cute twist on previous season's intros, but I kind of miss the old style in which each designer was introduced with a "catch phrase." It always helped us identify who's who and would give us an amuse bouche of their personalities..... Click HERE to continue reading...

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joscelyne cutchens said...

I do think the birdseed dress was pretty to look at, but when it was supposed to be made of unconventional materials, his dress was made of muslin, of course it fit well. Did he glue the birdseed in a pretty way? yes.