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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 3


The Circus--and OVER-exaggerated Body Types...come to Battery Park New York!!! This: Equals:
Project Runway Season 9 Designers Joshua McKinley and Julie Tierney design for Challenge No. 3
Last night's 3rd Episode of Project Runway Season 9 involved STILT Walkers and designing outfits for them--that were NOT COSTUME-Y but more "Couture" as their Mentor Tim Gunn, suggested. It was a MESS!!!! I was so amazed (and not in a good way) at how BAAAD these looks were that I thought I was watching a horrible "Day At The Circus" Documentary...The designers/contestants were teamed up and well, to begin--one of the teams Josh and Julie wanted to do "Torreador Couture" and ended up doing Elephant Clown Circus Wrangler, as my images above shows you. It really should have looked like this:
Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 2008
I know it is not fair to compare a $50,000 Haute Couture ensemble---which includes a hand-beaded jacket that probably took 400 HOURS to make--to an outfit on Project Runway that was made in 12 hours but there was nothing chic or modern or even something that looked wearable in Joshua and Julie's Outfit.
And to think that these were even in contention for the Best: Becky and Kimberley: One shoulder striped, pouffed/Leg-o-Mutton sleeved jacket with contrast over-sized cuffs and asymmetrical collar paired with gold-studded army-green trousers ensemble. Enough said. The top was SOOO "Fashion School Graduation Show 101" in terms of its silhouette, styling and fabric choice. Yes, the pants fit extremely well (the judges agreed), but still: It WASN'T that be considered a "Top". Cecilia Motwani and Danielle Everine: The chiffon fabric of this look was cut and sewn BEAUTIFULLY!!! I give both of these girls points for that. But if it wasn't for the 1967 "Medicated with Way-Too-Many-Dry-Martinis-Housewife" bouffant hairdo, they might have won...
but in the end it was this that won this awful & creepy challenge: Anthony Ryan Auld and Laura Kathleen: This was the ONLY look--a red gown with a gathered blouson top with feathered shouldered detail and thin-belted waist--that came close to NOT being COSTUME-like and from the Circus and actually reminded the judges--and me--of a gown that was just "stretched"...Laura won as a result. The Really Bad: Bert Keeter and Viktor Luna: These two designers argued throughout the entire challenge and the result of their look was a MESS! Using brocade from the Mood Fabrics HOME and Sofa Section (is there really such a department? I may be making it up!) is NOT a good idea!! But it was THIS Tutu concoction that really made the judges sour: Bryce Black and Fallene Wells: These two designers tried to do "Black Swan"-meets-Punk. Not so much. The basic black cami looks like it came from Forever 21 and that tutu, low-hanging waistband and under-skirt pants? It all looked like a drunk 50-something former ballerina had hijacked the stage and needed to be escorted off. Fallene was "Auf'ed"... If you really want to know what I thought of the entire Episode... Here is a preview of my recap for Send In The Clowns Off the Bat ... I know that I will risk sounding like a big ol’ “Negative Ninny” right off the bat (I promise, just this week!), but ... boy, were these outfits AWFUL! Just awful! Good, I had to get that off my trimmed yet still hairy chest. Oh, and let me add the following while I am on a roll: I am all for Team Bert in this Viktor vs. Bert History of Fashion Terminology Lesson. Don’t say “Elizabethan” or “Victorian” or “Gothic” when you haven’t a CLUE what those terms refer to. Go buy Fran├žois Boucher’s “20,000 Years of Fashion: The History of Costume and Personal Adornment” and then talk to me. Don’t use the incorrect terminology and not expect to be clocked on it. OK, I am done for now. Let’s discuss this week’s Circus on the Runway Challenge.... Click HERE to continue reading--and of course, please let me know what you thought (in the comments section).

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