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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 4 It's All About Nina

What Would Nina Wear? Last night, on Season 9 Project Runway, the remaining designers had to create a look for Miss Nina Garcia, Style Diva, eyebrow-arching judge of the show, and of course, Fashion Director of Marie Claire. The results were, well, a bit Not Nina, but before I give you an Amuse Bouche of my Weekly Recap, I have some thoughts: Would You Like Some Mustard with That Pencil Skirt: One of the contestants, Just-Learned-How-To-Sew Anya bought some mustard-colored silk fabric to make Nina her design. She was chastised for her color-choice by Nina--who asked "Do You Have a Plan B?" and Michael Kors who confidently stated "Probably the LAAAST color on the PLAAANET, that she would say ohhhh, give me that!" So, Anya decided to change it and well kiddies, I went back into the "Nina Photo Vault" and found a little proof that Nina does wear mustard/yellow hues...and looks quite good in them. The Top: Anya: Speaking of Anya (who dyed her mustard fabrication into this olive/mud-looking color). Her design ended up in the Top 3 mainly because I think Nina was impressed with her ability to find a solution to her mustard dilemma. Sorry, but I really don't understand how this was in the Top. Really? Nina is going to wear this to the office and then to a cocktail party?! With that belt? This is better for a Jr. Marie Claire Assistant who's 23. Viktor: Very nice dress. I give him props for really thinking about his client (seems as if most of the others DID NOT) but as Michael Kors said "It's a little now and Nina is about what is the next thing". It also looks VERY Kim Kardashian... Kimberly: She definitely deserved the win. Totally Nina. She LOVES pants. She loves BLACK pants and the gold directional top is great for a billboard and editorial. The Middle of the Pack: Olivier: Sooooo Olivier. And so Nina (if you changed the pants to black). But it looks like one of the suits he brought to his Casting. But DUDE (did I just type "Dude"?): Add some color why don't you? Step out of your comfort zone, just once. Anthony Ryan: He could have been in the top for me. If he had done black pants (here we go again!), I think he would have nailed it. Also, interesting how he self-analyzed and realized in his commentary that he hadn't pushed it quite far enough. This boy is going to the Finale ferrrr suuuuure! Becky: Actually a very cute dress. Not totally "Nina" but it is well designed and well contructed. Safe. Bert: Chic and impeccably made. It was just kinda BORING. Yes, this would be at a Macy's Dresses Dept, like tomorrow! BUT: Hello, this is a DESIGN competition! Bert needs to stop phoning it in. This will be his dismiss for sure. Joshua: Really girl?! On Nina Garcia?! Since when is Nina going to see Lady Bunny DJ'ing at Club 57 in NYC? Clearly someone who has a hard time combining the UBER chic aesthetic of their client with their own style. Once again, this will do him in. Laura Kathleen: Oh huney. This is SO Laura. Not Nina. I can see this at the St. Louis Magazine's Annual "A-List" party but not in Manhattan's Hearst Offices and then to a Fashion Party at the new Dream Downtown NYC. Nope. The Bottom: Danielle: Boy, she really got it wrong this week. This is Nina, after popping one too many prescription pills for depression. Yes, the green color is very IN this season, but well, not in this style of a blouse. And the wide hip-slung waistband pant. I think I did a pant like that for my NIKOLAKI line back in 2003. Just sayin' Bryce vs. Cecilia: Bryce's Wonky-hemmed dress (and what's up with those really BAD armholes?) vs. Cecilia's one-shoulder cocktail look. Both are NOT Nina, and not so well made (Bryce's is WORSE!). I'm still perplexed at how Bryce didn't end up in the bottom--other than at least his somehow could be (a little) more appropriate for "business". I guess. Bye Bye, and Thank You For Flying "Julie Airways": A Coat-Dress. Yes. It's the LATEST thing! Didn't you hear? She looks like she's about to serve my warm nuts and Bloody Mary as I sink into my Business Class pod seat on a plane! The color combination is so easyJet (right) and the styling is so Richard Tyler for Delta Airlines (left). Go figure. And now: This Week's Recap: Do You Have A Plan C? Designing for a client: a rite of passage every fashion designer — amateur or established — must go through. The circus is gone (thank goodness), and this week it's all about designing for a REAL client: Nina Garcia. The Legend. The Diva. Born in Colombia to a wealthy importer (Wikipedia!). Attended an exclusive boarding school for girls in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Holds TWO bachelor's degrees, from Boston University and FIT, and (if that's not enough), she also attended the Ecole SupĂ©rieure de la Mode in Paris. Oh, and did I mention the woman has enough style and class to fill two football fields in Texas? .... Click HERE to continue reading my blog

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