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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 5

Mean Meaner and Meanest Last night's Project Runway Season 9 "Teams-and-their Captains Challenge for Heidi!" episode was a DOOZY! I know I have said this before, but seriously, it was a DOOZY! What ever happened to a show that was about THE FASHION!!?? Oh no darling: Last night, it was all about who can-be-the-biggest-bitch and cause the most drama, and yes, get the most "TV Attention". Before I let you go to my Project Runway BLOG to read my RECAP of this week's episode, a few things... Forgive me, but...I Had To Do This: Mean Girls Queen: Project Runway Season 9 Villain of all Villains, Joshua McKinley (middle) working her "Mean Girls" her pink pleated mini and bubblegum pink pumps! Reality TV Land crowned a new Villain, Joshua McKinley, as well as a Sub-Villain, Bert Keeder. Joshua M. was cruel to the point of disgusting with his "teammate" Becky. Yes, he did apologize, but PUHLEEEASE, only after the realized "Oh Dear! I'm gonna come off REALLY bad on TV...maybe I should dial it back a few notches and 'pretend' apologize...and make sure the cameras follow me when I do it!!" On the subject of Bert: Bert Keeder was one to LOVE in the beginning of this season, yet it didn't take long--briefly 4-5 episodes, which BTW, that's ONLY like 7 or 8 FILMING DAYS in "real time" kids!!!--to become a nasty bitchy queen. Oh Berty... Also, The Boyfriends Are Back Together! FIDM's Debut Student, Joshua Christensen, got another chance after he was "Auf'ed" in the beginning of the season--to join the contestants and continue onto Project Runway. His boyfriend, Mean Girls Queen Joshua M. was very excited to see him but more excited was Joshua C. He smiled and hugged so tightly, you'd think he had been deployed for six months to fight in Afghanistan and had finally gotten off the ship and saw his pregnant wife! OK, let's talk about the "fashion": "Team Joshua M"'s basic tank dress was one of the two winners last night. I get that it is very sell-able and all, but seriously? This dress is already at Forever 21: And has been there FOR A WHILE...all Team Joshua M. and Anya (who made it) did, was slop this neon athletic ribbon/trim on it:
And VOLIA! It's FASHION!!!! Not...
A few I liked: Viktor Luna's cropped motorcycle jacket and purposely wrinkled gray jersey dress was great! Very Alexander Wang. Modern, sporty and (God forbid!) also Fashion-y. Bryce Black: Barely out of design school and perpetually-in-the-bottom Bryce, did quite well in this challenge! Good for little Bryce. Professor Nick gives him an A! The Worst: Anthony Ryan Auld: Oh HUNEY. WHERE. Is. This. Girl. Going?!! She's broke, decided to leave College (cause she couldn't afford it) and is now going back-packing through Eastern Europe (it's cheaper!) by herself! Those romper-diaper-shorts were very Mahatma Gandhi. But the difference was, Gandhi's actually look more CHIC! Olivier Green: Poor British-accent boy from Ohio and his creation. All she needs is a bonnet and a buggy and she will look right at home at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. Danielle Everine: I had high hopes for Danielle. I really thought she was going to be that "Silent but Deadly" contestant, in terms of her creations and really be this season's Leanne Marshall. But nope. She just loved doing green chiffon blouses. As a result, she went home. And now: Here's a "Taste" of my Recap for this week's Episode. And as always, I would LOVE to hear your "Two Cents" and what you thought of Mean Girls Joshua, Bert, and everything else!!! "Mean Girls": The Parsons Edition Five things I learned from watching last night's episode: 1) Joshua M. is mean. OK, he's downright CRUEL. 2) Bert is also mean, but in a Bitchy Old Queen sort of way 3) Mean and bitchy gets you places … at least on "Project Runway" 4) Reality shows LOVE a villain ... or two! 5) A basic tank maxi dress can win in a fashion design competition! Who knew? After last week's "Dress Nina la Diva" episode, the remaining contestants woke up only to find boxes in their Atlas Apartments. I started to get the shakes, as this reminded me of my Season 2 "Figure Skating/Make a Costume for Sasha Cohen" Challenge, when we received boxes of snap-on body suits and leggings to wear during our ice skating outing. Oh happy times! No figure skating for these kids; they were going to the New Balance Track and Field Center at the Armory. Heidi and Tim were there to tell them that they would be working in four teams of three.... Click HERE to continue reading my Blog.

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MoHub said...


Thank you so much for the Gandhi picture. That's exactly where my mind went when I saw Anthony Ryan's creation.

And there's no question in my mind that Anthony should have been the one eliminated—both for a bad design and because he was team leader and therefore responsible for the failure of his group's designs.

Anonymous said...

Laughted til I cried- those photos are genius! You are one very funny dude!

Anonymous said...

Bert is totally season 5's Kenley reimagined as an old queen. They're both bitter, defensive people who blame others for alienating them when it's they who've driven others away by being so damn obnoxious. And they both have dated, questionable taste.

Akmall Razlan said...

Well, this is actually very lame, but hey, when you were on the show, you too have a little bit of Diva Bitchy thingy right? So,