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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2011 Teen Choice Awards: Fergie, Tyra, Cameron Diaz

Non-Teens at the Teen Choice 2011 Fergie in Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011: Miss Fergie. She loves a mini! So much so, they had the original below-the-knee Dolce & Gabbana dress chopped. It's A LOT of look on her. Even for Miss Fergie. I get it that she loves to be bold, brash and make "Boom Boom Pow" statements (did I just really type that??) but well...I think where I have the most problem is THOSE ROOTS!!! We know she can afford a touch-up. Or just have your assistant go to CVS and buy you some Clairol Nice 'N Easy. Tyra Banks: OK, Miss Tyra, you are giving a "Miss Wonder Woman/Super Hero" moment in this yellow-and-black zip-front leather jumpsuit, even down to the BIG OL' gold cuff! She can knock off several TEENS with that bracelet of hers! Yes, it's all a bit of a mess, but hey, it's Miss Tyra! I do like her hair and that oh-so-innocent look on her face. She does have that SMIZE down to a science! A few of the more "mature" ladies that got it right: Cameron Diaz in a Strapless Mini Dress by A.L.C. : Soooo CUTE Cameron! Well done! Perfect little strapless mini dress. Clean, very "California Gal" hair and make-up. She looks as if she just spent 4 hours on a surfboard and well, she all of a sudden had to go to a big Red Carpet event! I especially LUV the heels:
Cameron Diaz' Heels by Burak Uyan
Zoe Saldana in Lanvin Resort 2012: Looks like Zoe was trying to mimic the same pose that the model did on the right in the Lanvin Resort 2012 Look Book with this metallic strapless ruffled and pleated dress. I like that the actual dress is more of a "Baby Doll" lose shape and yet, Zoe belted it to define her INCREDIBLY teeny tiny waist. The gold stacked heels are FAB as well. Emma Stone in Christian Dior Resort 2012: Actress Emma Stone surprised even me with this rather "directional" choice of a dress. It's not pretty by definition but more "fashion'y" and yes, me likey! The drop waist, color-blocking and shapeless tunic-1920's shape are all very BIG for next Spring so...You Go Miss Emma!

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