SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011: What the Contestants Are Wearing

Too Many Events...Too Many Outfit Choices...
TV Impression: Miss Universe 2011 Contestants visiting Rede Bandeirantes/Rede Band, a Brazilian television station, based in São Paulo-The "winner" here--in the "daywear" category-- is Miss Paraguay for sure!
The Miss Universe 2011 Pageant has been in full force down in São Paulo, Brazil. As we know (or at least, us the "Pageant Fans" know) the final telecast is two Mondays from now, on September 12th. For the last couple of weeks, the 89 contestants have been attending a very packed itinerary of scheduled events the Miss Universe Organization set up for them. In my BLOG here, I always discuss their Evening Gown choices--for the Official Evening Gown Portraits, Preliminaries and Final Night--since that's what I LOVE to do.
Buddha Dresses: Miss Universe 2011 contestants at Buddha Bar São Paulo--Miss Lebanon and Miss Estonia are my two favorites here
But I thought, why not do a little "discussing" on what they are wearing when they are not in Evening Gown or Swimsuit Competition Mode, during Rehearsals, media junkets, museum visits, sightseeing, nightclubbing...It's always very interesting to see if the contestants who chose proper FAB evening gowns all of a sudden look a TACKY HOT MESS off the evening gown "runway". Or maybe girls who wore very tacky stripper gowns look, well, really directional and chic in their "daywear" choices. So, let's see what some of these Fashionista--and sometimes not-so Fashionista Girls have been wearing... Let's Begin with "The Five Looks of Vanessa" (and a cute Alyssa for good measure): Vanessa #1: "Real Housewives of Miami" Vanessa: Miss Venezuela Vanessa Goncalves, kind of scared me a little bit, with that green Cheetah-print dress featuring tulle/mesh at the neck. I think she is gorgeous, but this outfit makes her look very "Real Housewives of Miami". I also think the "feathered" hair isn't helping things but I know her hairstyle is VERY "Miss Venezuela Organization". Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella (right), on the other hand, wore a simple black jacket, white stretch top and black-and-white skirt to the same event. Her hair and make-up were clean and "fresh". Just from looking at the photos of them above side-by-side, Alyssa looks 21 (she is) yet Vanessa, looks as if she's 38 (she's only 25!). Vanessa #2: Daisy Dukes Vanessa: Miss Venezuela Vanessa Goncalves, during one of the rehearsals, wore a knotted red shirt, matching red pumps (of course) and hot denim shorts. One word: DAAANG!!!! And of course, she HAD to accessorize it with big ol' hoop earrings and several necklaces. Let me remind you: This is just the REHEARSALS!!! But she's been taught well: You need to be ON All the Time! J.Lo. would approve (especially the hoop earrings!). Vanessa #3: Golden Girl Vanessa: Here is Vanessa during another day of rehearsals, and once again she is "GIVING YOU!". Gold skinny jeans (GOLD!), gold shirt, lots of gold bracelets...It's certainly A LOT OF LOOK! I feel so bad for whoever the poor girl is on the right (next to the choreographer assistant)--the contestant wearing a jacket and printed skirt/dress--NO ONE knows who she is--or cares--when Vanessa is 3 feet away looking like THAT! Vanessa #4: Vanessa, Budweiser Girl: In the above photo, Miss Venezuela Vanessa Goncalves (second from the right) is wearing, what's best described as a black bustier and acid-washed jeans with crystals. WITH CRYSTALS...and acid washed!!! Who. Is. Choosing. Her. Outfits??? Dear Lord! Is she a Budweiser Poster Girl from 1998 or the next Miss Universe??? But then... Vanessa #5: Vanessa, The Fashion Editor: Vanessa redeems herself and transforms into a chic Upper Class São Paulo Fashion Editor in the look she wore above. How do you go from tacky jeans-and-a-bustier Vegas outfit to...modern drop-crotch pants, great white shirt, FAB peep-toe heels and a Chanel bag?? This look--to me--looks TEN times sexier--and certainly more up-to-date fashion-wise. Who is the REAL Vanessa Goncalves? I hope #5!! (with a dash of No. 3! He he!) Let's discuss some of the Contestants in their "Rehearsal Wear": Sassy Japan: Miss Japan Universe 2011 Maria Kamiyama, seen here during rehearsals. She knows what's up! No sweat pants, no "comfy flats", if she has to compete with the likes of "Daisy Dukes Vanessa" then, it's time to bring out the batwing geometric-printed tunic top, shorty-shorts and stacked heels!! This is how you say "Good Morning Ladies! I'm HERE!!". Dress Perfect: Miss Paraguay Universe 2011 Alba Riquelme looks perfect in this beige draped dress accented by the black waist tie. Her hair is perfect, she's accessorized just right. This girl knows her style! This may not be a typical "Rehearsals at 6AM" look, but she knows that EVERY minute of the day, these contestants are ON SHOW! The Pumps Girls: Miss Ghana Universe 2011 Erica Nego (right) looks young and sassy in her jersey romper and nude peep-toes. This is an ideal "rehearsal" look: Stylish but comfy (well maybe not the heels). She just needs some bracelets--maybe Miss Venezuela can lend her some! Also looking good is Miss Germany Valeria Bystritskaia (she sounds like a Figure Skater from Russia!!). Her outfit of red jeggings, black top, black "boyfriend" jacket and black pumps looks contemporary and sexy. I just wished she would have done something with that hair; it looks, well, limp. Sporty Spice: (Clockwise from top) Netherlands, Belgium, France and Honduras--Some choose cocktail dresses for Rehearsals (Netherlands and Belgium); the shorty-shorts are very popular (Miss France needs to look more "Venezuela-esque", less "I'm-going-to-the-mall") and Honduras, who needs to just go back to her room and change from that brown ensemble! Best Skirt Award: Miss Panama Universe Sheldry Saez: I absolutely LOVE this skirt--and the entire way Sheldry put this look together. While visiting the Alianca de Misericordia, a charity that helps children from poor backgrounds and from the streets/favelas, she wore a Mola-inspired skirt showing the wonderful print-work of the Kuna Indian San Blas Islands of Panama, The "Pretty in Daywear" Award: Miss Finland Universe 2011 Pia Pakarinen: Here's Pia, looking quite pretty in a lace applique' "baby-doll" dress with poufy cap sleeves and simple hoop earrings at one of the events. She's so stunning that she pretty much could put a Garbage Bag on and still look PRETTY. But just in case: Don't put a garbage bag on Pia!! Best in Cocktail Hour: Dominican Republic, Poland, Sweden and USA--Some of their "scheduled events" takes them out to nightclubs around São Paulo and these four ladies look FAB!! Best at Soccer Museum/Museo de Futebol: Miss Honduras Universe 2011 Keylin Gomez: Keylin has been a bit of hit-or-miss (like Venezuela) in terms of her outfits but I thought this colorful ensemble she wore to the Visit to the Soccer/Football Museum was all good!!! Love the blue pants, the flora-and-fauna printed top, the brown pumps and the matching clutch. It's Brazil and she is giving you "Fashionista Amazonian Forest Fierce". She could kick a futebol and go out for drinks with one the players in this! Finally... Best at Museum Tour: Bubblegum Caribbean Queen: Miss Bahamas Universe 2011 Anastagia Pierre caught my Fashion Eye when I saw this photo of her in a fuchsia tunic mini dress with white neckline applique' detail, high wedge heels, white clutch and earrings. Even her hair was perfect! Well done Miss Anastagia! Now go back to the hotel and rehearse!!! And make sure you wear a very cute rehearsal outfit! I may be watching...

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