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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Finale Fashion Show THIS Friday in NYC!

WHO. Is. Not. Going. To Show. In. NY Fashion Week...this Friday????
NY Fashion Week is upon us! And so isthe Project Runway Finale Fashion Show
Hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend! Now, it's back to Fashion...and of course, discussing my Favorite Show Project Runway! *As you may also know--if you're a "Super Fan!"-- Mercedes-Benz NY Spring 2012 Fashion Week begins this Thursday September 8th (on "Fashion's Night Out" Day!) *The invitation-only Project Runway Finale Show is this Friday, September 9th--same as last year--to the date! *Now, the whole season has been already shot--and mostly edited--up to the Top 3 (or 4--sometimes there's that extra designer for a "twist") *But--in "TV Land", as of last week, there are still TEN designers left.
The Four Stars: Michael, Nina Heidi and Tim
* Which means, that after Thursday's episode--where we assume one more designer will be gone (although it could be a Double Elimination!)--there will still be NINE. * So, NINE designers will get the opportunity to show at Lincoln Center NY Fashion Week since they wouldn't want to "give it away" by just having the "Top Three" Finalists show (then why watch the rest of the season!) This has occurred for several seasons where the "NY Fashion Week Calendar" unfortunately didn't coincide with "TV Time".
Project Runway Season 8 Winner Gretchen Jones' Finale Collection, NY Fashion Week Spring 2011
* I did the math and that means that if you make it onto the show (usually 16 designers get picked), you have a 56 % chance that you'll be showing at NY Fashion Week. Lucky them! On a similar note: Maybe Heidi needs to change the Intro to (Pretend the Project Runway theme Music is playing) "NINE Deeeeeeeesigners will get To Show at NY Fashion Week...but only ONE will actually win the $100,000 Prize and title of Project Runway Winner!" So, My Question For This Week Is...Who Do You Think Will be Showing on Friday? Nine will show, in other words, Who will be "Auf'ed" this week by Heidi and not show his/her collection: Anthony Ryan? Anya? Becky? Bert? Bryce? Joshua M.? Kimberly? Laura? Olivier? Or Viktor? The following, to me, are the designers most in jeopardy (in alphabetical order): A) Becky--according to "Mean Girls Joshua", she's not really a "Style Icon" B) Bryce--poor thang has been in the bottom A LOT, or C) Olivier--who is just loosing steam by the minute! If he does one MORE gray ensemble, I will SCREAM! I think one of them (hopefully TWO!) will be going home--and not get the chance to show their collections along with the other eight designers... Who do think? Let me know below in the poll!

5 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway Finale Fashion Show THIS Friday in NYC!"

Ken Jian-am Chen said...

Anthony Ryan has immunity from last week. So he will show unless he quit the competition like Maya did in season 7.

Nicky said...

So, how to the judges not let what they have seen at fashion week influence who goes into the final 3? And what about Tim's home visits and the months they put into the final collection. When does the final judging take place? I'm so confused!

slaurenlloyd said...

In real time, the final 3 have already been picked and most of the season has already been shot, the episodes just haven't aired yet. The decoys are there because TV time (when the show actually airs) is a good bit behind real time.

MoHub said...

Olivier should have been gone several episodes ago, but his accent may save him for another week. In which case, Bryce should go, although I fear for Becky.

Tina said...

If we are going strictly on talent than Bryce is definitely the one to go. I still can't quite figure out how he made it on the show. His work has been (with one possible exception) poorly designed/executed. However, since it's a team challenge he might be saved by being on the winning team. I agree with Nick that the most likely to be axed, alongside, Bryce are Oliver and Becky, except I would also add Bert to the mix.