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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Finale Show

Prom Photo: Heidi Klum and Nick Verreos, Project Runway Season 9 Finale Runway Show, Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion Week Lincoln Center
Last Friday, the day after I had to host a FUN Fashion's Night Out and Project Style Event in Charleston West Virginia, I flew to NYC--on a 6AM flight, arriving at 8:00AM--for a very important business meeting I had to attend in Manhattan at noon. Now, I cannot divulge the details of that "very important" meeting but let's just say that the meeting went well, thank you very much! In addition (by coincidence), I had been invited to attend the Project Runway Season 9 Finale Runway Show at Lincoln Center as part of the Mercedes-Benz NYC Spring 2012 Fashion Week. The show was at 9:30 AM that same morning. I am "Fashion Superman" so time to "Make It Work".
Le Judges: Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and L'Wren Scott
Like I said, my plane arrived at 8:00AM, then I took a car to NYC where I hit upon trouble: As in TRAFFIC! Not just any traffic, but Manhattan Traffic. It took ALMOST TWO HOURS from the time I arrived in Manhattan to get to Lincoln Center to the Fashion Show! Crazy. Eventually, I got there at 9:45AM. The show had not started yet and so I took my seat--and padded down my I'm-not-going-to-make-it sweaty brow!
Prized Ticket: My Seat Assignment, Project Runway Season 9 Finale Runway Fashion Show Lincoln Center
I won't divulge any DIRT (you can go check the web-o-sphere for photos of the designer's final collections and/or wait until the Finale Episode airs) other than Heidi Klum looked AMAZING in a Michael Kors black sequined jumpsuit and that the Guest Judge was none other than L'Wren Scott--Mick Jagger's statuesque partner and Go-To Designer for Fabulously Tight red carpet cocktail dress and gowns. Nina Garcia looked FLAWLESS (also in Michael Kors), I may add. Besides saying a quick "Hello" to my favorite blond, Miss Heidi, I also ran into several past Project Runway Alumni, including:
Bag Ladies: Nick Verreos and Project Runway Season 8 Finalist Mondo Guerra--and their respective Man Bags, Mercedes-Benz NYC Fashion Week Lincoln Center
Nick Verreos and Project Runway Season 6 Finalist Althea Harper
The Designers Showing at NYC Fashion Week (Clockwise from top to bottom): Laura Kathleen, Bryce Black, Bert Keeder, Anthony Ryan Auld, Kimberly Goldson, Olivier Green, Anya Ayoung Chee, Joshua McKinley, Viktor Luna
The Project Runway Season 9 Finale Runway Show consisted of the NINE Designers still on the show--still on TV, that is, even though they have filmed the entire season up to the Top 3, I believe. In other words, if there are THREE Finalists (like usual), we had to see six "Decoy" runway shows. Hope that all makes sense, if not,'ll figure it out in due time. I have to say that my FAVORITES were (sit down!): Laura Kathleen (she didn't do "Kentucky Derby" Rich Women Doing Lunch!), Anya Ayoung Chee (Very "Korto-meets-Uli" Resortwear for Kim Kardashian!) and Anthony Ryan Auld (liked his deigns, not so sure of those wigs and that one hat!). I have no idea who the Top 3 are, but those are my "Nick Pick's". Nightcap Reunion: Season 7 Designer Ben Chmura, Season 8 Designer Peach Carr, Nick Verreos, Barracuda NYC nightclub, Chelsea NYC Later that night--after the show--and my business meetings, I had a delicious dinner with friends and then went to Barracuda NYC for a "nightcap" where (wouldn't you know it!), I ran into a couple Project Runway kids: Season 7 Designer Ben Chmura and Season 8 Designer Peach Carr. We had lots of fun DISHING on the morning's show and who were our faves. But soon, it was time to go: I had to leave to get a little bit of sleep before I caught my 7AM flight back to Los Angeles to host a Project Style event in Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California the following day. I heard there was a fun "Project Reunion HP Party" on Saturday night which I missed (because of the event I was hosting back in CA) and that all the designers in attendance received an HP Computer. Oh well... PS: Hey HP: Uncle Nick LOVES HP!! :)

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