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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 8

First Things First, Project Runway Season 9 Designer Olivier "Madonna Accent" Green Doesn't Like Big Boobies or...
"Bigger Boys": Men who are not Man-o-Rexic (like the one seen above--"thicker" Vivienne Westwood model (and bodyguard) Sergio Lo Re)
Oh poor skinny Olivier. Last night on Project Runway Season 9, the kids (and Bert!) had to work with CLIENTS. At first, they thought it would be MEN--as the episode began with Heidi bringing in nine men of varying sizes, onto the runway stage. This is were the GASPS of "Oh No Child, I ain't working with the 'Fatties' " came out of Olivier's lips. Soon, though, it turned out that the designers were creating looks for the men's girlfriends/wives. And here again, Miss Olivier was having issues not knowing what a Double D meant, because that was his client's bra size. Oh Bless His Heart! As I say in my Recap (beginning at the end of this POST), he has BPB, Body Prejudicial Behavior , and it needs to stop. Malin Akerman, actress...NIKOLAKI runway Model???
Actress and Project Runway Judge Malin Akerman (above center) and Model Malin Akerman (left and right images) at NIKOLAKI Fall 2003 Runway Show
Yes, kids, last night's "Guest Judge" was the beautiful actress Malin Akerman, who back when David and I debuted our NIKOLAKI Fall 2003 Collection 8 years ago at Los Angeles Smashbox Fashion Week, was one of our runway models!! And did a fantastic job, I may add! Now, Let's Get To The Fashions: This simple black dress--straight out of Ann Taylor or Nordstrom--WON. It was "Mean Girls" Joshua McKinley's design. It was made well and fit his client to a "T". It was a very simple design--consisting of a CIRCLE SKIRT and a Princess-seamed bodice--but he was praised for it. Whereas his fellow designer Bert Keeder--who also did a simple sellable design--was not, and in fact ended in the bottom. I don't get it. OK, so he added the wide Horsehair trim at the hem, but...that's not so original, take a look:
John Galliano for Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2008
My Favorite was: Viktor Luna's colorful, quirky, stylish look. I still do not know how he did not win. It was fashion-forward, extremely well made, and styled so right that it looked as if it BELONGED to her!!! Another design that ended in the Top was Anya Ayoung Chee's one shoulder printed high-low gown/dress with a modified "kimono" sleeve. The judges LOOOVED it! It was as if it was the "Next Coming of Fashion Christ!". Not so much in my eyes. I know the client liked it but I was surprised it garnered such praise from the judges. Now, what I could imagine is... If she was a Miss Universe contestant touring the nightclubs in São Paulo, then yes, totally, this is HER DRESS! It was very Beauty Pageant "Evening Gown Competition, the What Not To Wear" edition (see gowns above). Kimberly Goldson's design for her client was um, TIGHT. As in fit. Kimberly seems to love doing those too-tight mini's. It's "her thang" I guess. I just don't know if a mini was the right choice for her client. But I did like the top's draping. Interestingly enough, she seemed to have been doing a completely DIFFERENT dress when she first began working in the Parsons Workroom:
I kinda like the one above better.
Now, back to Body Prejudicial Behavior Olivier: His outfit was a MESS and looked A LOT like what he always does! Somehow he ended up safe and in the "Middle". He should have been in the bottom with this badly-fitting pants ensemble. That too-tight one-shoulder top is SO NOT for a 40-something year-old woman who has Double D breasteses. She looks like one of those "Real Housewives of Orange County" sans the tan. Let me bring up "Old Man" Bert again: What he created was well constructed and flattered his client but he was penalized for basically doing the same thing week after week. In my eyes Olivier made a poorly constructed garment AND does the SAME THING week after week! The judges seem to "pick & chose" but we all knew that... But the Worst Was: Pepto Bismol Cocktail: Contestant Bryce Black created this pink sheath dress with too-low stylized outside pocket, straight out of my Helen Joseph-Armstrong "Patternmaking for Fashion Design" textbook from FIDM. The seams were all puckering and it looked very amateur. Another casualty of a person whom I feel was too young and not ready to be on Project Runway. Bryce was barely out of school for goodness sakes! Get some training, some years under your design belt and then do the show...He gives new meaning to the phrase "Not ready for Primetime"!! And now...Here's My "Nick V" blog for this week's Episode:
Last night was the 8th episode of "Project Runway" Season 9. And Bryce was OUT …Yes, I just told you how it ends. Why? Because the editors ruined it for me too: The episode was barely 30 seconds in when Bryce laments that he’s never won a challenge — and in fact, has been at the bottom several times —and is wondering if he's the “Weakest Link.” Um, Ya Think So??? I immediately exclaimed (in my loud voice), “He's GONE!!” (Thanks, Editors). Oh, and did I mention Joshua won? Yep. Sorry to ruin that for you, but right as the nails were being pounded into Bryce’s "Project Runway" coffin, “Orange-ua Joshua” was stating how he was in a “Much better place today” ... Seriously, RIGHT AFTER Bryce. Thanks, Editors, Part Deux.

Body Prejudicial Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about the rest of the episode. The nine remaining designers (can we just get to the Top 5 PLEASE???) are sitting there as Miss Heidi Klum brings in what they think involves their next Challenge: nine men. Immediately, the Gay Claws start coming out as several of the designers don't want to pick “the Fatties” (Yes, I am talking to you, Madonna British Accent Olivier!). Jeeeesus! Now even the men have to deal with what women have been dealing with for AGES from these “kooky” Fashion Designers; it’s a syndrome I call BPB, short for Body Prejudicial Behavior, and this group has it in spades...
Click HERE to read the rest of my Recap--and be sure to leave me your Comments!! I read ALL of them!!!! (of course!!!) Link

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