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ICE STYLE.....2011 Skate America Grand Prix of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE

Walk Like An Egyptian...and a Brazilian...and a German Waltzer!!!
Mummy Issues: France's Pechalat and Bourzat doing their "Egypt"-inspired Free Dance at ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Skate America
This weekend's first competition of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2011/2012 Season took place in Ontario. Not Canada, kids, California! It was well above 80 degrees HOT outside as figure skaters from all over the world fought for the top honors. And I was there for one of the days (for the Pairs and Ladies Free Skate on Sunday) taking my "Nick Costume Notes". I love when a BIG important Figure Skating Competition event is so close to home--as opposed to Moscow Russia, thank you VERY MUCH!
Costume Medals: The Top Three in ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Skate America 2011--L to R: Silver Medalists France's Pechalat and Bourzat, Gold Medalists USA's Davis and White, Bronze Medalists Latvia's Tobias and Stagniunas
Over the weekend, the Ice Dance couples took to the Citizens Business Bank Arena for their Short and Free Dance and huney, it was Costume Heaven! So, naturally, now it's time for the FAB Ice Dancers Costume Review! Let's begin with the Gold Medalists from...THE USA!!!! Davis and White: Meryl Davis and Charlie White skated their Free Dance to "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss II. They won the Gold for their fabulous Ice Dancing performance. I absolutely LOVE them! They are so old-school, classic yet fresh and directional at the same time and have taken Ice Dance to another level. Now, in terms of their Free Dance Costumes: Meryl looked perfect! The color, the halter silhouette the cascading crystals falling from a gorgeous sequined neckline, the feathered-and-crystal hair pin: Done and Done! But Charlie...
Frat Boy Tuxedo: Davis and White, Free Dance ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Skate America 2011
Now, some of the commentators said on TV that "Charlie should wear tuxedos more often...they look good on him" (or something to that effect). I agree a little bit. With his body, he probably looks great in anything. However, I feel like he looked like a FRAT BOY in a Tuxedo, after three beers! The five-o'clock goatee, the unbuttoned wing-tip tuxedo shirt, the loose I-just-came-back-from-surfing hair. If Meryl took the time and effort to do her make-up and hair so elegantly and beautifully, then Charlie should have cleaned up as well. Slick the hair, shave, put on an ascot...something. Class it up huney! With that being said...I still love 'em!!! Orange Samba: For their Short Dance, Davis & White danced to "Samba, Rhumba, Samba", a Latin music medley (The Short Dance was a Latin Dance Theme). I liked how Charlie looked here: his curly locks, unshaven sexy self was appropriate here. Of course, Meryl looked flawless, yet again. The combination of bright orange and deep violet sequins made me wanna get up and do a Brazilian Samba right there in front of my TV as I was watching! Pechalat and Bourzat: France's Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat skated to "The Pharaoh and His Mummy" (of course, you didn't think it was to "Funny Girl"??). Can I just say that this is why I watch the Ice Dance Competition (well, besides the amazing seamless twizzles!)!! I also love seeing these "Out There" costumes. Some observers said that maybe the costumes took away from the performance. Well, as a fashion designer, I disagree. I thought they were this side of a hot steamy rendezvous near the tombs of Luxor! Hot Hot Hot! (how do you type that in hieroglyphics ??) Neon Latino: For their Short Dance, they skated to a "Samba" medley , including Sergio Mendes' "Mas Que Nada". Again: Muy Caliente! I loved her sequined top and fringed cowl-back skirt. My Eyes Hurt: While I could have done without Fabian's eye-hurting striped neon green-and-yellow striped pants (a solid lemon color would have sufficed), he was still OK to me in the costume department. He just looked like a dance instructor at a Cruise Ship "Lose Some Weight with SAMBA!" class. Tobias and Stagniunas: Lithuania's Isabella Tobias and Delvivas Stagniunas won the Bronze after their Short and Free Dances at Skate America over the weekend. They skated to "Let's Twist Again" "Only You" and "Tutti Frutti". Their costumes were fun, colorful and bedazzled enough to compliment the fun soundtrack. I really liked how the strong deep red was "brought back" to his costume by way of the sewn-down un-tied bow tie. San Juan, Here I Come: For their Short Dance--like the rest of the Ice Dance Competitors, they also danced to a Latin theme--a "Samba and Meregue" music medley, in fact. Her gold and black sequin and bugle beaded costume was very effective while his was well, a little bit of a let down. I understand that in Ice Dance, the attention should be on her--but we all know, it really isn't. I feel that his black velvet outfit with light gold beading at the sleeve hem could have been stronger. But on a good note: at least together, they did turn the Latin Heat up! I almost booked tickets to San Juan Puerto Rico, just for the HECK of it, after seeing that performance. I love me some Ice Dancing! *Until the next Grand Prix---Canada here we come! (well, I won't be there but I'll still be looking at those costumes!)

3 Responses to "ICE STYLE.....2011 Skate America Grand Prix of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE"

Anonymous said...

Great review! Just wanted to correct you on what country Tobias/Stagniunas represent--Lithuania, not Lavtia. :)

Nick Verreos said...

Yes! Lithuania! Thanks for the correction.:)

MCB said...

Maybe the Frenchies costumes looked better in person (the still photo you used makes them look a little less ridiculous), but on TV she looked like she was wearing toilet paper and he looked like he was wearing a kid's Halloween costume. I had a post tramatic stress syndrome flashback to the horrible Aboriginal costumes worn by Domnina and Shabalin in 2010.