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ICE STYLE.....2011 Skate Canada Grand Prix of Figure Skating: MEN

My Two Fave (Figure Skating Costume) Boys...
Spain By Way Of Canada: Patrick Chan skating his Free Skate, Skate Canada 2011-2012 Season
Continuing with my "Skate Canada 2011 Costume Review"--I am now on to the Men. The Men's Costumes, that is. Only two really excited me...
The Top Three: (Left to Right) Silver Medalist Javier Fernandez of Spain, Gold Medalist Canada's Patrick Chan , and Japan's Daisuke Takahashi who got the Bronze Skate Canada 2011-2012 Season
Let's begin with the Gold Medalist, Patrick Chan of Canada. Patrick isn't a "Costume Aficionado" if we're talking in the Johnny Weir terms (PS: Miss Him!). He's more in the Todd Eldridge & Paul Wylie School of Male Figure Skater Costuming: he thinks putting on a white dress shirt, black stretch pants and a vest is enough (BA-BA-BORIIIIING!). But somehow, he's "coming out" of his anti-costume shell (baby steps): Patrick Chan of Canada: For his Short Program, he skated to Paul Desmond's "Take Five". Yes, he's got the white dress shirt (a tuxedo one), a vest and black stretch pants. least the lapel notched collar of his black vest has contrast white piping, the tuxedo shirt also has contrast buttons and the pants have "tuxedo" satin banding on the outseam. It's the little details that matter... For his Free Skate, he skated to "Concierto de Aranjuez", yes, the same fabulous--and moving--music made famous by the one-and-only Michelle Kwan (sorry but EVERY TIME I hear that music all I can think of is Michelle!). The music, as we all know, has a Spanish influence. His costume reflected this. Thank Goodness it wasn't a white shirt, black pants and OH--a red vest! Nope, Mr. Chan stepped outside his costume comfort zone and went with a drape-y bright red surplice blouson top featuring a band collar and blouson-esque sleeves and (Gasp!), high-waisted pants with red rick-rack trim. Like I said: baby steps. Therefore, he gets some "Nick V. Costumes Points" for that. My other (Male) Favorite... Javier Fernandez of Spain: OK, Javier is my new obsession! Me encanta! 20 year old Javier skated his Short Program to "I Love Paris" and "Petit Fleur", and I liked his ensemble. The bright yellow tucked-in cardigan, the old-school natural waist trousers with the suspenders on the outside: he looked like a Euro 1960's boy who would be hanging out in some Parisian cafe sipping red wine--or reading some obscure novel! Oh, and by the way, his skating was soooo good!! (especially in this Short Program). For his Long Program, he skated to a Medley of Giuseppe Verdi's "La Traviata", "Il Vespi Siciliani", "Nabucco" and "Rigoletto". He wore a purple stretch velvet top with gold buttons with a delicate ruffled cuff and neckline. To be honest, I wish he would have gone further with the Period Costume Theme, but for him, this "Renaissance Light" version worked for me. My favorite addition to his costume came after his performance during the "Kiss-and-Cry": Someone in the audience gave him a Mexican Sombrero. And he put it on! PS: Mexico and Spain are different countries with different clothing-and-milliner traditions. But who cares! Javier looked soooo cute! *Up Next: The Women of Skate Canada 2011

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Jane said...

Love your comments, Nick. I, too, wish the guys would be more adventurous in their costumes. It definitely makes me miss the fabulous Johnny Weir and the wildly costumed Stefane Lambiel. They could really make fashion statements.

For for a mind-bending pairs experience, watch Johnny & Stefane skating pairs (in practice) here: Pretty awesome!