Friday, October 14, 2011
After The Show Cat-Talkin'
Group Hug: Nick Verreos and Zanna Roberts Rassi with designers from Project Runway Season 9, "After The Runway" TV Show
Last night, right after Episode 12 of Season 9 of "Project Runway", the second "After The Runway" episode aired . In case you didn't know--Lifetime Network is doing "After The Show" shows right after--yes, you guessed it--Project Runway. They are hosted by the chic and very fabulous Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire. On this week's episode, I was the "Special Guest". YEAAAYYY! It was a "You're on The 'Hot Seat' with Nick" segment. I was so excited to come on and ask the questions that the viewers, fans, my BLOG Recap readers, want to ask. I was "sequestered" away form the designers so we never got to see--or speak--beforehand. Once I showed up and the segment began--they were all very sweet! So I asked about "Accentgate"--or Olivier Green's accent. He was born in Ohio and spent only 2-3 years in the UK, yet, he sounds like Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge. So, I had to ask. I also asked about "The SISTAHS"" (the boobies). I also welcomed Laura Kathleen (above) into the "No. 5" Club, of which I am a proud member. I was in the "Top 5" on my season--Season 2. If you missed it, Click HERE for the entire episode! And stay tuned..I may be BACK!!!!!


Nicky said...

I was so excited to see you! I thought that you asked some interesting questions but was disappointed that you never talked to my personal favorite, Victor. I think he is so funny and sassy as well as the best designer there.

SBF said...

You were great and stole the show. Bravo should offer you your own program.

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