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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 10

A Fashion History Lesson...Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis Grunge Redux, and 80's Vegas Hookers? Yep, It's Project Runwaaaayyyyyy!!
Bianca Jagger, 1970s, in Halston one-shoulder dress
This past Thursday on Project Runway Season 9, for the 10th Episode, the remaining designers were given a task: To create two looks that were "Inspired by the Sophisticated 70's". Many of them had quite a problem A) Knowing WHAT the 1970's were and B) Knowing what the "Sophisticated 70's" looked like. For some, BOTH of their looks were off the mark or they either (somewhat) got it with one and not the other. Tim Gunn reminded them not to be "too literal". He deferred to the previous challenge in which it looked as if they were trying to make costume recreations of what they "thought" a 70's Rock Band should look like. I actually wished they would have been LITERAL for this challenge, because the creations might have been much, much better. So with that in mind, I thought I would take a look back at what actually was The Sophisticated 70's:
Liz Taylor, Halston and Bianca Jagger (yet again!), in a one-shoulder Halston waist-tie dress and Fox fur stole.
A Halston vintage early 70's (I know, looks VERY 2011!), one-shoulder side gathered gown with batwing sleeve
Lauren Hutton, 1973 U.S. Vogue Magazine editorial, photographed by Richard Avedon
This IS NOT Sophisticated 70's: Bert Keeter: Bert made this mess of an outfit, which included a printed one-shoulder (well, he got that right) blouson top and a detachable matching skirt (why?) with (wait for it), black Hoochie Shorts and then accessorized it with the most AWFUL metallic and wood CLUNKER shoes. She looked like a 1983 Hooker in Las Vegas Strip. Kimberly Goldson: She made this printed top and black skirt outfit that was NOT Sophisticated nor 70's inspired. She looks like a girl in a mall on her lunch break waiting for her Chick Fil-A order. The Winners were: Anya Ayoung-Chee: She created a printed (love the bold print, that's very "sophisticated 70's) palazzo-pant plunging neckline jumpsuit. I can see the nod to the 70's but yet, it's still so NOW. I can see a A LOT of girls wearing this at a Mondrian Sunset Blvd. VIP pool party. Bert Keeter's 2nd creation: A simple two pattern piece (one front, one back) dress in lurex creme and gold jersey, tied with a spaghetti belt. "Someone" better watch his back, because the simplicity (2 pattern pieces) and casual "I'm getting on a yacht to Capri" look of Bert's winning "tank dress" is very...
Michael Kors Resort (above)
Both Anya and Bert won the honor of having their outfits sold on And in case you're wondering Anya and Bert are not making a dime from that (people always wonder and ask...) The Un-Sophisticated Bottom Boys: Joshua McKinley: Joshua got slammed by the judges--critique-wise. I didn't hate it (except for the belt and shoes). It was very Christian Lacroix in its bold print and bold fuchsia-colored blouse. But there was NOTHING 70's about the look. The Worst: Anthony Ryan Auld: But it was mohawk cutie Anthony Ryan who got the boot this week. BOTH his creations were completely off the mark. The judges deemed his girls sad "hippy-dippy girls in a cult". Yes, I get that. But, for me, the one above looked like a Hipster Silverlake girl waiting for the Food Truck to 2002. And poor thang above: Besides the fact that there's nothing "Sophisticated 70's" or even 2011 Fashionable about her, she looks like a Freshman at some college hoping to get into that "Woman's Studies" class. Or, she works for National Geographic and is about to head to New Mexico in a dinosaur dig. It's also very Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis 1992 Grunge Collection, but not in a change-the-fashion-world sort of way... I'll end with the above: The Tom Ford debut Spring 2011 Collection, which WAS inspired by the "Sophisticated 70's" just as a reminder of what y'all should've, could've, would've...done. Without further ado...Here's my Recap of this week's Project Runway Episode: Hello, Blog Readers! Can you believe we've made it this far? (Don't answer that! It's a rhetorical question!) I LOVE reading everyone's comments, because they are always enlightening, thoughtful and make me feel at least somewhat "sane" when I get some people agreeing with me. I've discussed Joshua M. being a Mean Girl, and you agreed. I've also talked about Madonna — I mean Olivier — and my distaste for his "I Hate Fat People" comments. And, yes, y'all agreed. So, let's see if you agree with me on this week's analysis … Let's begin this week's Recap:
Last Week Was NOT a '70s Challenge! We are now down to seven designers, and Heidi tells them that they will have to "look to the past" for inspiration. First thing I thought was, "Oh, Ol' Man Bert should do well!" Cut to the Parsons workroom. They meet up with Tim Gunn and Heather Archibald of Piperlime, who tells them that they are to create a look inspired by the "Sophisticated '70s," and that the winning look will go into production and be sold on Instantly, the designers scoff, saying, "Well, the last challenge was '70s and that didn't go so well ..." Oh, sit down, kids. Poppa Nick needs to discuss something. Here's a news flash: Last week's challenge WAS NOT '70s! See, that was their problem. The Challenge was actually to Design a Look for a Rock Band. That shows you how much these designers didn't "get it." And by their comments in last night's episode, they still don't.
Bring a Purse to Mood, Ladies They all go to Mood and Miss Anya loses her money (A very "Amazing Race" lose-your-passport moment!) and is generously given $11.50 by Anthony Ryan to buy one piece of fabric. If ever there was a Make It Work moment, it is now. There have been many "limited budget" "Project Runway" Challenges in the past, but never one in which one contestant had $11 and the rest had $100. If Anya hadn't already secured her role as Fan (and Judges') Favorite before, she sure has now!
To Read the rest of my Recap, click HERE---and make sure to let me know what you thought!

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Sandye said...

Oh my, Josh must have boned up on the 70s. He has a look in his Fashion Week collection that is a mimic of the Bianca dress you showed in the first picture. Thanks for choosing that picture - even though it made me like Joshua even less!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is always my favorite for reading PR recaps! Thanks for enlightening us with what sophisticated 70s looks like!

Anonymous said...

All they had to do was pick up any fashion advert over the past few months to know sophisticated 70s. I just don't think the calibre of these designers is on par with past seasons.

Anonymous said...

What designer was Heidi wearing for the judging?