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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Joely Richardson, Rhys Fans, "Anonymous" Movie

Fit for a Queen:
Actress Joely Richardson in Marchesa Fall 2011 at the London Premiere of "Anonymous"
Last week, the political thriller and historical period movie "Anonymous" premiered at the 55th BFI London Film Festival. It poses the question "Was Shakespeare a fraud?" and one of the stars of the film, Rhys Ifans called it a"visual banquet". In case you might have missed it, I was asked to write a sentence (or two) on the FABULOUS costumes of the film for a special "Anonymous: The Movie" costume section of the Project Runway Website. You can read those HERE. Most of the film's actors were on hand--sans the DIVA Vanessa Redgrave (who plays the older Queen Elizabeth I as seen above). The younger Elizabeth was there, Redgrave's daughter Joely Richardson. She wore a stunning black strapless tulle and lace gown from Marchesa: You can find the gown on Net-a-Porter and it retails for $6,500 in case you're wondering. It says that it's from the Marchesa Fall 2011 "Miss Havisham-inspired" collection, but interestingly enough when you check out the actual collection shown at NY Fashion Week, this wasn't one of the "Runway" pieces. As many designers do, they show something for their Runway presentation, and then it gets "watered down" when it gets to the actual stores.
Joely Richardson in Marchesa Fall 2011, London Premiere of "Anonymous"
Joely did look every bit a Hollywood Starlet in this gown and it befitted a Queen. Or at least an actress who plays one. I was struck by one photo which showed a close-up of her back, in which her strapless bustier hook-and-eyes were coming apart: Thank goodness the opening/closure was in the back and not the front. Let's hope one of her handlers got to her before the entire hook-and-eye tape came undone! The Leading Men of "Anonymous" were also in attendance and it was great to see the BOYS without their Jerkins and Doublet Period Costumes: Rhys Ifans (top photo), who plays Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford (above photo) and who--according to the film, was the real author of all the William Shakespeare plays. Because of his aristocratic status there was no way that he could be allowed to "come out" with his secret "hobby" as an author. Jamie Campbell Bower: The very sexy Jamie Campbell Bower--whom you might recognize also from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2 as well as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. He plays the young Earl of Oxford, as seen above--in all his ruff-collared-and-cuffed splendor with the young Queen Elizabeth I, played by Joely Richardson. Sam Reid: Also boyishly handsome British actor Sam Reid (he cleans up well, as they say!) was at the London Premiere of "Anonymous". In the film, he plays the Earl of Essex, seen a little more "warrior" scruffy in photo above with beard, and costume. Sebastian Armesto: And finally, UK actor Sebastian Armesto (top photo), who played Ben Jonson (above photo) the suffering, feisty English Renaissance author and poet and one of William Shakespeare's contemporaries. PS: I finally got the chance to see the film over the weekend (I only "reviewed" the costumes from film photos), and needless to say: it was MARVELOUS! I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Ashlea Macarthur said...

I love the black lace gown that Joely Richardson wore in the first photos. I wonder what it feels to stand and pose on a red carpet. I bet a lot of women would want to try it! Some may have even bought red carpets to experience the "star vibes" at home, hehe.