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ROYAL COUTURE.....Cayetana Duchess of Alba Gets Married: Wedding Dress, Fashion

La Duquesa Se Caso!!!
Happy Couple: Duchess of Alba and her new husband Alfonso Diez
Yesterday, the Most Titled Woman on Earth got married. Yes, one of my favorite subjects here on my blog, the Duchess of Alba (one of her many, many, many titles), María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, 85 , got married to her civil servant "Boy Toy", Alfonso Diez, who happens to be 60. This is her third wedding. And Good For Her! The Duchess, as you may know is Spain's premier aristocrat, is a distant relative of King James II of England, Winston Churchill and even Princess Diana. Considered to be one of the richest women in the world, she's worth an estimated (wait for it) 5.5 BILLION Dollars. As a result of this, her children were not very happy when she decided to re-marry, this "late in the game" and to a less-wealthy younger man. So, she decided to give her inheritance to them early--so they would basically shut up. They did. Now, let's get to the Spanish Wedding of the Year:
A Palatial Wedding: Secene of Duchess of Alba's Wedding, Las Dueñas Palace in Seville
The Location: It happened at her Palace in Seville, Las Dueñas, a 16th-century Renaissance estate, which covers 9,542 square meters in the heart of the city. Supporters, well-wishers, fans of the Duchess--as well as press, of course, had gathered there to show their love for Cayetana. (she is ADORED by her country!).
No Shows: Eugenia de Irujo, the Duchess's one and only daughter (left)
Wedding DISH: Her one and only daughter, Eugenia de Irujo (above left with her mother and future father-in-law) DID NOT attend because supposedly--and conveniently enough--she came down with chickenpox THE NIGHT BEFORE, and was in a hospital in Madrid when her dear mother was getting married. Also, one of her sons, Jacobo also did not show up. He was in France "on vacation" with his wife. Why? It seems that the Duchess was asked last minute if she had any "questions" regarding her children's love for her. And she answered--as she always does--very honestly and basically said "I HATE Jacobo's wife...she's jealous of me and my happiness and fortune!". At-a-Girl. Done and done. Well, I guess that's why someone did not RSVP!
Duchess of Alba's Wedding Dress, by Victorio & Lucchino
Her Wedding Dress: Cayetana, who's known for her quirky and sometimes very eclectic sense of style, decided to go subdued, cocktail and with a hint of an Homage to her beloved Seville. She wore a custom pale pink silk gauze dress by Spanish designers Victorio & Lucchino, favorites of all the Spanish aristocrat Divas, former Miss Spain's and movie stars, as well. It featured delicate applique' and multi-tiered Andalusian ruffles at the hem, 3/4 bishop sleeves, a lightly blouson top and a green velvet waist tie. Finished off with matching pink ballet flats. Post Wedding Flamenco: Right after saying "I Do", Cayetana and her new husband, walked out of the Palace to greet all the well-wishers and the 85-year-old Duchess broke out into an impromptu Flamenco dance! As Alfonso held on to her, she even kicked off her shoes and began the arm and hand flourishes Flamenco is known for. Well, as you can imagine, the crowd went insane! Olé!
The Madrina, or Matron of Honor, Carmen Tello, flanked by Designers Victorio & Lucchino
Guests: Other than the two No Shows from her only daughter and one of her sons, the rest of her children were there. It was a small private affair with less than 40 guests (No King Juan Carlos or Queen Sofia or even Crown Princess Letizia, their not really her friends darlings). Her oldest son, Carlos acted as Padrino, and gave her away. And Cayetana's best friend, Carmen Tello was the Madrina. She's the wife of a famous bullfighter. Her daughter's former husband, the handsome Francisco Rivera (above) attended. She still considers him her son-in-law. Francisco's brother, Spanish matador , the even more handsome Cayetano Rivera was also there, along with his girlfriend, the beautiful Eva Gonzalez, TV presenter, model and former Miss Spain.
Felicitaciones Cayetana and Alfonso!
Click Below for Video of Guests Arriving to the Wedding:
Click Below for Video of Cayetana and her Post Wedding Flamenco Dance:

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Scrufff said...

Nick, I'm with you, she's a fascinating figure. I once read that with all those titles, the Duchess is only person on earth the Queen of England officially has to bow to! She outranks the Queen.