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ICE STYLE.....2011 Rostelecom Cup Cup of Russia: MEN!

Soccer Balls, Chippendale's Dancers and a Dracula peplum...It's The Men !!!
World Cup...of Skating: Russian Figure Skater Sergei Voronov in a soccer ball-inspired stretch Lycra top and black pants, Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia 2011-2012 Season--Keep reading below to see if he made my "Love It" or "Not So Much" of The Men's at Cup of Russia Figure Skating "Fashion Two cents" Review
Over the weekend, the Rostelecom Cup--or Cup of Russia (of figure skating)--happened at the Megasport Arena in Moscow Russia...
Megasport Arena, Moscow Russia
In my last post, I talked about the costumes I somehow missed during this whole 2011-2012 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Season, for The Pairs. Now, I am on to The Men...and the costumes that escaped my well-trained Fashion Designer and Figure Skating Fan "Eye". Shall we get started: Artur Gachinski of Russia: It seems fitting since it is the Cup of Russia, to begin with a Russian figure skater--and his costume choice. For his Free Skate entitled "The Demon", utilizing music from "Interview With A Vampire", "Bram Stoker's Dracula", as well as "The Red Violin", he wore an all black ensemble featuring beaded applique over the very tight outseam of the pants as well as accents on the top "jacket" section (center front, collar, cuffs). As he skated (and especially, when doing his turns), I loved how the peplum "flapped" in the wind. I liked this costume: it reflected the music, the theme and still seemed masculine and dark. If I had one critique: I would have liked maybe...some Red! (to signify the blood of the Vampires). Artur has been dubbed the "new" Evgeni Plushenko (above)! Plushenko was great in mixing a bit of artistry with a lot of the athleticism--and making his "Dorothy Hamill-esque" layered shag move in the wind. And Gachinski does all that. Also, they have the same coach, and many people have commented on the fact that Artur Gachinski is inspired by his movements, and he's pretty much suggested that Plushenko is his Idol. But Plushenko also knew to add some color in his costumes. Take note Artur. Konstantin Menshov of Russia: Continuing with the Russian boys, it's Konstantin Menshov. Menshov got 8th place (out of eight) at the Rostelecom Cup this weekend and for his Free Skate, he chose to skate to "The Race" by Yellow, Kill Bill's "Battle Without Humanity", and Debussy's "Clair de Lune". His all black jacket and pant look was very Ski Instructor at some FABULOUS--and very exclusive--James Bond-ish Ski Resort in Cortina Italy. It also had the "essence" of Keanu Reeves in "The Matrix". Maybe that should have been his soundtrack. Just sayin... Andrei Rogozine of Canada: For his Short Program, Moscow, Russia-born (don't ask, it's Figure Skating!) Rogozine skated to "Broken Sorrow" and "Fanfare" by Black Violin. Somehow, I also haven't talked about this young figure skater--and his costumes--in my "Figure Skating Costumes" blogs here. For this skate, he wore a metalized gunmetal-colored above-elbow sleeved shirt featured placket pocket accents and a large Fleur-de-lis applique on the back. I liked the sort of "Western Tex-Mex" aspect of the shirt--even though that had NOTHING to do with the music or program. Also (on a good note), I am usually NOT a fan of the "Wear-a-belt-with-your pants as part of your Grand Prix Costume" but...I liked his big buckled silver one here. However, the overall iridescent look was a bit "Chippendales Las Vegas Goes Line Dancing at a French Club". Go figure. Sergei Voronov of Russia: For his Free Skate to Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci", Voronov's costume was a bit of a mishmash of a "Sexy Harlequin" Clown/Stripper: his silver-grey and black ensemble has cut-out applique in "Argyle"/diamond shapes, stand-up asymmetrical collar, center front "tears of a clown" in red, and a side-front chest illusion opening that "travels" dangerously near his thigh. There is A LOT here: A) I love that it's "different" but, B) It's very Cirque du Soleil after waaaay too many pre-Dinner Show drinks! It almost made me wish he would have gone this route: Now, let's finish with Mr. Soccer Ball: Yes, kids, it's "Mr Pagliacci" Sergei Voronov of Russia and his "Soccer Ball" ensemble. For his Short Program he skated to "The Final Game" by Hans Zimmer. THANK GOODNESS his costume had something to do with the soundtrack to his skate. Well, just a bit--in terms of being a sport-themed look; it's actually from a BASEBALL-themed film "A League of Their Own", which has NOTHING to do with soccer, or a soccer ball for that matter. Why his top is printed like one is yes, beyond me. But...somehow, I still liked it: it was kitschy, "graphic" and definitely caught my "costume eye attention". Soccer or Baseball, it's still kind-of Figure Skating me! *Next Up: The Rostelecom Cup/Cup of Russia Ice Dancers and Ladies!!!

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