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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2011 is Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos: Winner, Gowns

The Sixth Venezuelan Miss World!!!!
Who Me? Ivian Sarcos Miss World Venezuela 2010, wins "Miss World 2011", Earls Court London
Yes, kids, I am a week late but since I was away traveling on business, I am now back in my "Blogging Office", catching up. So let's get to my thoughts on last week's "Miss World 2011" Beauty Pageant and especially The Gowns, of course!! Last Sunday, November 6th, London crowned a new Queen. Well, a Beauty Queen, the 61st Miss World. Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, 22, from Venezuela, beat out 112 other beautiful women who were vying for one of the most coveted beauty titles in the world.
Drop The Crown: Alexandria Mills (from the USA), Miss World 2010 crowns the new Miss World 2011, Venezuela's Ivian Sarcos
Now, many of you know that I grew up in Caracas Venezuela, my sister was born there and well, needless to say, I will ALWAYS feel part Venezuelan--not to mention the fact that I LOVE Arepas!!!! So, yes, I was very happy that Miss Venezuela won.
Gown Central: The new Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos of Venezuela takes her throne, London's Earls Court
Ivian was one of the favorites to win and also had the total highest points--garnered from the "preliminary" Fast Track Competitions--coming into the Finals on Sunday night. Everyone knows that the South American nation of Venezuela is famous for "producing" the Most Beautiful Women on Earth--at least in terms of beauty pageants, and this win will continue the legacy.
Amazonian Warrior: Ivian Sarcos "Miss Venezuela" (and future Miss World) in her Amazonian Indian Costume, during the "Miss World 2011 Traditional Dance" segment where several contestants did national dances representative of their countries
In case anyone cares (Venezuela sure does!), this is the SIXTH "Miss World" title for that country. The most for any nation. Needless to say, Ivian is "set for life". You know how we covet, honor and look up to our Sports Stars in the US, well, same goes for the Venezuelan beauty queens who "do good" for their country.
Gracias: Ivian Sarcos, Miss World 2011 waves air kisses to the Earls Court audience, London
A little background on the new "Miss World": she was born in the State of Portuguesa, her parents passed away when she was 8, and she was raised by nuns (I know, it's like a DISNEY movie!). Oh, and there's more: she wanted to become a NUN. Obviously, something changed somewhere between wanting to be a nun and being a perfect size 2, 5' 11" gorgeous beauty who became "Miss World". Let's discuss the Final Night's Gowns. Please!!! Miss Venezuela (and new "Miss World 2011") Ivian Sarcos: During the Final telecast, all the 113 contestants introduced themselves and I kept seeing this BIG Ol' Krazee gown in the background and I remember thinking "Who Is That?", well, as they got to the end--alphabetically--Miss Venezuela came up to the mic and there she was! Arguably, if some actress wore this on the red carpet or to present at the Academy Awards, I can totally see people saying something to the effect of "She looks like a cross between Sesame Street's Big Bird and a Barbie Beauty Pageant Drag Queen on a NYC Gay Pride Float". But here, it's not on a red carpet or on the back of Angelina Jolie but a Miss Venezuela trying to make herself stand out amongst 113 other gowns. Did she? You betcha!!! Bronzed Barbie: The pink iridescent organza high-low style ball gown with stiffened crinoline petticoat underneath and crystal-studded silk satin strapless bustier was designed by Pageant Go-To Designer Gionni Straccia. I was very surprised that it was one of his gowns. Although the gorgeous Swarovski crystal detail is very him, the big ball gown silhouette is not. In this interview for the Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal", he tells how Osmel Sousa, the Pageant Director of the Miss Venezuela Organization asked him to create a gown that would have "mucho show", meaning "very show-y/over-the-top". He also told him he wanted it "Barbie and fantasy-like".
Don't Step on my Train: Well, he achieved it. I give her TEN "Nick Points" for wearing it and for going there! Like I always say "No Should've Would've Could've Of". Ivian only had ONE chance to make a statement at the world's most important beauty pageant and she did! I can only IMAGINE what her other 112 fellow competitors thought when she all of sudden emerged from her changing area with THAT! You just know those other Latinas were like "Oh NO She Didn't! I want to CUT HER!" Good Luck Next Year Huney...Now I Got a Plane To Catch: Ivian actually first wore the gown last month in Caracas, to crown her successor as "Miss World Venezuela". This was before she would get on a plane to London to compete in the Miss World. The photos above are from her backstage at the Miss Venezuela 2011 Pageant in October, as well as when she crowned the lovely woman who will compete next year for Miss World 2012. The Rest of The Finalists' Gowns:
Pageant-licious: The Top 7 Finalists to Miss World 2011, in their evening gowns as they got ready for their final interviews. Standing amongst them, Ivian stood out like a Big Pink Sore Thumb as they say. The other girls might as well have been wearing bathrobes. But thank goodness they didn't. Let's review their gowns:
1st Runner Up: Miss Philippines Gwendoline Ruais--Gwen is half French and half Filipina and comes from an aristocratic French family (on her dad's side) that once played host to Queen Elizabeth II . The almost 6 foot tall beauty got the 1st Runner Up crown in her red chiffon gown with shirred torso and side cowl drape details and side front opening/slit. It was a very nice gown and very "Pageant 101" but something about it could have had a little more of a "Va Va Voom" sexy impact. I understand that the Miss World is the "sweet and innocent" sister to the "Sexy Goddess" of Miss Universe, so I'm sure this was a calculated move on her and the designer's part. Also, I didn't necessarily like that "Waterfall" hairstyle. But, on a good note: it makes a perfect spot to slip on a crown!
2nd Runner Up: Miss Puerto Rico Amanda Vilanova--This Caribbean Latina beauty also wore a red gown (popular color at the Miss World 2011 finals). Unlike Miss Philippine's , hers was fitted and of a stiffer silk ziberline fabrication with no slit and no flowing movement. It was, however, very sexy. I think Amanda exuded a Sofia Vergara-meets-Zuleyka Rivera Miss Universe 2006 look to her, that worked with this gown. It was a lot of gown and could have possibly done without the odd shoulder crystal trim. But darlings, when you gotta stand near Ivian "Miss Venezuela" Sarcos and HER gown, I guess, it's time to PILE on all the trim you can find!
The Rest:
Miss England 2011: Alize Lily Mounter--Alize is a model in her country and knows how to work it. I actually liked this all-over sequined ocean-blue gown. The color looked great on her and the one shoulder detail enhanced her fabulous torso and made for a great three-quarter shot--and thank goodness the slit wasn't up to her "Britney"! Is it a very "Pageant Betty"/Sherri Hill? Yes. But it works.
Miss Korea World 2011 Kyung Min Doe--Alright Girl, You Work It Huney! I thought this gown was FABULOUS! I thought she looked like a Spartan Goddess--or one of the Diva Mistresses of a Mongol King! She looked Diva-licious from head to toe. The gold fan-pleated lame gown was another one of those in the "That's A LOT" Gown category: it featured midriff crystal detail, rosette appliques in the shoulder and waist, plus a one-shoulder back "fall" drape. And if that wasn't enough, THAT HUGE necklace plus the diamante bracelets plus the 1976 bouffant! She's the Korean J Lo! And I Love It.
Miss Scotland 2011 Jennifer Reoch--Miss Scotland's black beaded strapless gown was very nice and quite elegant. It fit her just right. The length was also perfect. I admit, I'm not a fan of that choker necklace but I get why she felt she need to add it. She looks sweet but still red carpet appropriate.
Miss South Africa 2011 Bokang Montjane--Speaking of sweet, Miss South Africa takes the Sweetest Gown Crown. I liked her gown back when she first wore it at the "Miss World Top Model" fashion show. She wisely decided to wear it again. Bokang did an OUTSTANDING job at last week's Miss World 2011. She conducted herself with such class, had such aplomb and answered the final question beautifully. I was surprised she didn't place higher. The gown didn't take away from her "Baby Naomi Campbell" gorgeous looks and certainly only enhanced her "I'm a Classy Lady" demeanor. This is the girl you marry and who will be the Mother of your children, while Miss England and Miss Puerto Rico, well, those are the Mistresses!
Fabulosa y Bella: Ivian Sarcos, from Venezuela, the new Miss World, Earls Court London
Breakfast Interview: Ivian Sarcos, the new "Miss World 2011" in her first post-crowning TV interview the day after on ITV's "Daybreak" TV Morning Show, looking gorgeous in a fitted ivory lace dress with colored flower applique. Ivian doesn't speak English--as it was shown during the Final Telecast during the Interview portion of the Miss World 2011 Final. She also brought along an interpreter for the "Daybreak" interview, but I'm sure by next year, she'll be speaking it fluently--and in a British accent to boot!
Felicitaciones Ivian on becoming the new Miss World
Watch the Announcement of the Top Three, Plus the Crowning Moment of Miss World 2011:

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