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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2011 Evening Gowns: Native Couture Girls!

The Miss World Evening Gown National Costume Parade of Nations... If you've been reading my recent posts in this blog, I've been "reviewing" the evening dresses featured in last week's "Miss World Top Model World Designer" fashion show presentation. The Miss World Finals are this Sunday and this was one of the "Fast Track" Competitions. Now, I must discuss the "Costumed" ladies of this fashion show presentation. These are the contestants who wore dresses that were a little bit "costume-y" either in its fabrication or style, "Native Couture", I like to call it. There are some fabulous creations here--as well as some "Oh No Huney!" be the judge: Let's begin with... Miss Cote d'Ivoire 2011 Kohiman Kouadio: There's so many things going on in this dress: A) All those colors. B) The prints. C) The varying shapes happening--not only is there a mermaid silhouette, then there are bell-shapes to the sleeves. If there was a prize for how many design elements one can put in a dress, she would WIN! Love that smile! She's saying "You know you love my Crazee Couture!"...en francais, of course. Miss Tanzania 2011 Salha Israel: Another one of my "Native Couture" ladies is Miss Tanzania. Now, this is what I call ORIGINAL. Miss Salha has no shame featuring this ensemble--and doing it with the aplomb of a model in a Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Paris runway show! Is it a bit "costume'y"? yes. But is it still HOT? In a CRAZY-Hot sort of way. The multi-colored beaded crochet netting, her headdress, those STACKED heels of hers. She looks likes she went out to catch some fish, then through on the netting as a dress and some heels and decided to go to a party afterward. Miss United States Virgin Islands 2011 Esonica Veira: This Caribbean lovely went with a resort-inspired brightly printed halter-style dress that evokes a little bit of the flora-and-fauna of her islands. I like the colors, but not so sure it's THAT much of a statement-making dress. One can find this style--and even that type of print, in any Resort Boutique. She really should have gone all out and added an over-the-top Carnival-like feathered headdress to go with it. Miss Indonesia World 2011 Astrid Elena: Speaking of feathers...How 'bout that hairstyle accessory? Don't know what it has to do with Indonesia but I'm all for it: loving the three red feathers and loving the red high-necked gown. The beaded applique is stunning and yes, it looks quite expensive. This look combines the theatricality of a costume with the three-feather accessory but, take those away, and it's a great red carpet-worthy gown. Miss Botswana World 2011 Karabo Sampson: Yes, darling, we get it, Bostwana is in the continent of Africa. Therefore she went with a gold-and-black zebra printed strapless gown with some contrast gold metallic lamé at the bottom and a spotted animal print as well--thrown in for good "Safari" measure. It's A LOT of animal print. And somehow all I can think is that some 70's Pimp is missing his gold-and-black zebra printed RUG! Miss Kenya 2011 Susan Anyango: Another African beauty, Susan Anyango of Kenya, also went the "Native Couture" route with this bright coral-and-black gown featuring slashed panels, godets, ruffles on the neckline and hem as well as printed applique. It's a little "Halloween-y" and "First Semester Fashion School Student" project. Again, ladies, LESS can be MORE! Oh, and I can never say this enough: stay away from the flammable POLY SATIN! Miss Japan World 2011 Midori Tanaka: Love this Kimono-inspired creation. This is a perfect way to mesh both the "Evening Gown" and "World Designer/Native" elements. I absolutely LOVE that Kimono silk fabrication: stunning. I'm just not sure how the other gold fabrication goes with it. Miss Barbados 2011 Taisha Carrington: Taisha went the "Avant Garde" route for her "World Designer" pick. She ends up in my "Costume-y" section because well, it's a bit on the "She's on a FLOAT at Carnival AND going to some fancy party at the Coral Reef Club in Saint James" the same NIGHT! I love the turquoise color and high-neck design and I actually don't mind those stiff princess-seam panels on the skirt. I wish the fitted shape would have continued as opposed to the full gathered satin bottom. Miss Macedonia FYRO 2011 Vesma Jakimovska: What, in the name of the Fashion Gods, is this? The fully-sequined silver and black gown, the KRAZEE twisted details at the torso, shoulder and on the "arm band". AN ARM BAND!!!! And then, that's not enough: she finishes with a mini fascinator top hat! She's either going to a Gay Pride Parade in her country, or she's one of the singers at Eurovision. She gets points for even keeping a straight face through it all. Miss Turkey World 2011 Gizem Karaca: Finally in my "Native Couture/Costume" section, I present to you Miss Turkey. First of all, I think the gown is fantastic! It looks expensive, well made and the gold-and-silver beading is OUTRAGEOUS. It's very ON-Trend with that all the top designers--from NY to Paris--are showing. And by just adding the gold trim as a headband accessory she goes into "I'm an Ottoman Empire Princess" territory. Simply Fab!

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Firzy said...

the red-dressed woman with feathers (5th pic) is Astrid Elena from INDONESIA. Why did the description below mention she is Miss Singapore?

andrew said...

Dearest miss thang nick,
clearly the sash written in big caps INDONESIA..
Not sure why you keep saying miss singapore..
gurll better do some editing ;)