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NICK APPEARANCES.....2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Backstage, After Party

Pink Fabulous, Ethnic Mixing Provides VS Supermodel Fabulousness, my New "Boyfriend", Mantilla 2.0, and my St. Louis Sister from Another Mother--Read on...
Presenting Pink: Nick Verreos at the "Step-and-Repeat" Pink Carpet, 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Avenue 69th Regiment Armory
About three weeks ago--on November 8th--I flew to NYC for some business pitch meetings. But there was something else I had to do: I was asked to do some "Backstage and Pink Carpet Coverage" for a new forthcoming fashion/lifestyle YouTube web show "LookTV" for the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!
Heading Out: Nick Verreos, pink watch on wrist, Starbucks coffee in hand, red "Florence Italy Bag" in arm, ready to do my LookTV interviewing duties, The Marcel at Gramercy Hotel, NYC
Naturally, I was happy to oblige and provide my "OMG! I LUV Supermodels!!" self to all the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fabulousness. As you know, the actual show was televised last night on CBS but yes, it was taped back in early November (it takes time to edit it and make it look even more FAB!).
Pink Robe Princesses: (Left to right) Models Caroline Winberg (Sweden), Julia Stegner (Germany), Cameron Russell (Boston, USA)
Trying to get to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show backstage area--even as "official press"--was like trying to get clearance to enter The Pentagon (I'm just assuming, since I've never tried to go to The Pentagon). After getting my photo taken, my ID checked (yes, I'm GAY and don't mind seeing half-naked girls, thank you VERY MUCH!), with my camera and sound men in tow, I was ready to head into the "Pink Chamber". Backstage Madness: Backstage--as you can see above--was a madhouse. I had covered a VS Fashion Show Backstage before so this was "a piece of cake" for me--but even my "crew" was like "Oh Dear!": too many gorgeous women, too many reporters, too many make-up-and-hair people and too many Blackberry-carrying pr agents and model bookers trying to pretend to look busy. Of course, I began spotting all the VS girls: Adrianna, Alessandra, Candice, Chanel, Miranda (first names only!). I immediately got to work. At one point, as I was interviewing Miranda Kerr, a guy strolled on by us, and said "hey!" and gave her a kiss. It was Kanye West. Yes, kids, Kanye! (didn't realize he was shorter than me). Later, of course, he would be performing. Pardon Me Gorgeous, Can I Interview You: Nick Verreos with model Shanina Shaik, from Melbourne, Australia. Shanina has the most delicious skin color, piercing eyes and beautiful hair. I soon found out why: her mother is of Lithuanian and Australian heritage, while her father has Pakistani and Saudi Arabian roots. Note to People Wanting to have babies: YOU NEED TO MIX. Mixing cultures gives you future Victoria's Secret Supermodels!
The $2.5 Million 2011 Fantasy Treasure Bra: On display backstage at the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It was created by London Jewelers. Its President, the lovely Candy Udell was there--along with her big tough bodyguard (he was actually a total sweetheart).
I was backstage for about three hours, interviewing every girl I could get my microphone in front of--asking them everything from "How excited are you to be in the show?" to " Can you give us your best Bitchy/Sexy/Loving Look to the camera!". They were all a DREAM, and yes, supernaturally beautiful. Once you are back there, up-close-and-personal, you: A) realize they are Genetically-blessed "Super Creatures" all 6 feet and size ZERO of them, and B) That I am just a sub-human mortal who needs to hit the tread mill more often and stop my addiction to Fettuccine Alfredo! Now, onto The Show!
David Paul and Nick Verreos, 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Avenue 69th Regiment Armory
Partners-in-VS Fashion Show Crime: I was lucky enough to have gotten TWO tickets to actually see the show (after I was done with my backstage filming/interviews), and so naturally, I brought my NIKOLAKI design partner for life, David Paul. He put on his best Zara jacket (he looks so handsome!) and we made our way to our seats. The Performances: Kanye and Jay-Z: Kanye West first performed by himself doing "Stronger"--wearing a black velvet and multicolored printed bomber jacket from the Versace for H&M Collection (which back then, hadn't even been out yet--naturally Donatella gave him one ahead of schedule). Then, he brought out "surprise guest" Jay-Z to do "N***** In Paris". I'm not necessarily a Kanye or Jay-Z fan (I'm more a Kylie type of boy!) so I had no idea what they were singing or rapping but the crowd was loving it, as we were all forced to get up and do our best head bobbing and arm up-and-down swinging. Needless to say, they were great! Nicki Minaj did her "SuperBass" song during the last "Club Pink" section of the VS Fashion Show, which seemed great to have a fun and sassy ending to the entire extravaganza. I do know this song (thank you very much!) so I was singing along. Miss Nicki also had a bunch of hot-and-sexy dancers onstage with her as part of her performance. My New Boyfriend: Adam Levine and Maroon 5 also performed and to be honest, they were MY favorite performers of the night (just because I really like the song "Moves Like Jagger" and I really, really like cutie Adam!). But yes, he's taken, as you can see from the above photo, with his girlfriend, Russian-born model Anne Vyalitsyna. They were SO cute together, especially when he kissed her on the cheek as she posed at the end of the Swarovski crystal covered catwalk. The Fashion Show and Models: The Show was divided into six different sections: "Ballet", "Super Angels", "Passion", "Angels Aquatic", "I Put A Spell On You" and "Club Pink". The Collection of Fantasy Couture Lingerie/Costumes/Sassy Sportswear was designed by Todd Thomas and its Creative Design Director was fashion editor and stylist Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou. Lots of the creations seemed to be sub-contracted out to many different designers and costume houses. They created some wonders, for sure! Here were some of my favorites (with my "Nick VS Fashion Show and Model Scores"): Mantilla LOCA--Doutzen Kroes (Netherlands): During the "Passion" section, Doutzen came out in this STUNNING oversized lace embroidered and Swarovski crystal-encrusted Mantilla and Peineta "Wing" ensemble. It was INSANE: this should seriously be Miss Spain's national costume for the next Miss Universe pageant! Oh, I forgot, she also wore Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra and matching panty. VS Fashion & Model Score: 9.9 Catwalkin' In The Rain--Izabel Goulart (Brazil): This was one of my favorite pieces of the 2011 VS Fashion Show. This was during the "I Put A Spell On You" segment. She wore a custom striped bra and panty, Giuseppe Zanotti Designed black boots and TWO MOVING PARASOLS (!) attached to her back. These "Parasol Wings" were created by Ted Southern. I remember sitting there in the audience thinking "She's got TWO moving umbrellas as her Wings! You Go Izabel!". VS Fashion and Model Score: 9.8 Miss Oceania 2011: This was one of my favorite non-winged looks from the show, worn by French model Constance Jablonski in the "Angels Aquatic" section. The 2011 VS Fashion Show Run-of-Show Booklet (which was on my seat) credits this gorgeous beaded and feathered gown to Jolibe Atelier. Kudos on an amazing dress Jolibe Atelier, whoever you are: I need to see this gown on the next Miss Venezuela...or a really SCANDALOUS Figure Skater (a mini version perhaps?). VS Fashion and Model Score: 9.9 SuperWoman: Model Anja Rubik (Poland) is the DEFINITION of a "Super Angel" in this out of control ensemble. She's got the Victoria's Secret BioFit Bra and Incredible Panty (somewhere in there), a leather body suit and hand-painted (by Jeff Fender Studio) silk cape, all created by "By Barak" and thigh-high yellow boots by Zanotti. All on top of Anja's ZERO-FAT 5'10" figure that could make any woman--who might have a tinge of insecurity--not want to be within a mile radius from her. VS Fashion and Model Score: 10! Inflatable Supermodel: When the beautiful Joan Smalls (USA) stomped onto the VS Fashion Show--wearing a blue Latex Bodysuit from "House of Harlot" and what seemed like just a regular ol' cape, something KRAZEE happened at the end of the runway: her damn cape inflated and stood horizontally erect for the rest of her walk! "Oh No She Didn't!" is what I uttered to David. I think EVERY Gay in the audience stood up and gave Joan a standing ovation right then and there. VS Fashion and Model Score: 10! My New DIVA: I could barely talk when this STUNNING beauty stomped onto the catwalk. I was like "Who the H*** is that???" Her exotic face, her 6-foot long legs (she is actually 6 feet tall!), her 31.5" bust: 23" waist: 33" hips body (perfect for Haute Couture), her walk, everything was like she was a Goddess from the Amazon! Well, in fact, kind of: Lais Ribeiro is from Brazil, of course. Oh, and she's also a mom! VS Fashion and Model Score: 10! St. Louis Star: Last but certainly not least was what I considered "The Star of the Night", model Karlie Kloss, from the Good Ol' U. S. of A! This was Karlie's FIRST TIME modeling in a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Why? She just turned 18 and well, you have to be 18-and over to model in the VS Fashion Show, so she finally made it! For her first time, Miss Karlie BROUGHT IT, huney! The walk, the come-hither wink, the playing to the audience to get them excited and the shaking of the hair as the "Beyonce Fan" hit her right at the end of the was as if she'd been doing this for AGES! To be honest it put some of the "old timers" to shame (not naming names, kids!). VS Fashion and Model Score: 10! The After Party at Dream Downtown Hotel NYC: After the show, David and I headed to the Dream Downtown NYC Hotel where the official 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After Party was held. All the models were there--sans their costumes and runway creations of course.
What Models Wear to Cocktail Parties: Lais Ribeiro (Brazil), Emanuela De Paula (Brazil), Behati Prinsloo (Namibia), 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After Party, Dream Downtown NYC
They were all in very chic cocktail dresses or long gowns (I know: gowns!). Also, it was interesting that I didn't see ONE model in a tight Herve Leger "bandage dress". A couple of years ago when I also covered the VS Fashion Show, EVERY other model wore one to the After Party. Not so much this year. Kanye was there at the After Party of course, holding court with a bevy of beauties and his friends, and so was Adam Levine (my cutie!), his girlfriend, model Anne V. and the rest of Maroon 5. I even spotted Donna Karan, HUNK of all HUNKS actor Joe Manganiello (OMG!) and bearded (trying-to-be-incognito) Jake Gyllenhaal. Nick Verreos with model Anais Mali of France--I interviewed Anais backstage before the show so it was very nice seeing her after the show--she did an outfit change--from her pink VS robe to a long grape-colored satin gown with a high side slit with blue-green inside lining. Anais is another gorgeous ethnically-mixed model: her mom is from Chad and her dad is Polish. St. Louis Beauty: I was so exited when I saw MY Star of The VS Fashion Show Night, the gorgeous Karlie Kloss. I had to stop her and annoy her with my gushing. Also, since she's from St. Louis Missouri and that's where I was born (I know!), I also wanted to give her some "St. Louis Kisses"! Midwest Stunner: Karlie was SOOO sweet--no attitude, no "why are you bothering me, I'm at a party..." NADA. Her parents done taught her right. Simply beautiful inside and out--even in my brief meeting. Also, notice in the photo above, where her waist is, compared to me next to her: her WAIST is at the same level as MY CHEST! Those legs went on for FOREVER! Soon after that, David and I decided it was time to call it a night and end our amazing Pink-Fabulous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Day.

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