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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Spain 2011 Andrea Huisgen

Una Diosa Española
Olé : The newly crowned "Miss Spain 2011" Andrea Huisgen Serrano, who represented Barcelona
This past Sunday, Andrea Huisgen Serrano, Miss Barcelona was crowned Miss España (Miss Spain) 2011, at the Palacio de los Sueños in Seville, Spain. She is expected to represent Spain in the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant next year (where she will be known as "Miss Spain 2012").
Gracias Chicos: Andrea Huisgen "Miss Barcelona" being crowned "Miss Spain 2011" by her predecessor, Paula Guillo (right photo, in red gown)
Andrea, who was studying law (don't they all say that?!--or engineering or bio chemistry!) and also modeling (of course)...
Modelicious: Model photos of the new Miss Spain 2011 Andrea Huisgen (as a blonde)
Andrea Huisgen stands 1.81 meters (5'11") and is 21 years old. She was born in Barcelona Spain to a German father and Spanish mother and speaks 4 languages--Spanish, German, English and Catalan.
Feathered Gown Queen: Andrea Huisgen "Miss Barcelona"--and soon-to-be crowned "Miss Spain 2011"-- in her ivory strapless "Princess" ball gown of satin and feathers with crystal thin belt. To be honest, I am not a fan of this gown but still, she looked very "Beauty Pageant Perfect". However, the look is a bit dated and well, about five minutes away from a Quinceañera. (Keep reading below for an UPDATE regarding their gown choices...)
At first when I saw photos the beautiful new Miss Spain, I thought "Boy, she's got kind-of a "Venezuelan" air to her...(in terms of her stance, aplomb, hair, make-up...). So, it came as no shock when (after a little web research--yes kids, I do my Homework!) I learned that she was trained by Venezuelan Pageant "Trainer" and Missosologist (Pageant Expert/Fan) Ricardo Rodríguez, alias El Soplón.
The Day After: The beautiful--and newly-crowned "Miss Spain 2011", Andrea Huisgen, being interviewed the following day after her win
Ricardo has been preparing her with oratory, runway, make-up and hair, protocol, as well as all the other necessary "classes" needed to have a winner. It payed off, because, yes, she won! Could Ricardo be the new Osmel Sousa?? One thing's for sure, his "Day Rate" should go up.
Top Three: (Left to right) First Runner Up (Primera Dama de Honor) Miss Las Palmas Aranzazu Estévez, Miss Spain 2011 Andrea Huisgen, and 2nd Runner Up (Segunda Dama de Honor), Ana Amparo Crespo
Peineta (Spanish Hair Comb) Bathing Beauty: The new Miss Spain, Andrea Huisgen "Miss Barcelona", in her Official Swimsuit Photo for the Miss Spain 2011 Competition
Blush Beauties: There were Ten Semi-Finalists and they all had to model in Swimsuit as well as Evening Gowns, of course. Interestingly enough, during the evening gown portion, all the Semi-Finalists wore gowns in the same color: nude/putty/blush.
One Shouldered Señorita: Andrea (above) wore a one-shouldered draped gown with Empire-waist crystal trim detail that was very pretty and seemed to be one of those "high-low" gowns. However, I feel if you're going to show a "high-low" (short in the front/longer in the back) gown, the difference should be greater. Here, it looks like her gown is too short. She still looked gorgeous though. **UPDATE on the Gowns: I actually heard from her fabulous Pageant Trainer--"El Soplon", Richard Rodríguez --via Twitter (the beauty of Social Media!), who told me something I already suspected: that the gowns were sponsored and that they actually were "given" their gowns the day of, the actual pageant and therefore, the girls had "little choice".
Fashion Diva: Hostess With The Fashion Mostess: María José Suárez, co-host of the televised "Miss Spain 2011" Contest (above with Agustín Bravo). María José is a TV Presenter in Spain as well as of course, a former Miss Spain (in 1996). The Spanish Celeb Magazines just LUV her! She also wins my unofficial "Best Dressed of Miss España TV Show" Award. Wearing the same blush-colored type gown as the Semi-Finalists during the contest, she still somehow stood out for her elegance and overall "I've Won Already Ladies!" pose. This gown fits her to perfection. Note to the new Miss Spain: it's not too barely see the shoes! Good job María José! Sequined Goddess: And above (as any good DIVA TV presenter, María José had an outfit change), she looks STUNNING in a gold-and-blue ombre sequined strapless gown. She's almost looking at the new Miss Spain as if to hint to her "Mija, THIS is the gown, you should wear next Miss Universe!" Felicitaciones to the new gorgeous Miss Spain, Andrea Huisgen! Click below for video showing HIGHLIGHTS of the new "Miss Spain 2011", Andrea Huisgen, during the contest and being CROWNED:

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