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Jumpsuit Diva:
Original Sketch for Carolina Kostner's Grand Prix 2011-2012 Free Skate Costume, designed by Carolina Kostner for T-SHIRT T-SHOPS®
My Dear NICKVERREOS.COM readers--and Figure Skating Fans (yes, I am talking to you!)-- As you know, the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final for this 2011-2012 season just took place in Canada and therefore, naturally, I began writing my "Nick Two Cents" reviews on the costumes worn--including some old and yes, some new ones!! (Yeayyy!) Now, speaking of my readers: I LOVE them. For many reasons including the fact that they always update me with the BEST information and, of course, I MUST pass it along to everybody.
One-Shoulder Disco: Italy's Carolina Kostner, Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final, Quebec City Quebec Canada
As you'll see in the comment section of my previous post on the Ladies' Costumes for the Grand Prix Finals, a very kind reader informed me that it was Miss Carolina Kostner who designed her very own costumes this year. No Roberto Cavalli (that's old news, kids!) or Frida Giannini of Gucci or Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana (now THAT I wanna see!). In a design partnership with Italian brand T-SHIRT T-SHOPS®, Carolina Kostner designed her gray and silver degrade jumpsuit using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
Crystal Leg Lift: Italy's Carolina Kostner, during her Gold Medal-winning Free Skate, Grand Prix Final 20122-2012 Quebec City Quebec Canada
Known for fab shirts that use the Swarovski Crystals for embellishment and detail, T-SHIRT T-SHOPS® began in the Italian town of Assisi but today over 500 high-end boutiques around the world sell the brand, including Rome, Saint Tropez, St. Moritz, Vienna, Berlin, Monaco, Dubai, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
Back View: Sketch of Carolina Kostner's Grand Prix Free Skate Costume, designed by Kostner
Here's a quote from the company's "press release": "T-SHIRT T-SHOPS, an Umbrian clothing brand committed to quality and attention to detail, makes available “Made In Italy” handcrafted passion and skill, and together with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, transforms Carolina’s ideas into sparkling competition costumes that make the young skater a shining ambassador of Italy all over the world". "...the basic costume for the long program skated to Concerto No. 27 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, outlines the luminous silhouette of a dancer and evokes a starry sky through more than one million of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. ONE MILLION Swarovski crystals!!?? ¡Mamma mia! As my reader also informed me, this is not the first time Carolina has worn a jumpsuit and I have to agree that the one worn in 2008 is more to my liking. But...I still think this 2011-2012 Grand Prix one is Over-the-Top Disco Favoloso!!! Check out the video below of Carolina Kostner in 2008 with her "first" jumpsuit:

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