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ICE STYLE.....2011 ISU Grand Prix Final: MEN!

A Sequined Un-tied Ascot, Suspender Mania and a Men's Costume Flashback...
Ooooh GURL: Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu reacts with a Macaulay Culkin "Home Alone" look (he's also kind of well, "queening out" as we say in my circles) after his well-done Free Program skate, Grand Prix Final Quebec City Quebec Canada
Historic Quebec City Quebec, Canada
Continuing with my review of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final Costume Review, it's now time for the Men! I am still not over Carolina Kostner's surprise sequined "Debi Thomas/Cats (thanks Sarah Hughes for that reference!)/Donna Summer unitard-jumpsuit" but...I think I can move on--and talk about my boys.
The Top Three: (Left to right) Silver Medal Winner Daisuke Takahashi of Japan, Gold Medalist Patrick Chan of Canada and Javier Fernandez of Spain with his Silver Medal, Grand Prix Final 2011-2012 Quebec City Quebec Canada
The boys at Quebec City's Grand Prix Final 2011-2012 didn't deliver many Costume Surprises (unlike the Ladies), but there was one notable competitor who did do a "Costume Change" for this Grand Prix Final: Japan's Daisuke Takahashi and I wanted to talk about a "Suspender" Theme as well as well, an Homage to a "Costume Blast From the Past". Let's discuss: Daisuke Takahashi of Japan: Takahashi skated his Free Skate to "Blues for Klook" , a blues-y/jazzy number by French jazz composer Eddy Louiss. And yes, he "changed" his costume, to the one in the photo above and below: Everything about it seemed the same as his "old" Free Skate costume for this season: a black shirt-and-pant ensemble (yawn) but then he added an extra somethin'-somethin', a gold-and-black beaded Ascot/un-tied scarf that was stitched to the shirt. This above (and below) is what he had worn throughout this season's Grand Prix, and notice that there was no gold-and-black added piece! So, this could be considered a "Costume Change"--well at least for the Men! Baby Steps for the Men. Although it wasn't some extraordinary costume upgrade, I do like the change. His previous costume (above) looked a little amateur and had a "happy hands at home....with a bedazzler" feel to it. The new piece added a bit more excitement to what is basically a black ensemble. Time for a Grand Prix Men's Costume Theme Minute: Suspenders Jeremy Abbott of the USA: One of my favorite male figure skaters, Jeremy Abbott, donned a suspenders-and-shirt costume for his Grand Prix 2011-2011 Series Short Program skated to "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Bei Mir Bistu Shein". LOVE the metallic silver braces (suspenders) and the pin-tucked blue-and-black shirt. The suspenders are really the stars of this costume. But then, there is a "Supporting Star" in his costume... Are those Spats??? Yes, in fact, they are! Figure Skating Spats. Gotta Luv them! Jeremy, you are my new Costume Obsession. He's so early-20th Century Fashion Fab! Moving on...Another Suspender King was... Javier Fernandez of Spain: Again, for his Short Program to "I Love Paris" and "Petit Fleur", he wore a white dress shirt, tucked-in mustard yellow "Mr Rodgers" cardigan, dark gray pleated (Pleated!!!) pants, and yes, SUSPENDERS. Abbott and now Men's Figure Skating Costume means a TREND has officially emerged! On a separate note: several TV commentators spoke of his skating--and costume--being reminiscent of his coach's "look". His coach, in case you didn't know, is Brian Orser (seen above with his "star", Spain's Javier Fernandez at one of the Grand Prix 2011-2012 events' "kiss-and-cry"). Orser was a 1984 and 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist and 1981-88 Canadian national champion. In other words: don't mess with him kids! Speaking of Brian Orser...Time For a Costume Flashback Homage:
Orser Red: Brian Orser, 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics Free Skate Costume
This was Brian Orser--and his Costume back at the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics. Orser skated his Long Program/Free Skate to Shostakovich "Ballet Suite No. 5 from The Bolt" and well, let's just say, he "GAVE IT TO YOU!" in terms of costume. The bright red "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" gold-piping epaulets, gold buttons, the gold leafed sash... The center front lapped zip flared-leg jumpsuit, the matching RED skate covers: Oh Lord, I think I just had a Figure Skating Costume Heart Attack...but in a good way. I miss those "Good Ol' Days" of Men's Figure Skating Costumes. Can I sign a Costume Petition to BRING BACK the Brian Orser Costume Days!!!! Please?? * Up Next: Grand Prix Finals Costumes Wrap-Up--Pairs, Ice Dancers

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