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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 People's Choice Awards Trend Alert: Leather Dresses

LEATHA Time! If there was one trend we could latch onto from last night's People's Choice Awards 2012 Red Carpet--other than the "anything goes" from Krazeee to Klassy-looking ensembles we saw, it would be LEATHER. Several ladies wore leather on the red carpet (it's been nippy at night here in LA as of late!). Here are examples: Kristen Bell in Valentino Spring 2012: The proverbial "leather and Lace" combination came up on Kristen Bell in the form of this very feminine red dress from Valentino Spring 2012, featuring a fitted lace and chiffon overlay top section and half-circle A-line shaped red leather attached skirt. I like the dress and those gold-creme heels. It's just the messed-up hair that troubles me. This is where non-fashion/non-hair expert people say "Someone actually got PAYED to do that hair style?"...and kids, I have to second that. Ashley Greene in DKNY: Greene stars in the new ad campaign so naturally, she is wearing DKNY. Again, it's (wait for it): leather and lace! Yes, kids. This time, it's a very form-fitting black dress with a flared skirt panel. It's very "Sexy Morticia"! And I'm happy that her hair looks flawless; clean, soft, and healthy. Maybe Kristen Bell should switch to Ashley Greene's hair stylist. Pronto. Elisha Cuthbert in Vawk: Vawk is a brand based out of Toronto, Canada and designed by Sunny Fong. Elisha is Canadian and therefore, it's nice she was wearing a fellow countryman's design. The gown features a gold leather/lace strapless bustier with a black silk chiffon full skirt. It's very "Wonder Woman" Linda Carter don't ya think? In other words: Me likey.

4 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 People's Choice Awards Trend Alert: Leather Dresses"

Anissa said...

I can't say I'm on board with this combination yet. The closest is Elisha but while I love the top, the skirt just doesn't seem right for it (too plain maybe)?
I think that the leather in general is just too heavy next to the lace so it's more jarring?

Angela1971 said...

Nick...Vawk is run by Mr. Sunny Fong. So he cannot be a fellow Canadian-Woman of Elisha. He won the Project Runway Canada season 2. But I still love anyhow!

Nick Verreos said...

Thanks Angela1971! Fixed it! Great Project Runway connection!

Angela1971 said...

Thank you Sir Nick. Please keep up the good work. Have admired your work for years!