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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Armani Prive S/S 2012

Haute Sea Creatures
Underwater Fab: Armani Prive Spring 2012
Continuing with Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, the Italian Master--Giorgio Armani-showed his Armani Prive Spring 2012 Collection. It featured 44 looks all in varying shades of green. Now, something must be in the air--first Karl Lagerfeld showed his Chanel Haute Couture Collection all in varying shades of blue, now Armani--but in green this time. What's next? Next season, another designer will show their Haute Couture Collection in all shades of purple?? (or maybe I should for my next NIKOLAKI collection!!).
Russian Dolls: Elena Perminova and Miroslava Duma at the Armani Prive Spring 2012 show
Present for the showing were a bevy of Armani-ites--from Russian billionaire Alexander Lebedev's wife and part-time model, Elena Perminova and Miroslava Duma, former editor of Russian Harper's Bazaar and Russian fashion icon--to actresses like...
Jessica Chastain--who in fact, got word of her Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress as she was sitting down for the show. She had the nerve to answer her cell phone as the Armani Prive show was about to start: Mon Dieu!! Thank goodness she did (there were shrieks and claps being heard right before the beginning of the show). Well, I have a very strong feeling that Chastain might be wearing Armani Prive to the Oscars. I might even bet money on it.
Green Sea Creature: Armani Prive Spring 2012
Now, onto the show: The all-shades-of-green collection was called "Metamorphosis". Something about a woman who changes from being calm and elegant and slowly "comes out of her skin". As one can see from the photos in this posting, the varying shades of green--from hunter green, apple green, to chartreuse--were beautiful. In terms of fabrications, Armani and his Couture atelier always deliver stupendous modern fabrics with sci-fi elements such as metalized silk satins, gazar, organza and oversized paillettes and beading.

Shoulder Chic: Armani Prive Spring 2012
The show began with the incredible craftsmanship of Armani's suits; those architectural shoulders that slant ever so slightly upward and probably required hours upon hours of draping and tailoring to get it just right. His skirts were side-draped and folded in an original way, bringing life to the otherwise same-old same-old pencil skirt.
Princess Beatrice Is Calling: Armani Prive Spring 2012
Haute Milliner Philip Treacy, created the twisted miniature fascinators to help bring to life Armani's Metamorphosized "creatures of the sea" and there were some fingerless driving gloves that Madonna would LOVE. Here are more photos from the collection and take special note of the final gowns in this posting--these have Academy Awards Red Carpet written ALL OVER them! Hello Jessica Chastain!
Chartreuse Couture: Armani Prive Spring 2012
And The Nominees Are...Armani Prive Spring 2012
And The Winner Is...Armani Prive Spring 2012
Click Below for Armani Prive Spring 2012 Runway Video:

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