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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Menswear Fashion Week: Lanvin A/W 2012

Modern Suit Boys...
Bizznessss Meeting: Lanvin Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Bow-tie Boy Wonder Alber Elbaz and his menswear designer, Lucas Ossendrijver showed their Lanvin Men's Collection today during the end of Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012/2013. And, I loved it! So that's why I am sharing with my devoted blog readers here. It was all about the extended and semi-exaggerated shoulder, nipped-in waist and gorgeous coats and pants.
Extended Shoulder: Lanvin Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Speaking of pants--the crotch is long and the waist is high. Boots are still being worn outside the tucked-in long as the trousers are slim. And yes, if I didn't have Home Mortgage Money to think about...I sooo would get me one of those jackets/coats like TOMORROW!!! This collection was one of my favorite ones--after seeing the photos and video.
Striped Boys: Lanvin Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Loose vs. Slim: Lanvin Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Puffy Tuxedo Chic: Lanvin Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2013
Click Below to watch Runway Video of Lanvin Men's Fall/Winter 2012/2012:

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Lisamacnewton said...

Striped suits look a little "low security prison" to me.....maybe if the stripe were more subtle?