Sunday, February 26, 2012
Glenn Close in Zac Posen Fall 2012: Fresh off the New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Runway, Glenn Close wore this Zac Posen Forest Green Gown with Pleated Train and Beading. Close decided to add a matching tuxedo jacket to the ensemble, and that is where I think the outfit took a misstep. The dress is nice enough (although I think the color is not great for Glenn)--and her hair and makeup always look great--but I would have love to see her try something a bit more outside her comfort zone. This is Mother Of The Bride--in a Multimillionaire's Wedding!! Your thoughts??? Please let me know by leaving comments below!!!


Tbone said...

Glenn honey. Please.

The Professor said...

Don't mind the jacket; it's that stuff strewn randomly around the knees that throws it off. Love the color but it doesn't photograph well, I think.

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