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ICE STYLE.....2012 US Figure Skating Championships: ICE DANCE!

Costume Change-a-Thon!! Top Ice Dancers: (Left to Right) Silver Medalists Alex Shibutani and Maia Shibutani, Gold Medalists Charlie White and Meryl Davis, Bronze Medalists Zachary Donohue and Madison Hubbell, and Pewter Medalists Logan Giulietti and Lynn Kriengkrairut, 2012 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships HP Pavilion San Jose, California Rounding out my Blog Costume Review of last weekend's 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Championships held in San Jose California, we are now left with the colorful and always sassy (most of the time, especially those Eastern Europeans!!) Ice Dancers. For this 2011-2012 Season, the Short Dance is a Latin-inspired one, as required and specified by the ISU/International Skating Union. I think it should ALWAYS be Latin...much more exciting that way--musically and costume-wise! Oh, and did I mention there were some Costume Changes this time around. Love that! So, let's begin: Bronze Medalists Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donahue Free Dance Costume: They skated to "I Put A Spell On You". And their costumes, though contemporary, were on the yawn side. I get it--they're supposed to be a couple in the midst of a love spell, and so on and so forth. Now, I understand that her mother makes all her costumes and Kudos to all Mom's and especially ones with Sewing Talents (I LOVE me the Sewing Moms!), but I just wasn't a fan of these in particular. Both his and her "costumes" (if one could call them that) were straight out of a store from a mall: Madison's, from "Contempo Casuals" back in the 80's and 90's and Zachary's, from "Ross Dress For Less". Hubbell and Donahue Short Dance: For their Latin-influenced Short Dance, they BROUGHT IT!! (Thank Goodness). Now here, I really, really liked Madison's costume. So, Congrats to her Mommie on this one! They danced to samba and rhumba rhythms and her costume reflected this. I loved the black-and-white print, the multicolored strips of fabric mimicking feathers. And I also liked that she slicked her hair back in a FIERCE chignon. She looked like a Fantasy Cheetah from Brazil! Oh, and I almost forgot about Zachary: he looked HOT HOT HOT! The plunging neckline, the sheer and solid panels on the shirt, the "tuxedo" stripe on the pants...all fab! Madison Chock and Evan Bates: For their Short Latin Dance to "Chick, Chick Boom", Madison wore a coral-red costume and Evan went black (of course). I liked her costume; it moved marvelously on the ice (love the "fringed" strips of fabric on the skirt section), and I liked the sexy styling and contrast velvet and sequined underpiece. Unfortunately, they did not skate they're best and didn't make the podium this year. But they get my Nick V. Medal for sexy costumes! Costume Change The Ice Dancers Edition: Silver Medalists Maia and Alex Shibutani: They did their Latin Short Dance to "Batucada", "Skip to the Bip" and "Jazz Machine". Maia wore a deep violet halter neckline costume with silver crystal embellishment and fringed skirt (fringe is BIG this 2011-2012 Season!). I liked this costume--the color is vibrant, the sequins are strong, framing her torso well and it was great to see a sassy semi-backless number on little Maia. Speaking of sassy, Alex's costume (the deep violet stretch shirt in particular) was tight and hunky! I didn't realize there were defined muscles on that boy (I know, he's just 20!). NHK Trophy: Anyhow, from the minute they stepped on the ice (I was there at the HP Pavilion!), I noticed "Wait, those aren't the same costumes they wore last time in the Short Dance". And after a quick web search on my iPad at the stadium, lo and behold I was right: this above is what her costume looked like when they competed at the NHK Trophy in Japan--also for the Latin Short Dance: a one-shoulder black asymmetrical skirt costume with silver beaded fringe. Alex wore a black tuxedo shirt and pant look. ISU Grand Prix Finals: this above is what they wore for their Latin Short Dance at the ISU Grand Prix Finals in Canada back in December. Maia's was the same black one shoulder costume but they added pink edge trim to it and Alex's remained untouched. Shibutani and Shibutani Free Dance Costumes: Continuing with the costume change theme, Maia also changed her costume for the Free Dance to "Selections from the Sun Valley Serenade Soundtrack" by Glenn Miller. Above is the "new" one she wore last weekend at the US Nationals. The orange and fuchsia color was pretty and strong enough to stand out on the ice, and I liked the original "threading" detail through the side of the costume. Grand Prix Finals: This is what she last wore at the Grand Prix Finals--same color story but had a more "conservative" 1940's feel to it, in its neckline, flutter sleeves. Alex also changed his suspenders and tie to match the colors of Maia's dress which really helped unify the looks. NHK Trophy: And above is the very first version of their Free Dance Costume which they debuted at the NHK Trophy. I really liked these costumes. They reflected the "Big Band" theme of the music, they looked young, fresh and oh-so-cute, like two college kids back in the 40's going out to a dance. But I suspect, they were deemed too cute and young-looking. Therefore the changes. But I have to say, I absolutely love that they keep changing their costumes--whether it is because they and their coaches can't make up their minds in terms of what look works, or if it's to keep the dance exciting and to keep the fans excited--like "what will Maia wear next!?" Whichever reason it is, as a fashion designer and a fan of the sport, it keeps me watching! Gold Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White: And yet, another Costume Change...this time with Davis and White--the "Golden Couple" of Ice Dancing. This time, the costume change was for their Short Latin Dance to "Batucadas", "Life is a Carnival" and "On The Floor". And it was just Meryl who did the change. Again, I noticed it immediately when she stepped on the ice. For the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, she wore a bronzed, copper and gold costume with intricate swirly patterns and fringe (of course!) at the bottom. It was a change from her last two "appearances" on the ice: Skate America 2011-2012: This is what she wore for the Latin Short Dance at the first Grand Prix competition event of the season. It was a bright neon orange halter style costume with keyhole detail, skirt fringe and multicolored stones at the hip and neckline. Charlie wore black pants and striped bronze-and-black shirt... Rostelecom Cup 2011-2012: This was what they wore at the Cup of Russia Grand Prix. I loved this look on Meryl!!! This is my favorite of all the three costume changes. It was the same color story as the one at Skate America but in terms of the styling, it was FASHION FASHION FASHION! Loved the asymmetry of the torso, how sexy it was and the very expensive-looking bead work at the bust. Also, notice that Charlie changed his shirt--to a more wavy pattern (as opposed to striped) print--same bronze-and-black color though. I wished she would have stayed in this costume for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. I feel it's much more impacting and Latina! Very JLo On Ice!

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Debra said...

Can I just say to you, Nick Verreos, that I am loving your blog? I only found it recently, but I am a figure skating fashion fan from way, way back. I am a huge figure skating fan and I always comment on the costumes. Thank you for your insights. I love them. By the way, I am also a huge Project Runway fan, too. I have sewn all my life and I love a show where sewing gets it's due.