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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 Grammy Awards: Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia

Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia: In case anyone is wondering, Gomez-Gracia a British contemporary clothing brand with designer Patricia Gomez-Gracia at its helm. She's originally from Spain and earned her design chops with Alexander McQueen and Julien Macdonald while working in London, where her brand is now based.
The Designer, Patricia Gomez-Gracia, in the dress
What I love about Carrie Underwood is she is willing to take chances on new--or lesser known--designers (like lil 'ol me!) and with this dress by Gomez-Gracia. As seen from the dress she wore of mine--we know Miss Carrie loves sleeves! And this white and silver sequined stunner has 'em! Long ones--plus a sexy open back with attached bra-line strap. I think she looks great! Now, the other great thing is that it looks like you can buy it now HERE and on SALE!

Click below for video of the owner/designer wearing the dress at New York Coterie Autumn/Winter 2011 Show: (I love that the designer is walking around in HER OWN Gown!! I wish I could do that!!)

3 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 Grammy Awards: Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia"

Anissa said...

I don't love this so reminds me of static or "snow" on a tv set that is having reception issues...

Anonymous said...

Carrie Underwood looked amazing in a GOMEZ-GRACIA gown at such an important event. , what a glory to see a welldressed lady. Gomez-Gracia is a talented, hard working beautiful designer, that gets her inspiration when she comes to Miami to R&R with family and childhood friends.

Anonymous said...

The symbol is the Medusa not a sun god.