Sunday, February 12, 2012
Nicki Minaj (and a Bishop/Pope Impersonator) in Custom Atelier Versace: Well, well, well, the "Lady Gaga Entrance In An Egg" Award for 2012 goes to....Miss Nicki Minaj!!! She donned a carmine red silk satin hooded coat with the Versace "Sun God" insignia in hand-beaded Swarovski crystals right in the center front. It's Little Red Riding Hood COUTURE darlings!!! Not sure what the Bishop/Pope next to her is supposed to mean...but maybe she just couldn't find a date so she went to the nearest Catholic Church and a Bishop was available...for the night? I do feel like this will be part of a performance and there is something much more under that coat. Leave it to Miss Nicki, is all I have to say. I'll leave this one up to YOU GUYS!! Please Fill In The Blank: Nicki Minaj is going to ________.


Angela1971 said...

Pull a Kanye moment and go up on stage saying how she should have won some award!

Anonymous said...

if you could afford couture youd know it was a medusa logo not sun god,so tell everyone how to say haute couture,you can say it i can afford it

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