Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Go Red Day!!!!--Recap Part Two:
Nick Verreos Macy's Herald Square NYC, National Wear Red Day Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash
And now, here is my "Part Two", and final recap of my time in NYC last week working for Macy's and the American Heart Association to help raise awareness of heart disease and February 3rd's National Wear Red Day--and of course, helping women "embrace" RED and how to dress RED for the day--and the entire MONTH (as you know, February is American Heart Month!).
Step and Go Red Repeat: Nick Verreos, Macy's Herald Square NYC Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash
In my last post, I recapped my time arriving in NYC, doing a full Satellite Media Tour across the US with 30+ TV and Radio stations, as well as a brief "run-in" with my Project Runway Season 2 companion, fashion designer Daniel Vosovic. But now, it's time for the BIG DAY:
Red Required: Nick Verreos, flanked by Athena and Rafael, Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash Macy's Herald Square Volunteers/Greeters
I arrived in my RED jacket ensemble (with black skinny jeans, black skinny tie, white shirt and red-white-and-black polka dot pocket hankie) at Macy's Herald Square and I was so happy to be greeted by the two cutest National Wear Red Day Macy's Volunteers: Athena and Rafael. Both were students from F.I.T. and both were braving the very cold weather with their fabulous signs, welcoming Macy's shoppers to come and attend the Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash event which I would be part of. After a brief stop to pose by the signs and posters welcoming everyone to the event--along with my partner David Paul (above, left)--who of course, came with me for support--wearing his stylish red cardigan.
Taking the Stage: Nick Verreos with Mrs International 2011 Janet Bolin (left), Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash Macy's Herald Square NYC
Our MC was the statuesque and very beautiful "Mrs. International 2011" Janet Bolin. Naturally, I LOVE me a Pageant Girl; a sash, a crown and some fabulous heels...doesn't take much for me to like you! Soon, it was time for me to take the podium. I briefly talked about how amazing of a day this was and getting the audience up to speed with the importance of National Wear Red Day and the Go Red For Women cause. And, since, yes, I was the "Fashion Guy", also letting women know that THEY ALL CAN--and should wear RED!!!
Three's Company: (Left to right) Star Jones, Elizabeth Banks, Nick Verreos Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash, Macy's Herald Square NYC
I was also joined by my co-co-presenters, actress Elizabeth Banks, who wore a very cute polka-dotted jacquard wrap-style dress and nude heels, and the ever-so-fab Miss Star Jones (I feel like she deserves a "Miss" in front of her name...ALWAYS!) in a sleeveless red stretch sateen sheath dress and red heels. They both spoke eloquently about heart disease and how important the Go Red For Women cause is to them. It was such an honor and wonderful experience to be part of this great day and to add my "Nick Stamp" to National Wear Red Day. Afterward, Elizabeth, Star, and I all walked over to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women Wall and signed it, sharing our pledge to spread the message of ending heart disease.
Red Macy's: Nick Verreos, Macy's Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash Wall, Macy's Herald Square NYC
Of course, I decided to add my own "Nick" touch to my signature and not only did I write "I Go Red" but of course, I had to draw a fashion illustration of a croquis in a FAB red gown--a NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos & David Paul design--naturally:
Nick Verreos, Elizabeth Banks and Star Jones, signing the Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash Wall, Macy's Herald Square NYC
The photographers got a big kick out of that (I guess, they weren't used to a "Fashion Guru" actually being able to draw "on the spot"-- Mon Dieu!)--and yes, my co-presenters Star Jones and Elizabeth Banks loved it too--they were so inspired, they went back to the wall and drew hearts and kisses.
Red Dress Gown Sketch by Nick Verreos, Macy's Herald Square NYC Go Red For Women Red Dress Dash
I had such an AMAZING time being part of this day and helping the cause of ending heart disease. I am a boy who was raised by wonderful and loving women so this cause is near and dear to me. I want my LADIES to live LONGER and healthier lives! Thank you Macy's and American Heart Association for allowing me to be part of this great day! Oh, and EVERYONE: Go Red!!!!


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