ICE STYLE.....ISU 2012 World Championships Nice France: Ladies Short Program

Les Dames... Ashley Wagner USA: Wagner ranked the highest score of the two Americans competing (poor Miss Alissa Czisny--she's SIXTEENTH!!)--The red sequined dress to her "Pollock" Short Program for this 2011-2012 Season is pretty and expensive-looking. On a (slightly) negative note: it's a bit "Figure Skating Costume 101" and not so Fashion-creative. Speaking of Alissa...Even though she didn't do so well at the 2012 Nice World Championships, I still LOVE her serenely elegant back silver sequined costume--it's a "throw back" to those simple Vera Wang numbers.
Nice France
The ISU 2012 World Figure Skating Championships are occurring in Nice France and in my last posting, I wrote about the Short Dance Costumes of the Latin-Fabuloso Ice Dancers and now, it's the Ladies' turn...They just did their Short Programs. If you've been a fan and a follower of International Figure Skating Competitions (and my blog here), in terms of costumes, there was nothing really new (the costume changes usually happen with the Ice Dancers) but there was still enough color and fashion worthy of some "Nick Two Cents": Alena Leonova Russia: Skating to "Sirens" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", Leonova's costume reflected her music perfectly. It's rare to see a "pant's-costume" in International Ladies Figure Skating Competition, so I give her 'Nick Points" for going there. I've seen this costume on her so many times now, that I am just DYING to see something add some Swarovski crystals to that vest!!!! Or at least begin with a big ol' Pirate hat and then swoosh it off into the audience when you begin...something! Kanako Murakami Japan: The top Japanese skater (so far after the Short Program), Murakami skated to "Violin Partita No. 2" by Johann Sebastian Bach. Her swirly lilac sequined costume is OK--nothing too "Japanese Vogue Magazine"-fashion earthshaking...but just OK. I'd like to see something more modern and fashion-forward, especially when skating to such classical music. Carolina Kostner Italy: in Third Place after the Short Program Results, Miss Kostner wears this neon green and sequined number for her "Allegretto From Trio. No. 2" skate. Love the bright color and asymmetry of the style lines. However, I want to see more Cavalli or Dolce & Gabbana and less Torino Italia Skating Store . Mao Asada Japan: Skating to "Scheherazade", Asada wore this baby blue costume with tassels, gold trim, embroidery and diamante crystal details...I have to say, that I miss this Pantaloon costume which she wore for the NHK Grand Prix back in November 2011: I like this costume much better. It's daring. Fits the music, theme, and stands out far more--in a better way--than the baby blue number. Sarah Hecken of Germany: I'll give you one guess as to what music she is skating to in this red and black with tassels and rose applique costume....If you thought "Carmen" by Bizet, well, you were wrong. It was to "Malaguena" by Ernesto Lecuona. It looks very much like a Spanish mantilla and therefore, I like it! Ksenia Makarova Russia: To her Short Program of "Maria and the Violin's String", Makarova wore a powder blue costume with delicate crystal beading that is both modern and elegant. I like its simplicity and lack of "Toddlers & Tiara's" details. She gets an "A" in my Figure Skating Costume Book! Although she gets a big deduction for that one nude illusion glove! Maybe she hurt herself and it is a wrist brace and she decided to add some Swarovski Crystals?! If that is the case, then she is back up to an "A"! Valentina Marchei Italy: Skating to "Johnny's Mambo" , her red-and-silver costume strikes me as something one would see from the Ice Dancers. And this is why I'm a fan! It's both tacky and Fab--at the same time. Love the torso sequin detail and then the skirt is all "Fire-and-Ice" with it's "shredded" fabric. The thing that throws me off is the "look at my crotch" applique in the center front of the skirt... Valentina, we might not want to focus there!!!

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In a TV interview, Mao Asada said she had to change the pants costume (which she wore for the NHK Grand Prix in November 2011) to a dress because the pants were impeding her jumps.