WHO WORE WHAT?.....Lady Gaga at Seoul Gimpo Airport in Atelier Versace


Now I KNOW She Didn't Travel COACH!!!

Lady Gaga in Atelier Versace Spring 2011, arriving at Seoul's Gimpo International Airport

Late Friday, Lady Gaga arrived from her 12+ hour flight to Seoul Korea, ready to kick off her "Born This Way Ball" tour on April 27th in Seoul's "Olympic Stadium". No word on whether she flew private or commercial...either way, DARLINGS THIS is the way to travel: She made her grand entrance fresh off the said flight and customs NOT wearing sweats, a baseball cap and sunglasses (like most stars-well, except Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham) but instead, she emerged in HAUTE COUTURE!!!! Only Miss Lady Gaga would arrive in a $40,000+ (I'm sure she didn't have to pay, and it was borrowed from the Atelier's PR Office, notice how UBER long it is on her--that means it was the Showroom/Look Book Sample) Atelier Versace Spring 2011 ivory gathered gown.

Atelier Versace Spring 2011

The Grecian-Goddess styled dress featured full gathered dolman sleeves, plunging neckline, and gold sequined trim at the midriff, arms and back. She didn't end there--she accessorized it with a fabulous crystal-encrusted mask and headdress that wrapped around her perfect updo, as well as white sheer gloves.

Who Does That??? Lady Gaga does. I'm sure she got onto the plane in pj's and a big cashmere Hermes blanket but then, 12+ hours later, emerged like Aphrodite!! She took the whole Victoria Beckham change-into-an-arrival-outfit thing...to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL!!! The Airport is the New Runway...

I would have LOVED to have been either a passenger in that First Class Cabin watching the transformation take place, or at least be one of her make-up, hair, styling team, trying to help her with the "Arrival Outfit Change". Oh, and WHERE would you plug a STEAMER in a 747 Jumbo Jet to steam this gown pre-arrival??? I am a big proponent of "Dressing Up To Travel" but this one took it a whole other level!!! Go on Lady Gaga. WURK it huney! Now, can I see your passport and visa papers??? And Welcome to Seoul!

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