SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World Brazil, Miss World Ukraine, Miss Universe Japan 2012

Prom...Or Pageant???
Blond Satin and Blue: Miss Brazil World 2012 Mariana Notarangelo
As you know, I LOVE me some PAGEANTS--well, Beauty Pageants to be exact. And I especially love me some Beauty Pageant Gowns and enjoy covering that topic here on my little ol' Style Blog...Recently, there has been a lot of pageant crowning activity around the world and therefore, it seems natural to discuss some of the pageant gowns as well.
Just yesterday, a new Miss Mundo Brasil 2012 (Miss World Brazil 2012) was crowned during a gala in Porto Alegre. She is the lovely Mariana Notarangelo, 24 years old and 1.75 m (5' 9") and from Rio de Janeiro. The blond Notarangelo (sounds like an Italian liqueur!) is not new to the pageant scene: In 2010, she won the title of "International Queen of Coffee" in Manizales (Colombia) and in 2011 was also the winner of the "Miss Global Beauty Quest" competition held in Seoul (Korea).
Royal Blue Princess: Miss Brazil World 2012 Winner Mariana Notarangelo
She won wearing a bright blue satin gown with princess seaming and shoulder detail. It looked a bit wrinkled at the hem, but that's neither here nor there--as they say. And naturally, there was a crystal-trimmed waist (can't be a Pageant Gown without some sequins!!). She looked fine, but...
What I was scared of was one of the Runner-Up's gown on the right above: Camila Serakides (is she Greek? Sounds like a Greek last name--my half-Greek self is inquiring): how do you say "HUUUUNEEEYYY!!!" in Portuguese? Not only is the neckline PLUNGING, then, her gown's slit is well, dangerously perched on a good view of her CHA-CHA! That dress looks CHEAP and Hoochie. And that's UNIVERSAL not just Brazilian!
Next up, it's the new Miss Ukraine World 2012: Karina Zhyronkina, 21 years old and standing 1.77 m ( approximately 5' 10") won the coveted title of "Miss Ukraine World 2012". Both her and "Miss Brazil World" at the top of the post, will get to represent their nations at the upcoming "Miss World 2012" Pageant in Ordos, Inner Mongolia China on August 18th (anybody up for a trip to INNER MONGOLIA???).
Karina is very beautiful and looks AMAZING in her swimsuit (LOVE that turban and pool caftan/cape huney!)...
Ukraine Prom Season: Bright, shiny and satin...a theme for gowns at the Miss Ukraine World 2012 finals
Karina wore an electric blue shiny satin gown. Looking at the rest of the Finalists, bright bold colors--in shiny satin--seemed to me the Miss Ukraine World 2012 Gown Theme. Both her and Miss Brazil world's gown are very "Prom"-like I have to say. These Pageants--and these girls need to bring up the Gown Couture Quotient a notch or two. Bright shiny poly charmeuse gowns are OK for proms, but for a national pageant of this stage--I think they need to "step it up". Just sayin'....
Finally, a non-bright, non-shiny Pageant winner: Ayako Hara, Miss Japan Universe 2012: On April 1, a new Miss Japan Universe 2012 was crowned. For her "crowning" evening gown, she wore a black non-shiny (it's called matte) crepe gown with a "striped" black-and-nude colored neckline and midriff.
Ayako Hara, Miss Japan Universe 2012
Ayako looked elegant and very Lady-Like appropriate. Like a newscaster for a local News Academy Awards coverage. I hesitate to say, she could have looked a bit more Haute and dare I say it, sexier!
Who's That Girl in the Gold Sequins? Miss Japan Universe 2012 (center), flanked by her finalists
I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the gold sequined gown on the right---this girl has got it GOING ON!!!! It's very Zuhair Murad-meets-Elie Saab!!! And figures she didn't win! If I was a judge at this pageant, I know for sure I would have given this girl the HIGHEST evening gown scores!!! Hopefully she will let the new Miss Japan Universe borrow her gold sequined gown for this year's Miss Universe 2012 Pageant....A boy can DREAM right?

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