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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Victoria Beckham in China


La Victoria Has Landed!

A Girl and a Car: Victoria Beckham unveils the new "baby" Range Rover Evoque, which she helped design, Beijing China

This past week, Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham flew to China to promote the new limited edition "baby" Range Rover Evoque which she co-designed. At over $100,000 price tag, it is aimed at the new growing number of well-heeled Chinese clients--where it will be sold first. In addition to showing off her new car design, she is also in China to showcase her collection. Now, before we get to the fashion, Mrs. Beckham had barely landed in Beijing and she was already deep in controversy: she tweeted a cute photo of herself with a Cathay Pacific Flight Attendant pretending to make an announcement.

Please put back your seat trays, adjust your seats, and buckle up! Victoria Beckham and Cathay Pacific flight attendant

Wearing oversized sunglasses and one of her own peach-colored dress designs (very "Flight Attendant Retro" BTW!), Victoria was sitting in the jump seat next to the air hostess, she held the phone to her ear and captioned the pic with "Cabin Crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!" So cute. Or one would think. That is sooo something I would do!! However after she landed, Cathay Pacific was not amused. An airline spokeswoman said the stunt was harmless but "inappropriate". The photo was not taken at any critical stage of the flight, such as take-off or landing, she added "The passenger only posed for the picture. No public announcement was made" the spokeswoman said "It was inappropriate as ... the crew seats are only for the cabin crew and passengers should not be allowed to touch any of the aircraft equipment". Ooops.

But that was several days ago--let's get to Miss Posh, her fashion, and THAT Bevelled Pageant Pose of hers:
Fitted and Bevelled: Victoria Beckham strikes THE SAME fab pose during her "Auto-and-Fashion Line Promotion Tour" in China

At all her appearances, naturally, Victoria Beckham has been  WORKING her clothing line OVERTIME, looking quite sleek and chic, favoring figure-hugging below-the-knee dresses, paired with stacked peep-toe pumps or knee high peep-toe boots. J'adore the fact that IN EVERY POSE, she does the same look!!! 

In the industry, we call this the "Bevelled Pageant Pose"--exemplified by Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2010 above during the Miss Universe 2010 National Costume Parade. Either some former "Miss World" taught her right or she's been getting lessons from FABULOUS Drag Queens!

Here is Victoria flanked by some UBER tall Chinese models, while showing her line. Notice the dress style at the far right, it's the same one--different color way--as the her "Cathay Pacific First Class Travel ensemble" in the top of this post.

After Beijing, Victoria then flew to Hong Kong to make some in-store appearances, promoting her line. At the Joyce event, she wore one of her Fall 2012 red with black bands fitted dresses with a V-neckline. And guess who also traveled with her during this trip to China? Her ever-so-cute baby daughter Harper:

Harper is already racking up more Frequent Flyer Miles than some people receive in ten years! And yes, how long will it take until little Miss Harper will make Suri Cruise look like "Child Chopped Liver"? I give it a year! Happy Fashionable Auto-and-Fashion Tour of China Mrs. Beckham!!! Keep them poses comin'!!! Which is your favorite look on Victoria so far?

3 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....Victoria Beckham in China"

Adeola Naomi said...

Love the last one with little Harper!!!!
So cute and sweet together!!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine posh sewing. Does she do some sewing? or she does the sketching only?

Lisamacnewton said...

O.M.G. Miss Puerto Rico looked fab, but (please don't think I'm pervy) whoa......she needs a couple more leaves in the burbs.....