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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Miami International Mall "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge"

Bienvenido a Miami!!!
Peachy Nick: Nick Verreos hosts Macy's "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" Spring 2012, Miami International Mall
Over the weekend, I flew out to Miami to host a fun event for Macy's at the Miami International Mall. In the past, I've traveled to many cities to host these in-store events for Macy's--including Miami--so I was happy to be back! The event, entitled "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" incorporates a Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show showing all the trends of the season to help customers get Style Ready for the season.
Pink Carpet Ready: Nick Verreos hosting the Macy's Miami International Mall "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" event
In addition, there's also a "Contest", where customers get to play "Stylist for a Day" and dress models using clothes from Macy's for specific challenges ("What would you wear to an Office Interview", for example). And they have to do this in TWO MINUTES (yowsah!). Then, the models change into these outfits, come back out and the public/customers vote (by hootin' and hollerin') on which Stylist For a Day did a better job. The overall winner receives a $100 Macy's Gift Card!!
Macy's Miami International Mall "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" stage and runway
Upon arriving to the Miami International Mall Macy's, I went straight to the area where I would be MC'ing this fun event. The stage looked SUPER fab--and so did the bright pink carpet runway and audience chairs and "goodies" on them! Speaking of goodies...
Sweets for Nick
Waiting for me in the Macy's "Green Room" where these yummy cookies (notice the "Macy's Red Star" ones!) for me to have while I studied my note cards to host the event. The great Macy's staff even got me some really strong Cuban coffee, a "Cortadito", which is pre-sweetened espresso with steamed milk. So, now I was READY!!! (and probably would be up until next Wednesday for that matter!).
Swimsuit Host: Nick Verreos flanked by his Macy's Models (Left to Right), Aleman, Lauren, Ariana, April (above Nick) and Vila, Macy's Miami International Mall
I began the event by welcoming the audience in both Spanish and English--it's MIAMI after all--and then went right into a Spring/Summer 2012 Bathing Beauties Fashion Show showing all the latest in swimwear available at Macy's on our fabulous models Aleman, Vila, Ariana, April and Lauren.
Swimsuit Shot: Model Ariana modeling latest in swimwear styles for Spring/Summer 2012, Macy's Miami International Mall
Suit Runway: Here's a shot of the "Work Scene" runway segment, where I introduced "Office-appropriate" styles during my "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" event, Macy's Miami International Mall--this fashion segment coincided with one of the challenges I gave for the "Macy's Fashion Challenge" contest, "What Would You Wear for a Job Interview".
Grecian Goddess Trend: Nick Verreos describes a Spring/Summer 2012 Prom Trend, Macy's Miami International Mall "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" event
We also had an "Evening Affair" segment--which again, coincided with one of the "Fashion Challenges" in the competition: "What Would You Wear to an Evening Gala, Prom, Red Carpet Awards Event". Here, I showed the latest styles in "Dress Up" gowns and dresses... It's 'Prom Season" and well, if you want a prom dress--head to Macy's and especially the Miami International Mall Macy's (if you're in South Florida), because as you can see from the photo above, their department is stocked!!! Pageant Gals: Nick Verreos does his best "Bevelled Pageant Pose" with "Miss Coconut Grove USA 2012" Ariana Vila (left) and "Miss South Miami Teen USA 2012" Lauren Hernandez (right)--they were two of my models and well, naturally I had to "Pageant Pose" with them!!! Buenos Aires winner: Nick Verreos poses with the Winner of the "Macy's Fashion Challenge Spring/Summer 2012", who received a $100 Macy's Gift Card to shop with. The lovely girl (on the left in jeans) was from Argentina and a big Project Runway "Nick" fan (LOVE HER!!) and she did really well in styling her final challenge of "How To Dress For a Girl's Night Out". Felicitaciones to her!!! As you can see from her big ol' smile, she was REALLY happy!!! After the event and fashion show were over, I took time to do a "Meet & Greet" and take photos with the attendees and customers. I really had an absolute BLAST hosting the event and especially meeting everyone afterward.
Marlene Mercado and Nick Verreos, Macy's Miami International Mall "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" event
One of my favorite moments was meeting Marlene Mercado, who came with her mom and she shared the fact that both her and her mom were HUGE "Nick" fans and yes, she told me that "I should've won my season". I told her that I felt as if I did :) But soon, it was time for me to head off to the Miami International Airport to catch my flight back to Los Angeles. Yes, it's sad when you have to come to Miami and do an "in-and-out"--no South Beach, no palm trees, no pool time (Don't Cry For Me Argentina...I mean, Miami!!!). But...once inside the Miami International Airport American Airlines terminal, I HAD to head over to "La Carreta" Cuban Cuisine Restaurant and get some to-go for my flight. What did I get: A chicken empanada of course! And don't you worry, it did not stink up the plane--I have better sense than to bring stinky McDonald's inside a plane unlike some other people.... Thanks Miami, Macy's and Miami International Mall for a FABULOSO event and for reminding me how much I miss and LOVE Miami---oh, and thanks "La Carreta" for that delicious empanada. Almost better than those American Airlines warm nuts...

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