SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Dominican Republic 2012: Winner, Gowns

I'm About To Win, Ladies: Carlina Duran, "Miss La Vega" competes in the Swimsuit Portion of Tuesday night's "Miss Dominican Republic 2012" pageant

Tuesday night, the Caribbean nation of Dominican Republic crowned a new beauty queen. Miss Rep├║blica Dominicana 2012 Carlina Duran hails from the La Vega Province, 25 years old , and stands 5' 11" tall (yep, she's an Amazonian Goddess!). The pageant took place in Renaissance Auditorio de Festival del Hotel Jaragua in Santo Domingo, the nation's capital. Here's a SHOCKER: Carlina is a Professional Model!!! No, not a nurse, not a doctor, not a student of Political Science...she is a MODEL, and admits it!!

Gracias a Todos: Carlina Duran, the newly-crowned "Miss Dominican Republic 2012"

As the new "Miss Dominican Republic 2012", she will get to compete in the "Miss Universe 2012" beauty pageant, representing her nation, in December (at a yet-to-be-determined location). Carlina is no stranger to beauty pageants...

Carlina Duran, representing "Dominican Republic" in the "Miss Tourism Queen International 2011" beauty pageant in December 2011

In December of last year, she represented her country in the "Miss Tourism Queen International 2011" held in China. She didn't place unfortunately, but this didn't deter her.

Dominican Republic's ethnic population (according to the State Department) is made up mostly of Mixed Black-Euro-Indian (73%), European (16%), and of full African origin ( 11%) and so it's been a point of contention that the country (for the most part) only chooses those girls from the "White" populace to represent the Caribbean island nation. It is rare when a girl of color has won this pageant. And nothing changed this year. Moving it is custom with these pageants, the runners up also get to compete in "lesser" but still prestigious international pageants: the First Runner-Up of the beauty pageant was "Miss Distrito Nacional", Dulcita Lieggi (seen above during the "announcing of the winner" moment) who will later be competing in the "Miss Continente Americano 2012" in Ecuador. The second runner-up was "Miss Santiago", Carolyn Hawa, who will travel to Bolivia to the "Reina Hispanoamericana" competition.

Speaking of  "Miss Universe", well, she was there:
Leila Lopes, the current reigning "Miss Universe 2011" (from Angola) was on hand to crown and give the sash to the new queen.
Leila wore an "interesting" black one-shoulder gown that had a very scooped bust-line, sequined applique and front gathered draping. It was a busy dress to say the least. Not sure if she had a choice in wearing this gown, but next time, my suggestion is that she keep it elegant simple and without all the "wickety-wack"!

Now, onto the rest of the evening gowns--the finalists and winner:

The Top Five (left to right) "Miss Peravia", "Miss San Jose de Ocoa", "Miss La Vega" (winner), "Miss Distrito Nacional", "Miss Santiago" : The gowns worn by the Top Five ladies were very "Pageant-Prom Dresses on Steroids! They were all bright, candy-colored gowns; some in stiff satins, featuring lots of applique and bead work. "Peravia's" light blue merengue'd organza's mermaid-shaped strapless gown is like a "Latina Barbie Come To Life" for better or worse; very "Sofia Vergara 2.0"! Of course, a too high-slit made an appearance ("San Jose de Ocoa") worn with the wrong style shoe (nude or silver strappy, ladies!!!). My fave here was "Santiago", only for its simple column shape, FAB melon color and not-too-overworked sequined neckline trim.

Winner's Gown: Carlina's gown was designed by Dominican Republic fashion designer Leonel Lirio. It was a coral/orange colored chiffon halter-style gown with encrusted applique covering the bodice, hips and  thighs then separating down the length of the dress. It also had a gathered "X" detail topped off by a sequined applique piece at center front bust. I didn't think that "X" detail was necessary--some designers may not know when to "edit". However, overall, it was a nice silhouette and color for the super tall and super gorgeous Carlina. Fun Designer Fact:

Applique Miss: Leonel Lirio, the designer of the gown worn by the new "Miss Dominican Republic 2012", is very well known in his homeland and has designed many an evening gown--as well as national costumes--for his country's representatives at "Miss Universe". In 2009, Ada Aimee de la Cruz Gonzalez (I know, it's a mouthful!) seen on the far left in photo above, wore one of his designs when she almost won the "Miss Universe 2009" title (she was "First Runner-Up"). And in fact, got the highest gown competition score of the night at 9.428.

Caribbean Queen: He also designed the National Costume worn by Amelia Vega in the "Miss Universe 2003" competition. It was a tribute of sorts to the Caribbean sea that surrounds her island nation; featuring sequined-encrusted coral, starfish, and a multicolored  back overskirt. In case you didn't know, she won the "Miss Universe 2003" crown that year.

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