SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Belarus 2012: Winner, Gowns


Belarus Queen...

All Smiles: Yulia Stankovich, the new "Miss Belarus 2012" for "Miss World 2012"

On May 4th--last week--a new Belarus Queen was crowned--Miss Belarus 2012---and the winner was brunette,  20-year old Yulia Skalkovich. Yulia is from Brest, stands 178 cm (5' 10") tall and will now be representing her country at the Miss World 2012 in Inner Mongolia China (unless naked photos of her are found, or it is discovered that she is married a la Miss Dominican Republic 2012).

Crowned: The new "Miss Belarus 2012" Yulia Stalkovich (left) being crowned

The "Miss Belarus" pageant takes place--unusually enough--every two years. I guess within those two years, they use up those girls throughout various 2012 and 2013 international beauty pageants. That's my only reasoning for this--or it's too expensive to hold the contest every year. I'm sure it's not for a lack of beautiful girls. From the pics, they seem to have plenty.

Accessorized: Yulia Stalkovich "Miss Belarus 2012", during one of the costume/fashion segments of the pageant

During the evening festivities, Yulia also won the "Miss Photo" title, recognized as the most photogenic of all the contestants. Her prize award for winning "Miss Belarus 2012" was equivalent to a little over $6,000.  It might not seem like a lot (in terms of an international pageant prize money award) but maybe in Belarus it's like winning the Belarus Lottery!

The new "Miss Belarus 2012", Yulia Stalkovich (center) and her two runner up's

28 girls from different regions of Belarus participated in the contest. First Runner-Up and "Miss Sports" was 20-year-old Victoria Shavel from Homel, and the the Second Runner-Up was 21-year-old Anastasia Pogranichnaya. In case you are geographically-challenged, Belarus is a landlocked nation in Eastern Europe and a former Soviet republic. It's neighbors are Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Now, let's discuss the FASHION: The pageant had LOTS of Fashion segments in which contestants showed their best in High-end Gowns, what looked like Prom-like Gowns, quirky casual wear, and well even-quirkier "fashion wear". Take a look at these looks form the eventual winner, Yulia wore throughout the night:

Yulia Stalkovich "Miss Belarus 2012" during the pageant in different fashions--from funky "daywear"

The contestants also had to don a "Belarus Fantasy" ensemble at one point, which had them all in high-low over-skirts, too-short mini dresses, head jewelry, and for some reason, lots of shoulder ruffling and tulle detail that was waaayyyy to 1998 for my taste:

Belarus Exotic: Contestants during one of the costume-change portions of the "Miss Belarus 2012" pageant

Speaking of 1998...Let's go even further to 1986--The Final Evening Gowns:

It was Disney Princess Heaven: Where's Mickey Mouse and will he be wearing a Boutonniere?

Check out a couple of these strapless fitted bustier-and-full gathered skirt dresses from a couple of the contestants:

I don't even know where to begin in terms of commenting on these. I feel as if I've been put in a time traveling machine and transported back to 1986 and I am at my high school prom! I want this to STOP!!! The whole pageant-girls-wearing-1986-Prom-gowns thang. It's tired, dated and oh so not fashion-forward. If any of these women wore these to a black-tie red carpet event, there would be a big "X" on them. I'm sure these girls had no choice so I am not judging them. But please, pageant organizers and pageant stylists...get it together!!! And show something more 2012, and NOT 1986.
Other than that--Congratulations to the newly crowned "Miss Belarus 2012" (above). You're gorgeous darling. Just don't wear a 1986-type gown to the "Miss World 2012" Finals. How do you say "pretty please?" in Belarusian and Russian??

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