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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss USA 2012 Preliminaries Evening Gowns: The Best


The Best of the Preliminary Gowns...

Miss New York USA Johanna Sambucini--keep reading for what I thought of her and her Evening Gown...

Continuing with my "Beauty Pageant Minute" postings---we are DONE with looking at those oh-so-last-week Evening Gown's all about what the "Miss USA 2012" contestants actually wore on last night's very important "Preliminary Competition" which was held at the site of Sunday night's LIVE telecast, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

This is the night where the Top 15 Semi-Finalists are picked by a panel of Preliminary Judges. Usually the Preliminary Judges are comprised of local dignitaries and/or "industry" insiders in the pr, entertainment and/or fashion and beauty world--as opposed to the LIVE telecast where the judges are usually from the NBC/Universal "family" (since the telecast airs on NBC) and/or actors, well known celebrities, and yes, a sports figure sometimes. Some of the Preliminary Judges included Alison Taub, an Associate Producer with "Inside Edition", Kim Wagner, Co-Anchor of "Wake Up with the Wagners", Randall Winston, Producer of "Scrubs" "Spin City" and "Cougar Town"and Renee Simon, Vice President of Current programming at the Style Network.

Miss USA Alyssa Campanella co-hosts last night's Miss USA 2012 Preliminary Competition

The Preliminaries were hosted by the reining Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella and Chet Buchanan, host of the local Vegas radio show "Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo" on KLUC 98.FM. The show was streamed live on the web via UStream. OK, now that we got all that out the way...Wanna know what I thought of the Gowns?? Well, here were my Top Picks:

Go On Mija! Miss New York USA 2012 Johanna Sambucini: 25 year old 5' 9" tall Johanna was born in the Dominican Republic and HUNEY, it shows! She WORKED it overtime in the gown portion of the Miss USA 2012 Preliminary Competition. She wore a see-through nude-colored halter-neckline style gown with encrusted crystals. I wouldn't be surprised if her gown was by one of those Puerto Rican and/or Dominican fashion designers who design for Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Dominican Republic Universe. Or if she went straight to the "Pageant Gown" Source and payed the extra thousands for a Venezuelan pageant gown designer. Whatever--and whoever she chose--it was FABULOSO!

Miss Oklahoma USA 2012 Lauren Lundeen: Next on my Top Picks List is this lovely woman representing Oklahoma. Not sure if it is a coincidence but she wore a similar gown to "Miss New York USA 2012". It had a nude-colored base, fitted and filled with encrusted mirrored crystals. The difference, it was not a halter-neckline style. The 5' 9" beauty once again, vibed her best "Miss Venezuela" confidence/look, and went for it, when it came to her evening gown. Love the hair, make-up, the fit of the gown. She's basically a TIE for "Best Dressed" of the Miss USA 2012 Evening Gown Preliminaries. At least for me. Only negative: those shoes! Too big, too stacked heel, too Drag Queen/Stripper. A pair of gorgeous silver strappy ones would have been perfect. 

Miss California USA 2012 Natalie Pack: Interestingly enough, Natalie wore the same gown she was featured in the "Miss USA 2012 Website Evening Gown Portraits". I liked this gown there and I still like it now on her. As you know, she was a contestant on "America's Next Top Model" so hopefully she knows how to work a runway and a gown. It's funny how she looks very UN-model and more-Miss Pageant. There is a difference. I like the peachy-pink color on her and the diagonal asymmetrical gathering and draping. The slit IS "HOOCHIE" HIGH but oh well, you can't win 'em all...

Miss Nevada USA 2012 Jade Kelsall: Jade looked like this white strapless gown she wore for last night's Miss USA 2012 Preliminary Competition. Except for the too-high stacked heel "Disco" pumps (seriously Ladies, why all the tacky shoes with these gowns??), the dress was stunning, elegant (HELLO: No HOOCHIE slit, nasty boob-revealing neckline!). I love the gold and silver metallic midriff section. I just want to be fanning her and serving her grapes!

In the Red Category, these two ladies--and their gowns--were my favorites:

Miss Tennessee USA 2012  Jessica Hibler: Jessica is only 5' 6" (these pageant girls--especially the ones who are winning as of late--seem to be on the 5' 9" or taller height spectrum) but with that said, she looked GLORIOUS and statuesque in this strapless gathered bust/draped chiffon lipstick-red gown. The big ol' bun on her head adds height and I am happy she didn't do the "Pageant Tacky" and put on 12" platform Drag Queen/Stripper heels to make herself seem taller. The gold pumps were a good choice. P.S. to all short(er) pageant girls: I've spoken to actual Miss USA and Miss Universe judges and they've told me that (they) can see the 12" platform heels and the first thing they think is "Oh Huney, she must be SHORT!". Just saying. Back to the gown--it's very "Hollywood Glamour". Nothing directional or overtly sexy but it looked very nice on her.

Miss Utah USA 2012 Kendyl Bell: Yes, she's very "Pageant Betty Elegant" in this, but that's why I am giving her "Pageant Gown Props" for it. She could have gone "I am a 55 year old 'Real Housewife of Orange County' at a Black-Tie Wedding" (wait until you see my "Oh Huney" posting!) but she chose to go for a more "Pageant Classic". This red gathered bustier with fitted taffeta gown with a one-shoulder sequined trim is a very standard Pageant/Prom/Evening Dress that one can find online or at a "Pageant and Prom" boutique, but at least she chose one of the better ones. Nothing wrong with this look on Miss Utah USA...except, for yes...those PUMPS!!!

Miss Illinois USA 2012 Ashley Hooks: I like Ashley's gown and therefore I felt she was one of the better ones from last night's Miss USA 2012 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition. It fit her like a glove, yet not too tight, I like the high-neck halter style, open back, degrade sequins and iridescent gold color. She looks like a "Miss Bermuda" at a Miss Universe or Miss World competition and that's fab for me!

Finally the Gionni Straccia Girl:

Miss Nebraska USA 2012 Amy Spilker (left): Amy's gown is very similar to a gown designed by Venezuelan Pageant-Go-To Fashion Designer Gionni Straccia. It's also similar to the gown that
Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma USA 2010 (right) wore two years ago and in which she almost got the Miss USA title (she was First Runner Up). I'm assuming the gown Miss Nebraska USA 2012 wore last night is by Straccia. If not, he might want to sue someone. Just saying. Irregardless, I like this white strapless gown on Amy and especially, the coral-colored sequins highlighting the Empire/underbust and high-hip area.

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miss new yorks gown is by Tony Bowls & Nebraskas gown isnt a Straccia gown, its by tony bowls