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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Model Jessica White loves a Slit


 A (BLOG) Tale of a Model, Her Legs and Love of the Slit...

Ooooh Huney, that is CLOSE: Jessica White at Gotham Magazine's The Jacob's Cure Gala Honoring Donny Deutsch on Wednesday May 2 2012

5' 9 1/2" US-born supermodel Jessica White (Maybelline contract, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and much more), actress and every-now-and-then-DJ...

Model Jessica White, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

LOVES a red carpet event, and more importantly LOVES to show her legs---as in making sure almost every other gown she wears has to have a big ol' "Beauty Pageant Slit". Now, you know that A) I LOVE models; B) I also adore Beauty pageants; and finally...

NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul watercolor print silk chiffon gown

I do like a slit in a gown--as long as it's not showing the wearer's  you-know-what! Well, kids, Jessica has come very close to "COOCHIE Heaven" in some of her most recent carpet appearances. Last week, at Gotham Magazine's The Jacob's Cure Gala Honoring Donny Deutsch party, she wore a strapless sequined ombre gown with a VERY HIGH side slit/opening that got dangerously close to exposing her "Not-so-Supermodel" area (see photo at top of posting). This unfortunately, has not been the only time Jessica has come close to a "Gown Malfunction":

On April 17th, Jessica White attended the Tribeca Film Festival Vanity Fair Party at the New York Court House, she wore this:

A creme beaded crew-neck tank gown with chiffon gathered and draped attached skirt. While it looks fine in these poses and yes, I love the "Figure Skating Costume on the Red Carpet" element--take a look at when the wind hit it:

Ooooh Girl: Here's one piece of stand-and-pose advice--DO NOT HOLD the layers of your gown in a way that might expose your CHA-CHA. Just sayin'. Even the guy in the unsightly plaid, jean and high-top sneaker ensemble behind you is calling the Fashion "Stand-and-Pose" Police as we speak! And HE needs a lesson in dressing.

This is what she wore to the "9th Annual Spring Dinner Dance" at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel NYC:

Check out my Thigh, People: Last month, Jessica White attended the "9th Annual Spring Dinner Dance New Year's in April: A Fool's Fete" at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in NYC, wearing yet another dress with a high side slit. This time, the gown had a cross over wrap-dress style. But still, Miss Jessica showed the photographers A LOT of leg.

This is what she wore to the "amfAR NY Gala Benefit to Kick Off NY Fall 2012 Fashion Week":

Mini or Long Gown: Back in February, to kick off NYC Fall 2012 Fashion Week, at the "amfAR NY Gala Benefit" , Miss Jessica decided to show leg--once again--but NO SLIT!! Has Fashion H*** frozen over? Nope, she's still managed to almost show her lady part wearing a strapless red gown that was part Las Vegas Hooker mini dress/part chiffon gown. It was one of those 1990's-type gowns that was "Am I a mini dress or am I a long gown?" Here's my advice to Miss White: stick to the "I am just a GOWN!" I'm actually a fan of the controversial High/Low gown, but this dress has a bit too much high and not enough low!

And this is what she wore to the NYC Premiere of  Madonna's directorial debut "W.E" in January:

The stunning model wore a violet-blue silk dolman-sleeved wrap gown to the premiere of Madonna's "W.E.",at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC back in January of this year. The gown wrapped dangerously high as she did an "Angelina Jolie" and put her leg out there for the pose. As you can see, Miss Jessica LOVES her legs--and a gown that exposes at least one of her lovely legs---and sometimes comes close to exposing waaaay tooo much.
Which one of model Jessica White's high-slit almost-cha-cha exposing gowns is HIGH Style or just HOT Mess???


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