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FIDM....."3 Days of Fashion" FIDM OC, FIDM San Diego: RECAP!


Fashionista Summer Camp:

Nick and Benny: Nick Verreos, his doggie "Benny" and a very tall FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion 2012" attendee

It's Summer and you know what that means: "3 Days of Fashion" time! The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM has its annual "3 Days of Fashion" every Summer as a way to introduce high school students to FIDM as well as what they might look forward to if they choose to apply and eventually attend the College. This is what you get if you attend FIDM's "3 Days of Fashion":
  • Take workshops like Draping the Dress, where you'll create a 3-dimensional design on a fitting form; Concept to Consumer, which focuses on design and merchandising; and Creating a Promotional Campaign, where you'll work on a photo shoot and a special event.
  • Learn step-by-step how to sketch the nine-head fashion figure.
  • Work with other students from all over the world who share your passion for this industry.
  • Be inspired by successful FIDM Graduates who are pros in the field.
  • Experience FIDM's amazing resources and learn from our stellar instructors.
Talking Nick: Nick Verreos, FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

I am always happy to come out and make "special appearances" at all the FIDM campuses' (Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) "3 Days of Fashion" events on the final day. Last week, on June 20th, I began my "FIDM 3 Days of Fashion" Tour at the Orange County campus located in Irvine California which was then followed by my appearance at the San Diego Campus three days later. Here's my BLOG RECAP of these first two events:

FIDM Orange County "3 Days of Fashion":

Runway OC: Nick Verreos and two of the "FIDM OC" "Runway Walk-Off models, FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

I always love coming to the FIDM Orange County campus for many reasons, but especially, because I can bring my little doggie Benny!! Oh, and yes, I also brought some of my NIKOLAKI Collection gowns and dresses! My appearance to the FIDM OC campus began with an impromptu Runway "Walk Off", where I went into the audience and chose three attendees--two girls and one boy (yes, A BOY!!) to show me how well they could give me "Runway". They all did a great job. Afterward, I got up onstage and spoke about my experience attending FIDM and all that I learned from the college as well as what I have been up to lately (A LOT!!!). As I said in the start of this post, I also brought some of my gowns for the "3 Days of Fashion" guests to see.

Printed Queen: Model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI Spring 2013 silk chiffon printed gown, FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

Naturally, I had to also bring one of my favorite top models from LA--the gorgeous Amanda Fields---who's also one of my NIKOLAKI Muses. She wore three of my designs, including the silk chiffon gown above...

NIKOLAKI COUTURE: Model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI silk chiffon lavender sequined one-shoulder dress (atop) and red silk-wool ziberline strapless NIKOLAKI gown with back cascade detail, FIDM OC "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

As well as the lavender-colored sequined one-shoulder dress that Katy Perry wore to launch her perfume, and a red silk ziberline strapless gown (both seen in the photos above).

Afterwards, as always, I had a Meet-and-Greet. Here are a couple of photos I took with FIDM Orange County's "3 Days of Fashion 2012" attendees in the photos above.

FIDM "3 Days of Fashion San Diego":

 Chattin' : Nick Verreos at the FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

Several days after my visit to FIDM Orange County, I drove down to San Diego--with my NIKOLAKI Design Partner, David Paul--a native of San Diego--to make my next "3 Days of Fashion" appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising San Diego campus.

 Posin': Nick Verreos, FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

Traffic from LA to San Diego was CRAZY (as you can imagine!) so about 3 1/2 HOURS later, we made it; I don't know how my jacket wasn't wrinkled from sitting in the car for that long (and my forehead wasn't overly shiny from the "OMG: Look-at-all-the-traffic stress!") but it was "all good" eventually once we arrived.

San Diego Gals: Nick Verreos during the FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012" Meet-and-Greet--notice the one girl in the right photo--she brought a copy of "Greek Circle" Magazine with the cover featuring one of my NIKOLAKI designs in one of my Fashion Week shows (LOVE HER!!)

The day was GORGEOUS (is there any other type of day for San Diego??) and coincidentally, there was a San Diego Padres game happening at the PETCO Park (which happens to be NEXT DOOR to the FIDM San Diego Campus). Once I arrived, I got right to work and judged the FIDM "3 Days of Fashion 2012 Rock the Runway" fashion show--where attendees got to feature their original and unique styles in different categories:

Rock The Runway San Diego: Nick Verreos judges FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012" Rock The Runway Contest

I also brought some of my NIKOLAKI Collection dresses (naturally) for this event for a very special fashion show to be modeled by yes, Amanda Fields. I was so excited when I found out that my NIKOLAKI design partner David Paul's mom (Conchita) and his youngest niece--the beautiful Emilie Coon--were in attendance. 

Model Fab: Model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI Collection, FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012"
So, unbeknownst to me--David put his niece to work, helping our model Amanda get prepped and ready for the fashion presentation. Here are a couple of pics of our NIKOLAKI model and David's niece Emilie backstage:

Model and David's Niece: Amanda Fields (left, in NIKOLAKI Collection dresses) poses with Emilie Coon (David's niece), FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

San Diego Smiles: (Left to right) David Paul, David's youngest niece Emilie Coon, Nick Verreos, David's mom Conchita Encinas-Hansen--FIDM San Diego "3 Days of Fashion 2012"

I had such a fun time at the San Diego and Orange County FIDM campuses last week--and more importantly, I think all the high school students--and their moms and dads--also had a good time too--and hopefully left with a little more knowledge and information about what makes FIDM so great!!!

Next up: FIDM San Francisco "3 Days of Fashion"...

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