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Summer Style Tips for Summer 2012 c/o ME!!!

 Nick Verreos, Fashion Designer, Red Carpet Expert and "Project Style" Fashion Guru and Judge

As Fashion Guru, Judge and Host of the Project Style 2012, Shoptopia asked me a few questions about what I thought were this Summer's must-have's and trends...and well, I told them!!!

So, Fashionista Ladies, if you are getting ready for Summer 2012--in terms of fashion and how to "give style", then here are my suggestions:

 1) Flapper Gal: 

It's all about that "Flapper Gal"-silhouette--inspired by the Gucci dress above. Think: loose, off-the-body tunic shape.

2) Life Aquatic:

Inspired by the iconic Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection, look for aquatic prints--anything watercolor, "Ocean Graphics", like seashells and corals under the sea. Imagine looking at the sea through your goggles and seeing all that under-the-water vegetation---similar to my NIKOLAKI silk chiffon gown here:
Aquatic Fierce: Model Amanda Fields in a silk chiffon strapless NIKOLAKI Collection aquatic-print gown

3) Mini or Maxi...or High-Low:

High Low Diva: Model Amanda Fields models NIKOLAKI Collection ivory silk organza high-low gown with hand-beaded top section

It's all about the extreme and the most popular choices are Maxi or Mini dresses. If you want to combine BOTH, then get a "high-low" dress--meaning short in the front but longer in the back-like my NIKOLAKI strapless High-Low gown above.

4) Neon Krazee:

NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos and David Paul Neon: Model Lauren Gish in NIKOLAKI silk chiffon and silk duchesse satin dress with sequined waist trim

Neon is BIG for summer. Bright pinks, aqua, lime or canary yellow--wear the bright neon's with camel tones for the perfect contrast. Take a look at the photos above for your Neon Summer 2012 Inspiration.

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