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ROYAL COUTURE.....Wedding of Princess Carolina de Bourbon-Parma


Ciao Italia and The Netherlands

The Happy, Rich, and Very Titled...Couple: Princess Carolina de Bourbon-Parma and Albert Brenninkmeijer, Basilica San Miniato al Monte Florence Italy

Today, Saturday June 16th, Princess Carolina de Bourbon-Parma, Marchioness of Sala, Duchess of Guernica (yes, from the Salvador Dali painting!) wed Albert Brenninkmeijer of the very wealthy German-Dutch Brenninkmeijer family--owners of the C and A Department Stores...

At the Basilica San Miniato al Monte in Florence Italy.

Princess Bride: Princess Carolina de Bourbon-Parma

First a little background on the bride: Princess Carolina is fourth and youngest child of Princess Irene of the Netherlands (sister to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands) and Carlos Hugo Duke of Parma. Carolina is a member of the Dutch Royal Family.

Royal Spain-Dutch DRAMA:

Wedding of Princess Irene of the Netherlands and Carlos Hugo de Bourbon Parma at the Borghese Chapel at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, Italy, 1964

When her mother, Irene of the Netherlands, married Paris-born Carlos Hugo de Bourbon in Rome Italy in 1964, no member of the Dutch Royal Family attended the wedding. Why? Well, here you go: the marriage caused a constitutional crisis in the Netherlands. Irene lost her rights of succession to the Dutch throne because the government refused to enact a law permitting the marriage (Ay Dios Mio!).

Fuchsia Mother of The Bride: Princess Irene of the Netherlands and her handsome son Prince Jaime, Count of Bardi

Her mother could not go to Rome to talk Irene out of the marriage and of her conversion to Catholicism because the government advised her against it (seriously, these people needed to get a LIFE!). If that wasn't enough, there was the issue of the Dutch government seeing international political difficulties arising from a possible heir to the Dutch throne holding a controversial claim to the throne of a foreign state (keep up kids, it's complicated!): In the early 1950's, Carlos' father publicly laid claim to the Spanish throne as being a member of the House of Bourbon-Parma (a branch of the Bourbon's), but Spain's Dictator Francisco Franco ignored him and later chose King Juan Carlos as Franco's successor. Now, speaking of Juan Carlos...

A Who's Who of Blue-Blood Bridesmaids: Wedding of Prince Juan Carlos and Princess Sofia, 1962 Athens Greece

In 1962--two years before she got married to el Escandaloso Carlos Princess Irene of the Netherlands just happened to be a Bridesmaid at Prince Juan Carlos and Princess SofĂ­a's wedding in Athens Greece. Check out the rest of the illustrious Bridesmaids (it reads like a "Who's Who of A-List Blue-Blood Royalty!): From left to right in the photo: Princess Alexandra of Kent, Princess Tatiana Radziwill, Princess Benedikte of Denmark, Princess Irene of Greece, Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark, Princess Anne of France, Princess Irene of the Netherlands (second from the right) and the Infanta Pilar of Spain. Anyhow, Carlos and Irene of the Netherlands divorced in 1981 and Princess Carolina's father--Carlos Hugo de Bourbon--passed away almost two years ago.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to The Wedding, the fabulous Guests and the fashion. Let's begin with the Wedding dress:

The Gown: Designed by Dutch fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker (above), who has been designing since 2002. For Princess Carolina's wedding gown, he incorporated the lace embroidery-- from Brugge Belgium...

That was in her mother's Wedding Gown from 1964 (as seen above) and placed it in Carolina's gown and veil. According to his pr people, it took months to restore and make the lace embroidery "come to life" for 2012 standards.

Wedding Guests:

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands: One of the Richest Women on Earth, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands--the Bride's aunt--wore a mauve-colored silk jacquard suit with bell-styled sleeves with ruffles; the jacket also featured cascading ruffles down the front.Matching hat, gloves, shoes and hosiery of course, as only a Queen would do.

Feathered: the always stylish Princess Maxima of the Netherlands (far left holding on to her Mother-in-Law Queen Beatrix and her husband Willem-Alexander Prince of Orange, on the far right)--wore a taupe ensemble with a blouson top, feathered shirt and bell-shaped sleeves. The Argentinian-born Crown Princess to the Dutch throne finished it off with a fabulous hat.

Princess in Red: Princess Laurentien and Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands with their children Countess of Orange Leonore and Count of Orange Claus-Casimir leave the Princess Carolina Wedding with Mr Albert Brenninkmeijer at Basilica di San Miniato al Monte

Fab Shoes Ladies--and Gentleman: Princess Marilene and Prince Maurits of the Netherlands (10th in line for the Dutch Throne) (left pic) and Prince Bernhard (11th in line for the Dutch Throne) and Princess Annette of the Netherlands (right photo). I LOVE the bejeweled ankle-strapped heels of Princess Marilene on the top left photo. And take a look at Prince Bernhard's silver shoes!! Those Dutch boys can really give it you...when it comes to "Yeah, I'm royalty but I'm still a Hipster Fashion Boy!"

Polka Dots, Prints and...OH HUNEY: Two guests on the left pic showing how it's done when attending a semi-royal wedding Florence Italy. I LOVE this woman in her orange-and-white bold polka dot printed chiffon dress and silver sandals. She's my new Best Friend! And speaking of friend, whoever is next to her is also working the printed dress look to no end. The colors are absolutely fantastic! On the right photo we have Margarita de Bourbon (the Bride's older sister), who decided to go "Tacky Wedding Party" in her baby blue ensemble featuring a too-wide notch-collared/lapel coat. Poor thing, she looks like she didn't get the COUTURE memo...those over-sized coat lapels are something straight out of a Fashion Student's sophomore-year project.

Congratulations and Happy Wedding to the Royal-and-Rich Couple of Princess Carolina and Albert Brenninkmeijer

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nick, like your blog a lot. The lady in orange polkadot is HRH the princess Christina of the Netherlands, youngest sister to HM Queen Beatrix, she is almost blind. Next to her standing is Juliana Guillermo her daugther and youngest grandchild of the late Queen Juliana. If you go to the site of PPE you can find many pictures of this wedding. Which includes pics from the inside of the magnificant Basilica, HRH the princess Margriet, the mother of the B-groom and many others.

Quirinus X. Heim/ The Netherlands

alliesfashionalley said...

Nick! Love your blog!! Very interesting about the runway sample on lady gaga.. now i’ll know!
I loved seeing you at FIDM OC today! I took a pic with you.. I was the girl with the “retro bangs” and “mint” sweater. :)
I would love if you could check out my blog, I have a unique sense of style!


Frederik van Zalthuizen said...

The Van Vollenhoven boys are a disgrace! They clearly got the dress code wrong, it was morning suit, not lounge suits. And honestly, silver shoes? Or brown shoes under a grey suit? Urm, no thank you!

forgotten princess said...

I don't think anyone is a disgrace! I just think that everyone has the right to a fair decision on their own fashion choice of colors and styles. At least their wore brilliant colors to add to the new happy couples wedding! I'm a 18th generation member of the royal family of the Netherlands.