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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra on "Road to the Runway Season 10" Casting Special


Road to the Runway Commenting Twosome...

Colorful Twosome: Mondo Guerra and Nick Verreos, behind the scenes, "Road to the Runway Season 10" TV special

As we know, last Thursday night was the premiere of Season 10 Project Runway. In the lead up to the big show, Lifetime had a very special "Project Runway Season 10: Road to the Runway" show devoted to revealing who the new sixteen designers/contestants are, a little background on each and every one of them plus some extra dish.

It was hosted by the gorgeous Zanna Roberts Rassi and well, I was asked to be part of the show (yeayyy!!) and give my "Nick Two Cents" on the new crop of designers and who I thought would make it to the Final Three. I had the EXTREME pleasure of doing the show with Project Runway All Stars Season One winner, Mondo Guerra. We had GREAT fun filming our segments and when we were together, I felt like the two Muppets old men--Statler and Waldorf-- in the balcony!! Lifetime should hire us to do commentary for EVERY episode (I'm just sayin'!).

Judging the LA Castings (left to right) Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra, Abby Gardner

For Season 10, I was one of the co-judges for the Los Angeles Castings, along with Mondo and the lovely Abby Gardner, site director for Marie Claire. So, I had some insight into several of this season's designers, especially since THREE--count 'em--THREE, of the ones we said "yes" to during the LA Castings, actually made the final cut (Beatrice Guapo, Elena Slivnyak and Melissa Fleis).

For the filming, Mondo was looking all things cute in a TopMan shorts suit (he's a 34 chest!! Bi***!!!), yellow dress shirt and little bow tie.

I chose to wear my neon coral-colored ASOS jacket, Zara jeans, TopMan dress shirt, Etro striped tie and Hermes pocket scarf. Usually people say what and who their wearing because the clothing was borrowed but in our case we BOUGHT everything--I'm just mentioning it in case inquiring minds wanted to know!

Anyhow, back to the fun "Road to the Runway Season 10" show we filmed...

If you missed it this past Thursday, you can click HERE to watch the entire episode!!

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Barb Ghig said...

The two of you look SO CUTE together!!!! I'm so glad Mondo has become such a great friend to you...both of you guys are my FAVES!!!