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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Postcard from Mykonos GREECE, Europe 2012


Yassou Mykonos!

Tropicana Club Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

Last month, I had the pleasure of being invited back to Florence Italy and be part of Miami University of Ohio's fabulous "Summer in Italy" program as a special lecturer and to showcase my NIKOLAKI gowns in a great gallery environment/presentation for VIP Florence Italy guests as well as the students of the Miami U of Ohio Summer in Italy Program, of course. After my duties there, my travel--and NIKOLAKI-design-partner-in-crime--David Paul, and I, took off to the Greek Islands to enjoy some much-needed R and R. Because of my busy schedule--when I get a second of actual "down time", I prefer to do NOTHING.

 A View of Mykonos Town

Last year, we tried Mykonos and LOVED it. So...WE'RE BAAAAACK! Many people tried to "scare" us (last year) when we asked them if we should do Mykonos: "It's a MAJOR Party NOT YOU guys!" "Mykonos is better for young and drunk 19-year-olds from Australia and Italy...Not for you!" We didn't pay attention and still went. And LOVED it. Is it a "Party Island"? Yes, it can be. But for us non-partying non-19-year-old's, it can be a BLAST as well.

 Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel--View of the Mykonos Town Windmills from the hotel

We decided to come back to the same hotel we stayed at last year, the chic Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel right above Mykonos Town and a stone's throw away from those iconic windmills. We LOVED it last time so, to us, there is NO BETTER HOTEL in Mykonos:

 Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel Lobby

Greek Love: Nick Verreos (right) with Mykonos Theoxenia's Anna Grigoriadi, Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel

It's Boutique-y, love the post-modern colorful decor, very, very relaxed and "chill", the pool is amazing, and the hotel is conveniently close to all the Mykonos Town restaurants, bars...everything. And to top it off, the staff is always stepping over themselves in terms of the above-and-beyond service.

Our room--a Deluxe Sea-Front Room--with a step-up bedroom, a separate "foyer"/sitting area, and (my favorite!) a great little balcony with a view of the sea, as you can see from the photos above.

Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel Welcome: The hotel staff welcomed us with a plate of fresh fruits and a delicious bottle of red wine.
Mykonos Theoxenia Bath Chic: I also LOVE their bath products--Korres from Greece (of course!) and the cotton slippers.

The Pool:

Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel Pool: This was our "Home Away from Home"---or home away from the beach! The Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel Pool was DIVINE. I could spend DAYS there. Oh wait...I think I did! I almost forgot there were gorgeous beaches on the island with this pool!

Do I Really Have To Leave The Pool? This is the face I gave David when he informed me that it was time to go---to get drinks and dinner!

The Beach:

 Tropicana Club Paradise Beach, Mykonos

We spent several days in Mykonos and so yes, we headed to the beach during our stay (it was painful to leave our hotel during the day but we had to!). Last year, we really enjoyed Tropicana Club/Paradise Beach so we came back. David and I are creatures of habit, as they say, so we like to go back to places we enjoyed the first time. It was GORGEOUS and the weather was perfect.

Beach and Scooter Bunny: Nick Verreos does Mykonos Tropicana Club/ Paradise Beach--via Scooter

We would get there early--via a scooter ride (we rented scooters and the ride is visually stunning!)--work on our respective suntans for hours on our rented beach lounge chairs with attached straw umbrellas, then we would have a nice relaxing lunch--feta-filled Greek salads, Gyros, Souvlaki's...

Oh Yes, I'd Like an Afternoon Cocktail: David Paul and Nick Verreos enjoy an Apres-Sun drink, Tropicana Club/Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

And then we would end our lazy Mykonos beach afternoon with a cocktail (or two) at the Tropicana Club/Paradise Beach "Lounge". From there, we would watch all the HUNDREDS of young and perfectly fat-free "kids" dancing atop tables and downing Champagne bottles nearby (and yes, they were 90 % Australian and Italian and I really wonder if their parents know what they are doing in Mykonos!!??).

Parents: When your children say they are doing an "Internship" in Europe...this is what they are really doing...Tropicana Beach Club/Paradise Beach Mykonos Greece

We would watch with a sense of National Geographic wonderment: "That's what crazy young teenagers do while their away in Mykonos!". One of our favorite sites was the "monument" of sorts that the Tropicana Club made of all the bottles--thousands of them--that those aforementioned kids drink on a DAILY basis:

Champagne Art: Welcome To Mykonos Tropicana Club/Paradise Beach

Packed: Nick Verreos awaits the Mykonos-Santorini Ferry--Mykonos Old Port

After four wonderful--and yes, very relaxing--days in Mykonos, it was time to move on. We wanted to take "Doing Nothing" to another level and decided to go to Santorini. We packed our bags, made reservations for the Mykonos-Santorini Ferry, said "Good bye" to Mykonos Theoxenia and Mykonos island and got ready for our ferry journey...

Where's The Line? David Paul awaiting the Mykonos-Santorini Ferry, amongst the no-line line--Mykonos Old Port

The Ferry wait was about TWO HOURS (do not go by the time scheduled to depart) and kids, there is no overhead cover to shield you from the 100 Degree + heat and a line? What's a line? There's no word in Greek for forming a line or a cue as the Brits would say. It was a nightmare and a half. Oh and did I mention the ferry ride took four hours and I have yet to remember a "this is what you should do in case of an emergency" demo during the ferry ride.
But we survived....

***Next on my "Postcard from Europe 2012": Santorini

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