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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2012 Top Model Fashion Show: Top 10


World Top Models:

The Final Ten at Miss World 2012 Top Model Fashion Show and Competition

The 62nd edition of the Miss World beauty pageant is happening in Ordos Inner Mongolia China. This is the biggest international beauty pageant in the world, particularly because of the fact that 116 contestants will be vying for the coveted beauty title (Miss Universe, for example "only" has 80'ish contestants at best). The televised final contest is occurring THIS Saturday August 18th. If you are in the good ol' US of A, it will be shown LIVE on E! Entertainment on Saturday MORNING at 8-10 a.m. Make sure to DVR it in case you're not apt to be up that early on a Saturday.

Catwalk Pretty: Miss World 2012 Top Model contestants during the Final Walk, Miss World Top Model 2012 Runway Show and Competition

Two days ago, the Miss World Top Model 2012 Fashion Show and Contest took place with 46 women (out of the 116) picked to be part of this runway show and contest vying for the Miss World Top Model of 2012.

Runway Stage: Contestants representing countries/islands/territories from Angola to Wales had the honor of being a "Miss World Top Model".

 1436 Erdos Fashion

They modeled creations from 1436 Erdos, a Chinese brand of sportswear known for their sumptuous cashmere. During this very special "Miss World Top Model 2012" runway show, they featured more than that, including gowns, tunics, dresses--as well as the elegant separates they are known for. Now, let's get back to the Top Model contest--After the runway show, 10 finalists were named and the winner will be announced on Saturday during the LIVE telecast.

Here are the Top 10 Top Models of Miss World 2012:

Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty--she is a doppelgänger for Kim Kardashian--the classier version, naturally...

 Miss Belize Chantae Chanice Guy

Miss Brazil Maria Notarangelo

Miss Chile Camila Recabarren

 Miss China Wen Xia Yu

 Miss Jamaica Deanna Robins

 Miss Mexico Mariana Berumen

 Miss Poland Weronika Szmajdzinska
Miss South Sudan Atong Demach

 Miss Spain Aranzazu Estevez

Here are some of the other ladies who didn't make it into the "Miss World Top Model 2012" Top Ten Finalist List:

 Miss Colombia and Miss Ukraine

 Miss England and Miss Guatemala

 Miss Sri Lanka and Miss Wales

Click below to watch the "Miss World 2012 Top Model" Runway Show:

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Ania. said...

I'm form Poland, and our Polish contestant Weronika is a really pretty girl, but I didn't like her dress... :(