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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 10 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 6


Villain Ven, a Brawny Paper Towel (Wo)man, Hoochie Momma's and My Recap:

Oh Ven!

Posterboy for Plus Size Bashing? Project Runway Season 10 designer/contestant Ven Budhu

Villain Ven: Last night's Project Runway episode was about designers working with "real people"--as opposed to size 0 six foot tall Super-humans known as models. It was the "L'Oreal Hair Challenge of Making Over a Friend" Challenge. The ten remaining designers got ten women of varying sizes and it was their job to create a new stylish look for them. Ven Budhu, who up to now has been a top favorite because of his consistent, elegant styles and Haute Couture aesthetic, suddenly became the most hated contestant of Season 10. I, for one, was one of his "cheerleaders"...

Terri (left in her Ven Budhu Cocktail-meets-work design) and her designer, Ven with Terri's friend Theo, on the right photo

But that was all thrown out the door last night. Not because he created something majorly ugly, but because he was a disrespecting human being--toward his lovely client, a woman named Terri. Throughout the episode, he said some doozies like he was "shocked and disappointed" that he had to work with a real person and not a model, and that his client has no fashion sense and isn't fashion forward--I could go on and on...

Take That Ven!

It was so disgusting that at one point, I almost threw my carb-filled Fettuccine Alfredo dinner at him for saying all those nasty thing about--and to--his beautiful client Terri--but I didn't want to ruin my perfectly good flat-screen TV. What. Is. Ven's. Problem? And like I say in my Recap--I was so surprised NO ONE--his client or her good friend who enlisted her for this Makeover--went right back at him with a "You AIN'T no WAIF yourself Ven!".

Big Is Beautiful

Important Bullet-points for Ven:
* Non-Size 4 Women Are BEAUTIFUL too!
* The Average Size of the American Woman is a 14
* Good Luck having a Fashion Business without MAJORLY apologizing to all these women
and finally
* Wouldn't it be nice to Google your name and see your fabulous fashions opposed to your photo as a "Plus Size Basher"?

Moving on...let's get to some of the FUN parts of last night's Episode:

Guest Judge British fashion designer Alice Tamperley, whose client includes Catherine, Ducchess of Windsor (wearing one of her Temperley London designs at the London premiere of "War Horse"--The designer didn't know what "Hoochie Momma" meant (until Michael Kors translated it into UK-speak and said "a Tart"--in case you still don't understand Ms. Temperley...

This is HOOCHIE:

This Is Not:

Dmitry and his client Angela: Dmitry Sholokhov's look for his client was directional, very NYC, Fashion Dominatrix--It was one of the Top Looks from the episode. I loved this look. I only wished that it would have been longer--right above the knee or to-the-knee would have been perfect! But a good job Dmitry (and his HOT client Angela).

Gunnar and his client, Kim: First off, congrats to Gunnar Deatharage for NOT being a Ven Size-ist and complaining about how "big" your client was. I have to admit that I would have expected that behavior from you (you have been that Bit*** Queen "character" this season huney!) were a PERFECT Gentleman. Your momma done taught you right! Now, back to Kim--she was Fabulous and Fierce on the Runway. Whatever she's drinkin'...I want SOME!!!

Brawny Girl Winner:

Before: designer Fabio Costa's client Ko-Rely (above) and her plaid non-sexually threatening plaid shirt

Ko-Rely's Muse (above)--The Brawny Paper Towel Man

After: Fabio won this "Make Over My Friend" Challenge for his original color-blocked dress for his formerly known as "Brawny Paper Towel Girl" Ko-Rely--she looked great (sans the belt)

The Hoochie Momma's:

Sonija William's twisted knot dress for her client was a little too short and the judges really didn't like it. I was surprised Alicia Hardesty's very, very tacky design--a pink taffeta badly-fitting WAAAY too short dress--did not end up at the bottom. She was VERY VERY lucky because for me, this was WORSE than who actually got the boot:

Nathan Paul's royal blue and black dress for his client--Liana who sings pop/R and B--ended up at the bottom for almost the same reasons I think Alicia's dress should have been at the bottom. Liana did look like a tacky club goer at some Vegas nightclub--and the side illusion panels did not help, but...I still think Alicia's might have been worse. 
Which was MORE Hoochie in your eyes?

Here's My Recap :

You Ain't No Waif Yourself

On almost every season of "Project Runway" there is the "Dress A Real Person Challenge." In past seasons, designers have had to work with moms, bratty teenagers, and even on my season, we had to make over our fellow designers. Don't remind me the outcome of that one. Moving on... It's the challenge that both furthers the stereotype that (some) fashion designers are body dysmorphic creatures who worship and idolize the size 0, 6 foot tall, super human creatures (models), and at the same time, can show that we do care about a "real size" woman. It's an intelligent designer who can be successful at the latter, which is of course the most important factor, since most women are NOT a size 0, 2 or even an 8 for that matter. In actuality the average american woman is a size 14. So with that in mind, let's start this week's recap:

I Have Style ... But My Friend Doesn't
Heidi waltzes onto the "Runway" stage and announces that "for your next challenge, we have some new clients for you." Ten men and women enter and flank Miss Klum. Before the remaining 10 designers can whisper in disgust a, "Are we creating something for them?!" Heidi adds, "Well, these aren't your new clients ... you'll be creating looks for their FRIENDS." It's the L'Oreal Hair Challenge of Making Over a Friend. OK, now you can cut to the designers giving looks of "We have to dress REAL PEOPLE!?" Even Heidi noticed the "Oh no" looks as she tries to remind the designers that "this might be a lot of fun..." The operative word here is MIGHT. Even Heidi wasn't buying what she was selling — knowing there is bound to be designer/client drama. They all head to the Parsons workroom where Tim awaits with L'Oreal consulting hair stylist Johnny Lavoy, who will help in creating the friend makeover transformations.

Meet Your Clients
Time to meet each of the designers' "real life clients" who were (supposedly) chosen for each designer at random: Sonjia gets Amanda, a sweat pant-loving tomboy who hates to shop. Elena is handed Jenna, who is "bubbly" and loves color. Christopher gets Kate, who is hoping for a trendy jacket. Dmitry is paired with Angela who likes chunky jewelry and contrast. Alicia gets Martina, who wants men to marry her and women to BE her (at-a-girl!). And finally, Melissa gets Kannace who likes dresses...

CLICK HERE to read the rest of my Recap--and make sure to let me know YOUR thoughts--on Ven, Hoochie Momma's, and Big Beautiful Women--after the Recap on my BLOG 

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Gabriele Agustini said...

I was waiting for someone to comment on his rudeness! I totally agree with you! I was talking to him through the TV, asking him if he'd looked in the mirror lately! :) Then I wondered if it's because of his size, that he had such a problem with hers. She was beautiful!!
Love your blog!!!!
Hugs ~

Meg said...

Please sign the petition to give Ven’s client, Terri, the treatment she deserves:

Miranda said...

Ven was driving me up the WALL in this episode! I was talking about this with one of my Dish co-workers and she made the good point that if your design aesthetic only applies to a certain type of person, you aren’t a real designer. Unfortunately, I work nights now, so I couldn’t watch Project Runway live like I used to. It’s nice to know my Hopper will record everything my whole family wants to watch – with 2,000 hours of recording space, I have a hard time believing we’ll ever run out of space. I hope Ven goes home soon, he doesn’t deserve to be there anymore. As a side note, now you’ve got me craving some Italian food! That picture looks absolutely scrumptious.

Ang67 said...

Yes Nick, I did ;)

Angie- Gunnar's Momma