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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 10 Project Runway Recaps: Hasta La Vista Baby!


Bye Bye Cowards, Quitters and Miss Tacky-licious:

Double Quitters: Andrea Katz (left) and Kooan Kosuke (right) decide to leave Season 10 Project Runway

This week's episode of Season 10 Project Runway was the "Bye Bye I'm OUTTA Here" Episode. At the conclusion of last week's episode, Andrea Katz--the "I have a BA, MA, and MFA Fashion Instructor" decided to skip town and get up and leave. At the beginning of this episode, Tim Gunn informs the designers that yes, she is gone and OUTTA HERE. Gunn had barely finished his announcement when Kooan Kosuke, famous for his "JapFro" and "kooky" fashions, then makes an announcement and tells everyone HE also is quitting the show. Alrighty then. See ya! Now, can I get back to working on my look for this week. Or at least this is what I would have been thinking if I was one of the remaining designers.

Now, back to this week's challenge, to design and create a look for the woman on the go. It's dubbed the Michael Kors Challenge (I'm sure it's in his contract to have one of these and honestly I would too if I was him!). Kors explained that the look the designers create should be one that can go from office to cocktails. But still be glamorous.

Judges Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Miss Heidi (in a very Wilma Flintstone one shoulder animal print dress), actress Hayden Panettiere and Fashion Designer Rachel Roy took a look at the creations.

The Top were Christopher and Sonjia:

LOVED both of these designs--I'm sure if I was asked to do this challenge, I would have probably done something along the same drape-y, jersey, cocktail-y look. But maybe in a color. For sure. With that being said, I just didn't think these were actually realistic fashion visions for a real woman "on the go". These were DEFINITELY cocktails at the Dream Downtown Meatpacking NY Hotel...and certainly NOT, I'm working 8 hrs at my Google Office Job and then I'm picking up my kids at Daycare and then finally, I'm meeting my girlfriends for some Dirty Martinis.

To me they were more the Marie Claire Magazine Editorial version of what they would "envision" a "Woman On The Go" to dress like, not necessarily the real thing.

I did like Melissa Fleis' layered look (for a woman on the go in say, San Francisco or Seattle) (left photo) and Elena Slivnyak's gray coat and super skinny pants ensemble (right) looked very chic and also maybe, just maybe a little more "Woman On the Go", at least for me.

I also thought Dmitry Sholokhov's (one of my favorite Project Runway Season 10 designers) look (photo above) was very good. It was Day and yes, could be Evening too.

The Worst:

Nathan Paul's drab pea-green dress and cardigan look was BAAAD (left). Rule #215 in Fashion: Do NOT--under any circumstances--put pea green on a blond. And this look aged the model so much. And not to mention how rather uncreative it was. Judges don't reward Kooky Creative more than boring uncreative. She looked like a School Principal. And then , poor Fabio Costa. All the judges agreed that he styled himself better than his model (right photo). His own look should have been on TOP and his actual design belonged in the bottom. PS: I just love how these Project Runway designers--post Season 2--now are all UBER self-styled, especially for the judging day. They are much too TV savvy. Almost to a fault. Certainly for Fabio.

But then there was Raul "I'm Back Bit****" Osorio and this:

Raul was brought back because of the fact that two designers had left. Congrats mija. He boasted about how fabulous and talented he was and therefore, deserved to be there. Humble NOT. But then he makes this mess of an outfit above. And in addition, he FAILED in the "I Can Make Pants" competition:

 Thanks to for these MARVELOUS photos

I have had first semester students of mine at FIDM make BETTER pants in my pattern/draping class. I get that pants are one of the most difficult things to fit and it takes years to perfect a great fitting pant. So, maybe he shouldn't have "gone there". If I was his pattern/draping instructor, I would have given him a "D". Sorry Raul.

But the worst was Buffi "I am FAB in Dubai" Jashanmal. Huney. What. Were. You. Thinking. Cheetah print dress and a coral apron. No. Not here and not ever. Look at the model's face: She's like "I cannot believe I am standing here and getting payed next to nothing in this God Awful outfit". Can I run out of here and go have a drink with my girlfriends and call my booker to tell him what a bad decision I made in doing this show? Please".

I did think it was great though, that Buffi said her "Good Bye's" with a "I'm going to continue to do Tacky!" At-a-Girl! At least she OWNED it! Hasta La Vista Buffi!

To Read my Recap of this week's episode and what I really thought of it all, keep reading kids...

Hasta La Vista Baby!

It seems like every season of "Project Runway" — or at least the last eight seasons of which I have had the honor of blogging — there always comes an episode in which I need to Get Things Off My Hairy Chest. Usually, these "nuggets" of recap-wisdom come later in the season, however for Season 10, this desire to vent came early. If you’ll allow me kiddies, let me begin:
1) Cowards, Cop-Outs and Quitters
Well, well, well. At the end of last week, we find out Andrea BA MA MFA Fashion Instructor who likes Hoop Skirts and Victorian Gallery Owner fashions ... is OUTTA HERE. Her roommates wake up and they're like "Where's Andrea?" She gone, as they say. Then, as this week's episode is still on its "Act One," we find out JapFro Kooan also wants to leave. Alrighty then. Either something is rotten in the Atlas Apartments water or we've got (in case you're counting) TWO Cowards, Cop-Outs and yes, Quitters.

2) Quitters Make Me Angry
Let me get on my "Uncle Nicky" soapbox if you’ll allow me: I get SO mad when this happens on "Project Runway" (and it doesn't happen very often). First off, I am so proud of being an alumnus of the show and all the wonderful things that have come forth as a result. I have worked my little butt off for 95% of them, but ... it is undeniable that being on the show has been a trampoline. I am honored to be an "ambassador" of sorts for "Project Runway." THOUSANDS of people apply for just SIXTEEN spots. I have seen many of these designers, since I have been a casting judge for the last eight seasons of the show. In fact, there were several I saw in Los Angeles THIS season, that did not make it onto the show — who were more talented than both Kooan and Andrea, yet by the luck of the Casting Fairy, did not make it. And if you remember way back to my season, I had a moment of weakness myself and considered calling it quits, but truly deep in my heart I could never imagine walking away from such a great opportunity. So, when I see not one, but TWO contestants quit, I am both dumbfounded and angry.

3) Kids, Get Back To Work!
When Tim Gunn comes into the Parsons workroom and informs the (remaining) designers that Andrea has left and then Kooan says his "I think I should go" announcement, the designers are all verklempt about it. Nathan is actually CRYING (seriously huney, get a grip!). Cutie (but has become quickly annoying) Christopher, is self-blaming (PS: it's not all about YOU, huney). The designers spend all this time huddling together and commiserating over the loss of the two designers. GET OVER IT. I don't even care if this sounds insensitive but, I would have been cuttin', drapin' and starting my sewin' as all that mess was going on. I would have also been mad and thinking, "Ummm, we only have A DAY to make this week's challenge look and now we've wasted an hour of it ... can we move on?!"

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