Thursday, September 13, 2012

FNO Fab!

XOXO, Nick Verreos: Nick Verreos signing autographs at Lord & taylor's Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

Last week, as you may know, I was in NYC for various Project Runway/NY Fashion Week/Fashion's Night Out (FNO) events, activities and parties. In one of my recent posts here on my blog, I gave a fun (or at least I thought it was fun!) RECAP of the Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor to celebrate ten seasons (Oh Lord, I feel like a Project Runway Grandpa!) of the show. It was a very VIP event and a great Reunion of past contestants/designers---but without the DRAMA and stress of those sometimes not-so-nice televised Project Runway Reunions (Yeay!).

Make It Work FNO: Lord & Taylor Fashion's Night Out Celebrates Project Runway 10th Anniversary

The following evening on Fashion's Night Out Thursday, I was invited by the Weinstein Company--Co-Producers of Project Runway--to be part of the Lord & Taylor Fashion's Night Out Project Runway event.

Nick Verreos with Lord & Taylor President Bonnie Brooks--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

The store was having many, many different events and celebrities that night--including the one-and-only Miss Kim Kardashian who was there autographing her new fragrance, as well as my new best friend, Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi, who was doing a Meet-and-Greet autograph session for her new activewear line.

The Dress Address: Project Runway 10th Anniversary Dress Collection at Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue Flagship

So, in addition to all that, Lord & Taylor thought it would be fun to have it's FNO shoppers get to meet various Project Runway Designers and SHOP the exclusive ten-piece Project Runway Dress Collection--one of which included MY fabulous design (Hello!!).

Nick Verreos Dress design for the Project Runway Dress Collection at Lord & Taylor
Since my dress was a cobalt blue color, I also decided to give COLOR, in terms of my outfit for the night bringing out my favorite (and only) teal blue blazer, striped bow tie and purple pocket handkerchief.

The Event:

I'm a Big Fan: Nick Verreos--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

From the very moment I stepped into the 2nd floor--where the Project Runway FNO event was happening--it was a sea of people--all fans of Project Runway--lots of young girls, their mommies (love the mommies!), fashionista boys, and anything in between! It was just THE CUTEST!! So many people---kept coming up to me "OMG! You were my FAVORITE...I really LOVED your Barbie dress!" and so was very endearing to say the least.

Oooh I see a Crown: Nick Verreos spots a beauty pageant fan in the audience--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

For the next four + hours, I NEVER stopped posing for photos, signing t-shirts, was madness...and I LOVED IT! I was schvitzing (as you can imagine) and at one point, I had my own personal forehead wiper--this lovely Project Runway fan (a mommie, of course) who made sure I was "semi-matte" throughout it all. Thank you darling!

Queen For a Day: Nick Verreos with "Jr. Teen Miss New York American Coed" --she was SOOOO CUTE!!! She even pretended to crown me! I'm sure there are photos or video of that somewhere...Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

Season 10 Designers Get all Arts and Crafty at Lord & Taylor:

Markers + T-shirts = Make It Work: Nathan Paul and Alicia Hardesty (foreground) --designers/contestants of Season 10 Project Runway creating original t-shirts for Fashion's Night Out 2012 customers at Lord & Taylor

While I was on the 2nd floor spending many hours taking photos, signing autographs and DISHING on Project Runway with fans...this season's designers were on another floor of the expansive Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue Flagship, creating original t-shirts for the FNO customers. My NIKOLAKI design partner--David Paul--was kind enough to take a break from taking pics of me--to go see what else was happening and got some fun shots:

What Would You Like Me To Draw: (Left to right) Lantie Foster, Alicia Hardesty and Nathan Paul, designers/contestants of Season 10 Project Runway making original t-shirts for the Lord & Taylor Fashion's Night Out 2012 crowd

Fuzzy T: Season 10 designer/contestant Kooan Kosuke--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

Now, back to the 2nd Floor and some fun Project Runway Alumn Photos:

Alumn Party: (Left to right) Nick Verreos, Uli Hezner (Season 3 Finalist), Mondo Guerra (Season 8 Finalist, Season 1 All Stars Winner), Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6), and Valerie Mayen (Season 8)--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012event

Black vs. Prints: Nick Verreos with (Left to right) Bert Keeter (Season 9) and Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6 and Season 1 All Stars)--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

Season 2 Divas: Nick Verreos with Season 2 Winner--the WONDERFUL Chloe Dao: It was so much fun to see Miss Chloe. I just LOVE her--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event
Fifth Avenue Sidewalk Posing: Project Runway Season 2 Winner Chloe Dao and Nick Verreos

Because I just couldn't get enough of her, after the Lord & Taylor FNO event, we actually went to Pastis Restaurant in the Meatpacking District and had cocktails and a very very delicious dinner!

Bedazzled: Nick Verreos with JS Collections/JS Group Designer Henry Picado (in charge of our "Project Runway Dress Collection", to my right) with his design team, stylist and beautiful fit model (far left)--Lord & Taylor Project Runway Fashion's Night Out 2012 event

Oh and Look!! An FNO customer (yes, another Project Runway fan/mommie!) actually put on my 10th Anniversary Project Runway Collection Dress and modeled it:

Mykonos Blue Diva: Nick Verreos with customer wearing his"Nick Verreos Dress Design" from the Project Runway 10th Anniversary Dress Collection--available exclusively at Lord & Taylor

Family Chic: My NIKOLAKI design--and life partner--David Paul and I invited his half-sister--Andrea Paul (who happens to live in NYC and attend NYU) to come and enjoy the Lord & Tayor Fashion's Night Out festivities and support my appearance--Needless to say she had a BLAST! We were very happy to see her (and she looked so cute in her chic and very Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 pixie hair cut and styling!).

It was a fun Project Runway Fashion's Night Out event and I was happy to be part of it and more importantly--very happy to have met each and every on of the mommies, gorgeous girls and fab fashionista boys--who took the time to come to the 2nd Floor and get a little piece of "Project Runway". Just the fact that you even wanted to take a pic with me...well, "done and done" as they say. Thank You!!!


Sandye said...

I loved the pop of purple! Very dashing. And doesn't the "real life" woman look great in your dress - thanks for showing that.

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