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Boob Jobs for Mommies, Genitalia Prints, Maxi Pads...and Ven Flower Power!

Let's Recap the Bullet Points of Last Night's Episode...

Maxi Pad Dresses:

Mommy Boob Jobs:

Male and Female Genitalia:

And...Ven Flower Auto Pilot:

Last night's 9th episode of Season 10 Project Runway was like attending a Women's Gynecological Seminar and a Flower Show...all at once! There were Maxi-pads, women's genitalia references, as well as mentions of boob jobs. And then there were those "Ven flowers" and Miss Heidi Klum's "If you do that again, I will SCREAM!" warning. The challenge for the episode was to create a print using the HP/Intel Touchsmart desktop and technology and design a runway look all while being inspired by their "cultural heritage". In a touching moment, the designers' loved ones--mommies, a sister, a best friend and a partner--were brought in to help them with their print designs. There's lots to highlight before I go into my Recap:

First, Gunnar...oh little Gunnar...

Season 10 contestant/designer Gunnar Deatherage was reunited with his GORGEOUS mommy--whom I actually met back at the Chicago Castings when I was there to film some fun behind-the-scenes segments for LookTV and YouTube. I remember her waiting outside the "Judge's Anti-chamber" all nervous as her son was in there. Anyhow, in the beginning of the episode, Gunnar said that he wanted to win the show so he could  
A) Buy himself a new pair of boots, and 
B) Buy his mommy a boob job.
If you want to know what my response was to're going to have to keep reading at the end of this blog...

Now, let's get to the Runway:

It was nice to see Season 9 Winner Anya Ayoung Chee and Season 8 Designer and Season 1 All Stars Winner Mondo Guerra as the Guest Judges for last night's episode. I was a guest judge back in the 6th Season of Project Runway and I was very honored, but I do remember how the designers who were standing in front of us as we were judging, were rolling their eyes and sort of thinking "Who are YOU to judge me?" and I saw THE SAME thing in last night's episode. It was nice to see that it wasn't just me. Oh, and I thought both Anya and Mondo did a fantastic job by the way (and OMG! I LOVE Anya's ring! So fab!).

My Fave Design Was:

Melissa Fleis: Melissa was inspired by blood lines and a family tree which helped her create a red and white print which was very Resort and chic. The sheath dress was perfect! It fit perfectly, the length was just right, the print was great...I thought she should have won, being that IT WAS A PRINT CHALLENGE! Hello! I do understand that perhaps this dress was something one could see at a better department store right now. But, so what? Great job Melissa.

I also loved...

Fabio Costa: his design was very modern, very Tilda Swinton...the styling was SPOT ON. Fabio has a very European/NYC design sensibility and you can tell that design-wise, he is YEARS beyond someone like little Gunnar, (bless his heart). He just hid his print unfortunately with the black organza (same thing Christopher did) and only used it as a "secondary fabric". Oh and about that print: he said it was based on male and female genitalia. It's like "abstract Adam and Eve", I guess. Oh Fabio, you naaaastyyyyy! But, that's OK with me. I also liked...

Sonjia Williams: LOVED those pants. Perfectly mitered at the crotch and center back (the prints match, darlings), tailored and a fun print. Oh and that black cowl-back top: super. But the actual winner was...

Dmitry Sholokhov: The judges loved his jacket and were very effusive over its design and construction. But I was with Mondo on this one: It's NOT A JACKET Challenge. It's a PRINT Challenge. And to be honest, the top underneath--in the print--was not so revolutionary. Also, when you see the look above, it screams 2002, doesn't it? At least to me. But Congrats Dmitry for your first win. Finally!

Ven, Dear Flower Power-and-Maxi-Pad Ven...

Ven Budhu: I liked his one-shoulder dress. It was muy elegante and very Uptown Doyenne. But yes, that darn pleated rose thing! AGAIN. After seeing his NY Fashion Week Collection last Friday at Lincoln Center (he was one of the eight Season 10 Designers who showed and it was ALL about his pleated rose!), now I'm beginning to think he's just stubborn and wants to keep giving an "F You" to the judges. Who knows...

 Season 10 designer Ven Budhu, a Maxi-Pad Dress and Tim Gunn

This was his second dress after Tim Gunn called his fan-pleated detail on the first dress (above on form) something that reminded him of a Maxi pad. Oh Lordy. 

Now the Lowest Vote Getter...

Gunnar Deatherage: Gunnar designed a print--with hands outstretched trying to grab a bird--based on the bullying he has endured throughout his childhood and high school years. The minute the episode focused so much on all of this, I knew he was GONE. He said his design was "Equestrian" but the judges were not so complimentary when it came to his design.

PS: This is Chic Equestrian...

Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco for Gucci--unfortunately his design was closer to...

An ad for Chico's. Enough said.

Here's my Recap for this week's Project Runway Episode:

If It's Another Flower I Will Scream!

It's the halfway mark of Season 10 of "Project Runway." We began with 16 designers and now, we're down to 8. Last week's Team Challenge was "The Boris and Natasha Show" as I called it in my last blog recap. It was all about Dmitry and Elena and their bickering and hate-talking which dominated the entire episode. The fashions were mostly a yawn except for Sonjia's winning Armani Prive-esque jacket and Christopher's asymmetrical camel coat, so of course, the episode concentrated on the bitchy drama. What should the next challenge bring? Well, let's find out...

Pay Your Bills. .. Before Getting Mommie a Boob Job
As the episode begins, there's a little confessional scene from Gunnar saying that he wishes he'll win so he can buy himself a pair of boots and his mom, a boob job. OK huney, that's cute for TV and will guarantee you get some camera time (Gunnar, you just made the producers and editors have an editorial orgasm!), but it's not so cute in real life. Here's some advice: those two things might not be your top priorities when someone hands you a $100,000. Maybe paying your college loans, bills, setting up a design studio ... those might be your priorities. Oh these kids, they slay me ... AGAIN!

Addicted to Heidi
Heidi in a very mini, strapless black dress (a la Robert Palmer Girl) —l; walks in, warning the remaining designers that they all need to step it up and "wow" her. Umm, HELLO! Amen Sister. This is not the first time she's said this to this group. I wonder why? I’ve been saying throughout this season that the fashions have been rather unmemorable. It looks as if the theme is "Make it Safe". But when it comes to "characters," Season 10 has it in spades. Which is better? Well, talk amongst yourselves on that one because I would rather discuss this week's challenge and fashions.

HP Haute
Tim Gunn is in the Parsons Workroom with Season 8 Finalist and All Stars Season 1 Winner Mondo Guerra. They are there to introduce the HP Print Challenge (Yeayyy, one of my favorites!): Create a textile design and a modern runway look inspired by your cultural heritage...

To read the rest...CLICK HERE--and as always, PLEASE leave me YOUR "Two Cents" and comments!!!


Emma Perry said...

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually kind of sad to see Gunner go. Especially since, in my opinion, it should have been Ven. At least the judges finally called him out on his floral arrangements – that was pretty refreshing. I can’t believe this season is halfway over! I’m so sad I’m going to have to keep recording the episodes with my Hopper, since I work late nights at Dish and am never home when it’s on. It definitely does give me something to look forward to every Thursday, though! I love coming home to a full DVR.

MoHub said...

Can we please get rid of this Dish/Hopper spammer who shows up under different names on every message board for this show? Someone needs to investigate.

andrew said...

uncle nick,
why don't have review on the new york fashion week ?
Looking forward reading it.
Personally I love Alexander wang collection

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