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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 10 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 11


Oh Baby!

Episode 11 Project Runway Muse: a "Real Care Baby" doll

Last night's Lifetime Network Project Runway Season 10 episode had CRYING fake babies, Diva Moms, and a nice self-contained ad for Heidi's new fabulous--and oh-so-cute line for children called "Truly Scrumptious"--available exclusively at Babies "R" Us. Oh and yeah, and an ending I didn't like...

First, The Babies and Baby Couture:

 Heidi Klum and her "Truly Scrumptious" line of children's clothing for Babies "R" Us

The Challenge was--not surprisingly to anyone with half a brain--to design a look for a toddler. In fact, it was to design a look for Heidi's new line; there would be TWO winning looks (a boy and a girl look) and each would be put into production and sold at Babies "R" Us.

Designers Meet Mommies and Babies---Episode 11 Project Runway Season 10

The designers met their clients--and their mommies. They later found out about a "Twist" (it's Project Runway after all) that, in addition to creating looks for the babies, they also had to make looks for the moms.

 No Mommy Zone: Season 10 designers and their fake babies

As part of some annoying edition to the episode, someone decided that the six remaining designers should also get one of those "Real Care Babies"--that you see on "Dr. Phil" or "16 and Pregnant" that cries and cries and cries--when it needs to be fed, diaper changed or taken care of. The designers spent A LOT of wasted time caring for these babies and not so much time working on their designs. It was, needless to say, annoying (maybe that was the point).

 Boris and Natasha Have Babies

But, my favorite snapshot of all that needless crying baby doll mess, was this pic of Boris and Natasha (i.e. Season 10 contestants/designers Dmitry Sholokhov and Elena Slivnyak), holding their fake babies. They seriously look like a mom and dad who've been "through it"!

 Designer Christopher Palu and his Diva Mom Client, Nanci--Episode 11 Project Runway Season 10

There was a "Diva Mom" of course who made for good TV. Nanci--designer Christopher Palu's mom client--was a DIVA from the get-go, especially when she took one look at Heidi's very cute line of children's clothing, turned her nose up and remarked "Baby Dior has Tulle..." Now, I know "Baby Dior" not because I've bought it but because it's known in the industry as the "Caviar" of Children's Clothing. And yes, I looked up what a red tulle little girl's dress from "Baby Dior" would go for...

 Baby Dior red tulle baby dress

And I came up with (wait for it!), $3680 for this red tulle dress above at Bergdorf Goodman (naturally). What Millionaire's Wife is buying this? I want to meet her and I want her as a CLIENT to buy my NIKOLAKI gowns. Period.

Let's Get to The Runway:

Guest judge actress and new mom, Hilary Duff (above), was on hand to see who was IN and who was OUT this week...

The Runway:

Dmitry Sholokhov: one of my top faves was the look Dmitry designed--a very cute red hooded onsesie jumper that was very "FASHION" and had hints of a Superhero Halloween Costume--or at least, one of a CRAYOLA crayon one:

Crayola and Superman Baby Costumes

Truly Scrumptious Boy and Girl: The Winning Boy and Girl Looks from Episode 11--Project Runway Season 10

Heidi Klum with the Boy and Girl Winning Looks for her "Truly Scrumptious" Childrenswear line at Babies "R" Us

Sonjia Williams designed the winning BOY look which was so cute: a gray jacket and pants with contrast lapel, pockets and waistband. Her baby model, Jude, SOLD IT!!! 50% of her win was because of HIM! Seriously. The GIRL winning look was the one by Christopher Palu (yet again!)--Miss Heidi kind of guided him back in the Parsons Workroom when she suggested he do a skirt out of that white fabric with sewn-on I am sure lots of you might say "Well, Heidi TOLD him what to do!!". I agree, she kinda did.

The Bottom:

Season 10 Contestants/Designers Elena Slivnyak and Melissa Fleis were the bottom vote-getters. Elena's was TOO MUCHEEY. Michael Kors thought it was very "Sample Sale" (she's right). And Melissa's white too-short/too-tight dress with bland black jacket was...THE WORST. In my eyes. However. Melissa stayed and Elena was OUT.

Season 10 designers Melissa Fleis (top photo)and Elena Slivnyak (bottom)--Project Runway Season 10

Was this a case of the judges looking at the overall designs from the entire season and thinking "Let's keep Melissa" or was Elena's really the worst? I think the former and not the latter...Oh well, viewers rejoice--or take comfort in knowing that...we'll most likely see Elena on Project Runway All Stars Season 3. I am sure of it.

If you want to know how I REALLY FEEL, continue reading...


Last night's "Project Runway" was one of those episodes that left me saying "Wh-Wh-What?", mainly because a designer stayed, even though in my eyes they did the worst job. In addition, I think it was one of the first times a designer was NOT eliminated for doing Safe and Boring. The episode left me quite dumbfounded, trying to justify in my mind the outcome. All I could think is that the judges looked at the designers' overall work as opposed to the actual design for THIS challenge at hand. And they always say they do not do that — but it's obvious they do. There's more that irked me — and yes, things that I LOVED — so, allow me to give my "Nick Two Cents" for this week.

Oh Baby!

There are only six designers left on this season and therefore they are feeling the pressure as they get closer to the grand prize. This week, they all go to a Babies"R"Us store, where Heidi and Tim are waiting. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to guess what this challenge will be. Heidi has a new line of affordable baby clothing, "Truly Scrumptious", that sells exclusively at Babies"R"Us. The challenge this week is to create a look for this line that will then, be manufactured and sold at "Babies 'R' Us". Heidi tells the designers that there will be 2 winning looks — one boy and one girl — and they only have one day to do it.

Why Do I Care What The Mommies Like to Wear?
The designers' tepid yet pretending-to-be-excited reactions are priceless. Before they can run out and say "I'm Outta Here!", the dreaded velvet bag comes out and each designer is "assigned" their baby models and respective moms. Each designer confers with the moms as to what their needs and style ideas are for their toddlers. The mom's are also describing their own styles, which makes me wonder, "Why do I care what YOU like to wear..." unless (cue the dramatic music in my brain) there might be a TWIST later and they have to design for the mommies too (not my first time at the "'Project Runway' Rodeo"). The only thing that's memorable from this consultation is when Nanci (Christopher's baby momma) says "Dior uses a lot of tulle" in talking about the children's clothes. In case y'all are not aware, a "Baby Dior" tulle dress — for a BABY — goes for $3,680. I instantly think "Oh no, this one's a DIVA!" Later we find out, she was.

Faux Babies...Why?
The designers head back to Parsons where Ms. Klum left them dossiers, fabric, notions and trims from her "Truly Scrumptious" collection so their creations can coordinate with the rest of her line. There are also toddler body forms and a "special surprise": Lifelike Crying Baby Dolls. Yeah, the kind those "16 and Pregnant" girls use. They cry, cry and cry; when they need to be fed, rocked or diaper changed. Is this really necessary, I wonder? The explanation — from Poppa Tim — was that they are there so the designers know "what goes into creating baby clothes." I don't even think he believed what he said...

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3 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 10 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 11"

MoHub said...

Is it my imagination, or are there no babies at all in the first picture of Heidi with the child models wearing her line. And to boot, most of them seem to have left toddlerhood behind. Why is this line in Babies "R" Us rather than Kid "R" Us?

Jess said...

I kept wanting to see the diva mom go back and eat crow to Christopher. She was a real pill.

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about the fact that the only interesting part of Melissa's vest was ripped off of other pieces of the line...?